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    Runescape, Gimp, Carolina Tar Heels, and Xbox 360

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  1. Powers138

    Hati Head

    If you still need the pic here it:
  2. Powers138


    Jordo u don't have to leave u could stick around to agravate all the people that hate you. Well that's what i would do ^_^ alittle revenge :) But it's your decision i'm not going to stand in your way. ~Powers138 :)
  3. Powers138


    Dude I have had the same problem my screen went from a Pinkish Orange to a Green then next day no more video. It might be your graphics card (i think that's what happened to me) But i got a new one because my warranty ran out soooo i got a new one. But i had a Arcade now i got a Pro. So my Suggestion to u is to either send it in (if your warranty is still valid or ran out) or just buy a new one. Hope this Helped. ~Powers138
  4. Powers138

    Spring Break!

    Current News: We are on Spring Break Monday April 5 :o Runescape News: A friend quit Runescape today :o and I am planning on doing Regicide and Underground Pass but i need to get my Agility up first.
  5. Powers138

    Rune Mechanics

    If no one hasn't already done this but here's the 1st Transparent image u wanted: [IMG=http://i46.tinypic.com/5zf5oh.gif] ~powers138 -.-
  6. Powers138

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Land of Confusion by Disturbed. ~powers138 ;)
  7. Powers138

    Guess The Age Of The Sal's Member Above You

    I would say that looking at your Avatar that your betwwen the ages 10-14. I'll give you a hint to how old I am...I'm not 10-13 or 15-100...can you guess??? You give up? ...I'm 14...No Joke. ~Powers138 >.<
  8. I had my account hack too. And i'm glad that SOMEONE actually figured this out. And to all Runescape player: DO NOT CLICK ON ANY LINKS UNLESS IT FROM www.runescape.com don't fall victum to this scam. And plus if you look at the Link in Tip.It you see at the bottom of your screen when you put your mouse over it says : If you can't read my hand writting it say. www.scamsite.com (<- DON'T CLICK!!!!) Very Suspicious. hmmmmmmmmm? So the link at the bottom is avious that it's a scam site. No i'm not being a smart ellic i'm just stating my opinion.
  9. Powers138


    I just found out how to do the Matrix Animation. Please rate this...no it's not mine it's from a tut. Please if anyone wants a tut i'll ask for permition from thw owner of the tut...This is done without Photoshop Filter...Yes Photoshop filter can be added to Gimp.
  10. Powers138

    Batman Signiture Request

    Done! Here's your Joker Sig. [img=http://i35.tinypic.com/jgnxa1.gif]
  11. I'm closing my shop because it's to big of a responciblity. Because i'm in High School but i have to much homework but not enough time to work in my shop. I'm srry but I will Finish all Signature and Underbanner Request. But they will be PMed to you. I'm sorry for the inconvinense. ~Powers138
  12. Powers138


    Mods will you please close my shop it was posted in the wrong forum. opps
  13. Powers138

    Signature Tournament - Signups Closed

    Well can i sign up to be in the tournament?
  14. Powers138

    Close Please Powers138 Did It Great

    I finished your underbanners and made it into an animation. [url=http://i37.tinypic.com/2czyip2.gif][img=http://i37.tinypic.com/2czyip2.gif][/url] ~Powers138
  15. Powers138

    Can Someone Add Text To This?

    Well first of all what's the name of that font? Then me or anyone else can do it.

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