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  1. Anyone familiar with accounting? Working on a project and I have to prepare an adjusting entry for the following transaction: The specific part that confuses me is how it says that the supplies were immediately expensed, idk exactly how that changes the journal entry. The unadjusted balances for Supplies Expense are $17,500 and for Store Supplies $0. Edit: Also I am preparing the adjusting entries for Dec 31, 2012, end of the accounting period
  2. Jammo

    Close plz

    Thanks, that indirectly helped me fix it lol, appreciate it
  3. I've noticed an irritating problem on my new Win7 lappy. Whenever I press and hold one or more keys, it temporarily disables the touchpad. This makes it next to impossible to play any games on the thing w/out a mouse. I've come to understand this feature is called Palmcheck, but after checking the touchpad settings I see no option to turn it off. Anybody having a similar problem or know of a workaround? Thanks! Here's some more info My laptop http://www.samsung.c...E5C-A02US-specs Touchpad driver info Touchpad options screen
  4. Jammo

    desktop life span

    i would expect the silicon chips to fail do to old age. heat, dust, and moisture are the known nemeses of computer hardwarekeep that shizzle away from your comp and it really will run until it's too old to be used anyway
  5. Jammo

    Just met Chris from Coldplay

    dude pic or it didnt happen
  6. Jammo

    Cinema shooting in Denver, CO

    What exactly do you expect should be done? Expensive and overly intrusive security? Gun control that will be ineffective to anyone determined to get a gun? There are multiple ways to kill mass amounts of people without guns. I read somewhere that the guy bought most/all his equipment online. Determined buyers can always turn to the web for really anything they want to buy, guns no exception, making regulating and controlling a next to impossible task from my view
  7. I'm looking into buying a new laptop, my price range is around $500-600 USD. Right now i'm leaning towards waiting for an Ivy Bridge laptop to come out in that price range, but atm all the ones I see are around $700+. Anyone know when I can expect to see some Ivy bridge lappies come out in the 500-600$ price range? Also, do you think it's even worth it (performance wise) to wait or should I cop on an older SB machine for cheaper? Main reasons I'm interested in IB is for HD 4000 graphics and improved battery life... Thanks for reading :)
  8. Jammo

    Diablo 3

    I'm strugglin ass on getting gold, can anybody explain to me how the AH works? Like, how do I look up prices so I know how much to list my stuff at? I'm too used to the WoW AH <_<
  9. Jammo


    Was wondering if someone was going to bump it. :D Wings are all luck atm. :D The Canucks are doing a pretty good job hanging on. They've played 1 less game though. :D All luck ya say? Hehehe hohohoWell, we'll see your Nucks in the WCF, if you make it that far ;)
  10. Jammo


    Wings just broke the record for most consecutive home wins with 21, and St. Louis lost to Columbus. Detroit sittin' pretty in their division
  11. Jammo

    Dat Superbowl

    Damn I feel for Wes Welker, he pretty much blew the game. Hats off to Eli though, he's a guaranteed Hall of Famer now.
  12. Jammo


    Western conference central is stacked this year - 4/5 teams with 60+ points. western conference playoffs are going to be INTENSE. Hardcore wings fan btw, first place in league babyyyy.
  13. Jammo

    Pot Isn't Bad For You

    What? :( Oh, you mean tobacco. Carry on. It's addictive and costs money. ??? This is in no way scientific evidence, but in my experience, weed becomes habit-forming, but isn't addictive by the textbook definition, e.g. there aren't any withdrawal symptoms. As far as costing money, haha, no argument there.
  14. Jammo

    Pot Isn't Bad For You

    Except it's not addictive, lol. I could be wrong here, but while you won't become physically addicted, you can become 'mentally' addicted, right? I think anyone who claims that it isn't addictive should work a few hours in a drug addiction clinic... :( seriously Why am I not addicted then? Why are none of the people I know addicted then? Why don't more weed users visit rehab centers? Oh right. http://www.drugabuse.gov/publications/info...ment-statistics look at that 17% on the chart, apparently people do visit rehab centers for marijuana That's a government website. Of course the results are going to be biased against marijuana. Provide some real statistics please. :D There's no bias in straight numbers. 17% seeking treatment for drug related problems did so because of marijuana. There's no conclusions they draw from that which could be biased. It's just the numbers. It doesn't matter if the government says it's illegal and bad because that fact he provided is completely unconnected to that opinion. The opinions of most Americans on marijuana is far too black and white in my opinion. Some think it's 100% awful, and others think that it's 100% safe. Both thought patterns are incorrect and uneducated (and seriously dangerous). It is a mind altering substance. All of them have risks associated. It's obvious the government paid people to act "addicted". When will you remove that veil of ignorance and wake up to the real world, where the government is attempting to control everyone and everything? :P I think most people that end up in drug addiction centers for marijuana are there because of a court order. You get caught with weed, they sentence you to probation/drug treatment programs, which may or may not (probably not) be necessary for the average young adult caught with a few grams of weed. So that might explain the inflated numbers.
  15. Jammo

    The Elder Scrolls

    Why oh why does alchemy take so long to level? It's by far the slowest skill i've attempted to level up thus far, and that's with the thief stone, lover's comfort, and +alchemy gear on.

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