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  1. leadersirs

    Smithing Help Rewrite

    Wildman, you did an awesome job with the guide, but you sort of forgot to give an alternate route in between the fastest way that loses a ton of money, and the slow way which gets you a lot of money. You should try to include the middle way of the blast furnace, in which you create unfinished bolts for whatever metal you choose to use, alongside with sc hammers. In my opinion, that is the most sensible way to get up to at least 85, although I cant attest for anything higher than level 85.
  2. leadersirs

    Just Need A Pic Edited For Avatar

    Thanks ptolemy, I appreciate it
  3. http://img183.imageshack.us/img183/1575/1000752.jpg The image above is what I want to be my avatar. However, 2 problems. First, I would prefer it if the pictures was cropped out, so that the first shrimp (the one facing the camera) is the only thing in the avatar. Additionally, the picture is too alrge, and need to be resized to be an avatar. All help is appreciated Edit: removed img tags because it was too large for the forum.
  4. leadersirs

    99 Attack Party

    Hey all I am getting my first skill cape, the attack cape! It will be held at my house in taverly (Rsn is sirschackher) and it will begin at 8:30 p.m. est (tonite). Everyone can feel free to come :(. After I get the level, we will run to get the cape, and then teleport over to c wars, so bring a burthrope necklace with you :o It will all take place on world 124 :P Other than that, you can feel free to post or not, and you dont need to tell me ahead of time if you are coming or not :D
  5. leadersirs

    This Is Awful

    Jeremy, use your spells to stop the king of maturity from leaving, this way we can take his amazing smartness super power and use it for good rather than evil!
  6. leadersirs

    This Is Awful

    I am more of a priest. ttttttttt, lets combine our powers to smite this witch
  7. leadersirs

    This Is Awful

    Definition, LMAO
  8. leadersirs

    This Is Awful

    No, don't leave, you might make some of us cry, as you could be our one chance for an intelligent and organized forum
  9. leadersirs

    The Runescape Bank - Need Pics Of Banks!

    Just adding on to your already long list, you forgot the cullminancer's (spell check please? :)) chest for the banks. Thats the only 1 I can see that you forgot so far, I will see if I come across any others to add to your list
  10. leadersirs

    Mini-game All Fired Up

    Just a small little point, very minor. This is a mini-GAME b/c you can do it as many times as you want for fming exp, and if you lose your items, you will have to do it again. ALthough it is similar to a mini quest b/c there is really no point to do it after you do it once, it is not a mini quest, b/c you have the OPTION to do it again Anyways, very good guide so far :)
  11. leadersirs

    No New Guides...

    *leadersirs directs the next couple of comments at cameron. IDEA STEALER :) Or, did I steal the idea that originally belonged to this forum, and in essence, I am copying you, when you are copying me, meaning no1 is at fault, eh cameron :) Anywho. if I get a chance, I will mess around with this puzzle and see how I do on it
  12. leadersirs

    Wise Old Man Tasks

    Just a minor note, this is considered a mini game, as there is no time where the old man will stop giving tasks. Min quests mean there is a clear cut end, mini-games means there is no clear cut end
  13. leadersirs

    Great Orb Project

    Just a minor correction, you can in fact get 1000 tokens from winning. This happened to me once, about 2 days ago, when we completely destroyed the other team.
  14. leadersirs

    Runecrafting Guild

    Don't forget about the omni talisman mate Other than that, great guide so far :) Also, laughing - I was able to get a total of 1000 tokens for winning yesterday, after the system update, so the max is 1000 :)
  15. leadersirs


    My level clearly owns all of you :) xD. Level 15 and level 21 are nuthin compared to mine

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