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  1. 109876543272

    ☼ Don Tex Industries ☼

    employee name:109876543272(going to change soon(will post when i do im thinking of the name tight now) cooking lvl:70 fishing lvl:56 mining lvl:64 smithing lvl:61 woodcuttin lvl:71 runecrafting lvl:40 crafting lvl:55 time zone:GMT -4:00 NOTE: i cannot use type chat but i get on forums alot...(i didnt put real b-day and i didnt know that i didnt put my year under 13 i am also a member
  2. 109876543272

    Ranging Market

    I have level 71 fletching so i can make most items for fletching! Here you can do one of three things(or as many as you'd like O.o) 1. Buy ranging items 2. Sell ranging items 3. Give me unfinished items or supplies to make ranging items with The prices very for the options and for the item wanted. Here is what i can makeup to...(If I can make it do sell it right off the bat also) Bows= Yew long C'Bow= Rune Arrows= Adamant Bolts= Rune Tipped= Dragonstone Brutal Arrow= Adamant Dart= Adamant So there you go you can now see that i can make some of the best stuff in the game!! And heres another option that you can add to any of the above 3... Enchant bolts= up to Diamond!!!! Also if you look at my levels and you thing I can make something with another skill just ask me to get you one! So just post with what you would like and set a time and date that would be good and ill PM with anything you'll need to know! SALES!!!!! 1. Mithril Bolts= 105gold EACH or 10k for 100 bolts 2. Mithril C'Bows= 325gold EACH 3. Mithril Arrows= 70gold EACH or 6,750gold for 100 Updates 1. I now sell items up to dragonstone rings and will enchant up to diamond things.
  3. 109876543272

    Buying Lots Of Items!

    Add me for big bones and PM how many you want and when
  4. 109876543272

    Buying Picaxe

    But im not selling it for gold im selling it for coal because he cant trade enough to me for me to get all the coal i wanted to buy from him so hes paying me in coal... something he doesnt have to buy.
  5. 109876543272

    Lupin's Log To 99 Summoning

    How many dates have you given out lol!
  6. 109876543272

    Buying Picaxe

    I'm selling him one at a discounted price so here is much better...
  7. 109876543272

    Woodcutting Progress

    I dont have 70 summoning so it couldn't of been. Also I didn't mean to not pick it up i just forgot I have to take the shot AFTER i pick it up. You can gets eggs without the required summoning level... So what i hate sommoning and my god is sardemion(cant spell it) Heres next pic... URL=http://img831.imageshack.us/i/57961343.jpg/][/url] LVL 71 Achieved
  8. 109876543272

    The Red Blade Hunters | #rbh | 5+ Years

    How do i join and why arent there many posts?
  9. 109876543272

    Woodcutting Progress

    I dont have 70 summoning so it couldn't of been. Also I didn't mean to not pick it up i just forgot I have to take the shot AFTER i pick it up.
  10. 109876543272

    Woodcutting Progress

    TY i just found out before you posted but i just got my second nest!!!!! it had a emrald ring!
  11. 109876543272

    Woodcutting Progress

    Theres a bright side this guy wants me to give him 3m willow logs and hes going to pay me 28.5m total! http://yfrog.com/ndfirstbirdsnestofjournyp First bird nest but wish i would of picked it up first lol! Wonder what was in it.....
  12. 109876543272

    My Super Cheap Shop

    I am reopening due to money shortige in-game!!!!!!!! Here are you prices for that 3M willow logs... -every time i give them to you it will cost 9,500 and i will give you 1k -after the 3M willow lags are given you will have given me 28,500,000gp(28.5M) Thank you for doing business. I will post every time i have some logs for you.
  13. 109876543272

    Fletching Help

    How should i get to 99 fletching on a 1mill gold budget. See my current lvl in my signeture.
  14. 109876543272

    Transformice Rules!

    An online game called Transformice is a fun thing to play. You are a mouse the tries to get the cheese then bring it to the hole. It is not as easy as you think... you have many obsticals in your way from ball pits to anvil gods. Every time you bring a cheese to the hole it gives you one more cheese to spend in the shop and more prgress to your next title. If you have the highest score in the room you will get to be the shaman for one round. The shaman gets to create objects to help the other mice to get to the hole. Here is the link for the not crowded part of the site to play on. http://www.transformice.com/en2 The game is fun to play and most people you start playing it get adicted to it.(like me) If you try it post a comment on it.
  15. 109876543272

    Selling 11 Green Broodoo Shields

    how much would they be each PM amount

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