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    Cars, Runescape, close Friends, females, and well, Slipknot---M4gg0t 4 Lif3!!! 6(SIC)6! yea...I've got issues, but then...who doesn't?

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    666 Klown
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    Don't Care
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  1. 666 Klown

    Speckel Grachics

    Thank you so much for the Avvy Playback. Much appreciated. btw...low quality is better than no quality...know what I mean? later~ 666 Klown
  2. 666 Klown

    Noobs Say The Darnest Things

    0_o....wow. Those are great! I, myself never choose to chat with lowers. Not cause I think of myself as a better player, but cause I don't like annoying loop conversations. That and they act like they have no common sense...which is key, in my book, to not be AS annoying as some.
  3. 666 Klown

    Speckel Grachics

    picture: background style: n/a background colour: n/a animation: if you could, have the eye color rotate between what it is and red and black. ( or if you think of something really nifty to do with it...humor me, please.) text: 666 Klown was here...( in lower right hand corner.) boarder: n/a do with it what you can...please?

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