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  1. DXMichael

    Moar Santa Hats

    Kougami is in dire need of holiday cheer, especially of the 13 variety. Haha thank you good sir!
  2. DXMichael

    Moar Santa Hats

    Heehee, oh how fun! If you wouldn't mind, could you try number 8 or 13 for my one? Which ever you think would look better :P
  3. DXMichael

    Buying Gnome Scarf

    I for the life of me cannot find a Gnome Scarf on the GE or or trading worlds so I'm wondering if anyone here may have one they're willing to sell :P The Price on the GE is 8.3 mill, +5% is 8.7 mill but I'd be happy to buy for 9mill :) I really want one to go with my Fishing Cape...haha
  4. I just hit 99 fishing and I'm looking for some items that could go good with it, does anyone have any suggestions? I do want to keep my Santa on if possible :p

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. DXMichael


      Yeah thats understandable, it can't be helped if it has to go :p

    3. Nitua


      Saradomin dhide maybe.

    4. bros before hoes
  5. DXMichael

    Christmas Rares

    They will definitely go down in price from now obviously. These new "rares" are kind of weird. The only experience I have with this is the crown of seasons. Sobend got one in 2013 because he had been doing so many quests, which equals lots of spins, so eventually he had all the parts required to make it. I think he sold it for 15m but now it is at 4.4m, so obviously it took a big downturn in price. I think with these new rares they are valuable when they are new content, but once they become old content they go down in price. Ahh I see, never mind then, I'll just leave it and if I happen to unravel one then I'll sell it. Thanks for the response :D
  6. DXMichael

    Christmas Rares

    Man, they're already expensive. I've never actually been a part of the Holidays where the items that were only available for a short period of times but would still be tradable. Rubber Turkeys are around 10 mill and the Scyth is sitting on 50 mill at the moment. What's the chances of these prices increasing or decreasing once the holiday ends? I don't have much interest in them fashion wise but money wise I'm wondering if a profit could be made to buy it then sell it at a later date :P
  7. DXMichael

    Big Boss Fight

    I can't tell you how many times I've been killed by that thing...
  8. DXMichael

    I'm new here! Hello.

    Welcome! :D
  9. DXMichael

    Festive Cheer - Christmas Event

    I like the aura they gave out :P I've never had or used one before so I was surprised when it popped into my inventory when I logged on. I'm actually pretty happy with it since I'm 1 level away from 99 fishing, it's definitely going to speed things up :)
  10. Now i'm no expert when it comes to the work of a professional dentist. I simply walk on in, have what needs to be done and leave knowing that the problem has been sorted. However, as i've learned in my most recent trip it appears that it doesn't always goes nice and dandy as one would hope. I went in for a Root Canal procedure where my gums were injected with anesthetic to numb one side of my face so the surgery could go without a hint of pain. Other than some discomfort the procedure itself went without a problem. To this day (Week 4) i'm happy with how it turned out but after a day or two whilst I was laying in bed recovering from dental pains I noticed one thing...a part of my face was still numb. For the entire first week I didn't take much notice of it, mainly because I was preoccuiped with trying to stop the pain. Then the second week rolled on by and I informed my dentist to which they said that the anesthetic they gave me may just be lasting longer for me and I should wait until the end of the week. The week ended and to my joy the dental pain finally disappeared, however, my numbness did not. As some may imagine, I was getting rather worried at this point and the thoughts of "What exactly did they do to me?" popped into my mind. Week 3 started and I contacted my dentist again, they told me to come in. They took an X-ray of the side of my face where the Root Canal surgery was done but they could not find anything wrong, stating that the root was fine and everything seemed normal. They told me they would write a letter to a specialist and that I could only wait until they heard back from them. Week 3 has almost finished and my dandy day became less dandy as my gums swelled up. Turns out I had an infection! Woo! I contacted my dentist...again, they gave me some antibiotics and a few days later the infection was gone. Talking between those two days was...interesting to say the least hah but what baffled me were several points such as how the X-Ray hadn't picked anything up and how an infection decides to pop up almost 3 weeks after the procedure. Week 4! My face is still numb and i'm getting rather fed up of feeling unbalanced on one side of my face. Finally, the dentist receives a letter! Hazaar! I would be happy, however, instead of getting any sort of solution, the dentist sends me a lettet which I will quote, it may not be accurate but it may as well have said this: "Dear Michael We received a letter from the specialists and we are writing this letter to you to let you know that you will be receing a letter from the specists sometime in the next 2 weeks". *Sigh* And thus ends this blog. My face is still numb as I type and I eagerly await an actual informal letter from the specialist. Side note: If you have an appointment with a dentist and you've just finished reading this, don't worry hah This is very unlikely to happen, it's one of those "1 in 10000" kind of deals. I just happened to be the 1 :P
  11. DXMichael

    Favorite Superhero!

    For DC, me likey likey da Batman :3 For Marvel, it's a tie between Thor and Wolverine :D
  12. DXMichael

    What were you doing 10 years ago?

    Hmm, back when I was nine....quite honestly I don't remember, but knowing me, I was probably on the floor playing with my Thomas The Tank engine toys hah XD I didn't play Runescape until a few years after maybe :P
  13. After playing Runescape again for 2 weeks, someone tried to scam me for my Santa Hat. Something to do with 100mill cash and a gnome teleport thing? Ahh I don't know XD

    1. Sobend


      That's a common scam. Sadly the community isn't all nice.

    2. Shooter585


      Yeah I've seen that on youtube but I forget exactly how it works. If it seems weird don't do it lol

    3. Fatalysm


      Someone tried the seed pod thing with me yesterday!

  14. That looks....really darn cool :P Now gosh you've gone and made me jealous that my character doesn't look that cool :P

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