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  1. Chance

    Adventures Log

    Yes, they do. Draynor's sigs feed directly from hiscores/adv log to sig. And they update daily too. Or you could make a new sig if you don't want to wait.
  2. How active is the vent?
  3. You forgot "Don't feed the trolls." And I would force you to visit my Screenshot Fake CYOA, but I've noticed you've already done so . I was going through the forums, seeing what contents it had. The thread of yours is pretty interesting.
  4. Chance

    Will Become A Member For 7 Days!

    A week won't be enough time to train member skills up, and it won't be worth it if you won't stay a member.. Go and try to earn some money. Kill green or blue drags, and make a lot of cash from those. You can get around 500k an hour at dragons. You could also try buying a Dragon Hatchet and cut magics the entire week, earn some money from that. Or, buy a ton of monkfish and power train cooking that week, get you over half the way to 99 that way. There are several things you can do in a week of membership.
  5. Chance

    Iight So I Need 69 Summoning.

    You mean Rock Crabs ?
  6. Chance

    How To Get Sig

    I got mine from http://www.rsbandb.com/
  7. Chance

    A Free 99

    I would go with Smithing. Too lazy to train that skill, plus I need it up to help me in Stealing Creation.
  8. Chance

    Adventures Log

    And if you want, you can also get an Adventure's Log signature from draynor.net You can see an example of it in my signature. Edit: Well, you could've but someone decided my signature was too big though.
  9. Chance


    It does affect the economy. The botters buy goods, which alters the prices. It's the same as if a legitimate player buys Yew Logs or Coal. There is no difference whatsoever. I also think you fail to account for the number of good accounts that use bots. You would be surprised to see that some very good players use bots. The last time they did a last ban, multiple 2k total players were banned. It's not just level 3 noobs mining ess. If that's your view of bots, you're horribly mistaken. I never said there can't be. There are farming bots, but aren't widely used. Dungeoneering bots just haven't been perfected yet, which is why I also included them. I haven't really touched Dungeoneering yet, so I didn't bother saying anything about it. But as far as I know, it is very complex, and it would be pretty hard to make a bot for all of the puzzles and rooms that could be involved.
  10. Chance

    I Dont Give A Darn About Constitution

    Because they needed to change it to add some new items, which they said somewhere in their forums. I am still waiting to see these new items.
  11. Chance

    Nostalgia Time

    You should include before the usernames were changed (could no longer do multiple spaces.) If you want, you can use my picture (my account, but Jagex forced me to name change in the end). Picture isn't too great, but it is the only one I have left. I was banned for 1111 days because of my name, it was a perm ban until I appealed it. (They didn\'t force me to change my name until some person reported me for abusing name to avoid reports, which was a lie.) Spaced name: Or perhaps the Tutorial Island: (Jagex deleted this account in the end, or someone hacked it and changed the password. I left it on tutorial island and just ran around there.)
  12. Chance


    Not entirely true. A lot of the people created massive amounts of accounts, and botted on those. They then traded the money and materials through a series of accounts, to prevent losing the items through a ban. Then they sold off the gold earned for money. Bots weren't only made for lazy people. This was very popular during the Aryan macros. The Aryan mass ban was 2006~ if I remember correctly. Nowadays, it doesn't happen to such a large extent as it did back then, but there are still some people who do this. (You could probably find some examples of this if you go to some other Runescape fan-forums with a black-market.)
  13. Chance


    Technically, there can be farming bots. They would probably be harder to make, but it is possible. They would just have to make it a very simple bot, which just stands at patches and waits for the crops to grow. They could also have it do something else while it is waiting. Not sure how effective it would be though.
  14. Chance

    What Skills To Do In What Order

    You should work on the skills that get you the raw materials first, instead of buying the ores/bars for training smithing, then training mining and selling the ores. Like what Interested said; train fishing then cooking; mining then smithing/magic; woodcutting then fletching/firemaking. Just do it in that order and not have to worry about buying supplies.
  15. Chance

    Favourite Update

    Not much of the updates affected me. Z-Buffering would be my least, fudged up the graphics (a ton of the squares are glitchy and are see-through). Most favorite would be Dev Console, I can mess with the settings and get the best performance. (Lowest settings do not give me the best FPS rate, I had to play with it and manage to get 50+ FPS)

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