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  1. Rezelion

    Rsd V Df

    Vs Before I go into detail, Happy Thanksgiving Day Canadians! On Sunday, October 10, 2010, Runescape Dinasty decided to go out on a F2P trip in hopes of finding a decent fight. Luckily we were able to get information of a few clans coming out a bit after our original planned trip started. After a bit of waiting around, we were able to find Divine Forces rather quickly. Runescape Dinasty Starting: Divine Forces Starting: 210 Opts (Unconfirmed) The fight started out great for both clans being able to transition quickly and maintain a strong sniper unit on each opposing clans pile. As the fight went on, each clans had their ups and downs. For the first 3 or 4 hours both clans stayed fairly even, but DF took a slight edge around the 5 hour mark. Although it was very difficult to battle through, Runescape Dinasty was able to overcome the pressure Divine Forces applied. The 6 hour mark came around and Runescape Dinasty got a sudden burst of power from people getting online and managed to turn the fight completely around. With Divine Forces on their back foot, they couldn't manage to overcome the added pressure by Runescape Dinasty (7 Hour Mark). Runescape Dinasty Ending: Divine Forces Ending: ~200 Options (Unconfirmed) Thanks for the fight Divine Forces. Shoutouts: - K-Scy + Armato's for making an appearance - Whatever Yellow caped clan ac'd (led by Zureck2) - Saxo loading his cannon x50 - Harry l Grim binding us for 7 hours solo Other Pictures:
  2. This fight was setup for the CECC Clan Tourney and at a much later time then our usual fights. Starting at 6pm (Est) (Pst #1) we agreed to the following We had 12 heroes (The illustrious Rez-El-ion being one of them) from the Gmt timezones up at this fight, which began at 1:30am Gmt. Rules: CWA FULL OUT All styles Rings/Dung On Corr Off Mid bounds classic Cwa North Spawn Attacks Before our fight Hebuska gave a Awesome speech and then started our fight. Outnumbering them by a large amount we lost very little and easily won the fight. AA asked for a Matched Opts once we finished and we agreed to a All Styles fight. Joyhova110 decided we should lead with just in game spam and no Teamspeak at all so we did. Our Spam was Huge and had some great tankers and Ko's. Rsd Starting: 59 (61in ts) AA Starting: 37 Matched Opts: This fight we thought we would put ourselves at a disadvantage to try and simulate fighting...other clans. So throughout this entire fight we did not use Teamspeak to call piles, but all orders/calling was done solely through the game. It was going to be challenging, especially as this fight was matched opts. Rsd Starting: 33 (63 in ts) AA Starting: 33 Gf AA and Great Job Rsd! Video: [/center]
  3. Rezelion

    Rsd V Tt

    Offered tt fight for midweek knowing they are the best clan to challenge us kill for kill. Rules were agreed upon and crap was about to go down. The fight was very even at the start with both clans having similar starting options. Id say about 45 minutes in the tide turned in our favor with our ts growing to about 103 at a peak. TT stayed at around 70-80 on ts most fight. The fight was good as always. Towards the last 45 minutes we were pretty much bulldozing our way through every pile. Later half of the fight our Wombats kept tt's main pile busy as we did our work on the snipers and hitting their main pile. Was enjoyable and a good fight overall. Thanks for the fight looking forward to the next one. RSD Starting: TT Starting: 200+ RSD immediate ending: 280+ TT ending: 220+ >>>>>>>>>>Pictures for your viewing pleasure<<<<<<<< Thanks for the fight. 5 deaths
  4. Rezelion

    Learning Languages

    In England, we are forced to take Spanish OR French for 2 years when we begin secondary school (12-14). In 2 years i can recall maybe 4 or 5 phrases, which i could easily comprehend within a couple hours these days simply by looking at Google. The main problem is, at that age, most people don't want to learn it, because we are fairly narrow minded in thinking everybody should speak english. However, recently ive wanted to learn a new language, so began learning dutch. The way i started was just googling ''common dutch phrases'' and then in conversation with dutch people in my clan, just throw in a dutch phrase here and there, and then learn from there. In my personal opinion, spanish is not that useful, pretty much because it's such a commonly learned language, and so many spanish countries learn english, an employer isn't ever going to be in dire need of somebody that speaks spanish.
  5. Rezelion

    Rsd V Fools

    King EoMeri from FOOLs contacted our glorious master xl frozen xl for a fight today, and knowing it was going to be GMT friendly he gladly accepted! Rules: 8pm Gmt start/ 3pm EST 90min cap Gdz rock - spiders bounds Rsd in purple Fools in blue 10 sniper cap Team to clear No rsc My main man Scotty Doesn't Know7 got us pumped up and ready to go for the fight as we walked up with an intense speech and some fist pumpin tunes to get us riled up ready for anything! :sign: Startings RSD: 156 FOOLs: Both piles clashed at East Tree with getting strong piles right of the get go! Both clans managed to call transitions fairly easily in the very beginning! As the time went on and FOOLs members started getting off because they had school in the morning, we gained our lead and never gave it back! Being able to swiftly move through FOOLs snipers and managing to get into their pile, although we had a few outsiders they were not even a speed bump in our course of victory! :kanye: Endings: RSD: 231 FOOLs: Thanks for a good/clean fight FOOLs, and Great job to all RSD there today we had a great pull for short prep, keep up the great activity!
  6. Rezelion

    Rsd V Df

    Saturday - October 2 Rules: 3 Hour cap Spider - Greaters 20 Sniper cap first 2 Hours Stop to clear crashers Earlier this week Divine Forces approached Runescape Dinasty for an uncapped PKRI for Saturday October 2nd. After a bit of negotiating between the RSD officials we decided to reduce the fight to a 5 hour capped PKRI, which eventually after discussing with DF officials finally turned into a 3 hour cap. The fight started pretty much on time at the 4:00pm EST start, where both clans got out to a quick start and able to maintain a fast strong pile. Runescape Dinasty Starting: Divine Forces Starting: After about 30 minutes into the cap, we got momentum going and was able to transition through snipers followed by getting into DF's pile several times. At about the 35 minute mark, DF's audio went down and both sides stopped to get sorted. During this time, DF regrouped on our fight world for ~10 minutes, hopped to a non-pvp world (World 61) for another ~5 minutes, then finally came back to a pvp world, but not our previously used world. So after about 25 minutes total of giving DF a chance to get their audio sorted, we hunted them down on the pvp world they hopped to (World 57). The fight started once again with both clans off to a great start and it became clear to us that DF was going to break the original 3 hour cap rule and attempt to pull off a "win". DF put in a last effort to try and compete by regrouping at various locations in the wilderness. This only lasted so long for each regroup as RSD was able to hit each one within minutes causing all ~65 DF members to regroup at another location. As RSD rose in numbers, we knew we had to keep going strong and fight through chasing down regroup after regroup until the fight took a drastic turn. Our TS got ddos'd while chasing the regroups down, but we managed to pull through it and continue on. The 2 hour mark went by with RSD still going strong and DF still managing to hang on whilst being on the back foot and suddenly an outside interference occurred which caused RSD to leave to battlefield. Runescape Dinasty Ending: Divine Forces Ending: Random Pictures:
  7. Rezelion

    Rsd V Tko

    After having a little productive get together with everyone, everyone present at the time was wanting a fight, and knowing we have this CE Clan Cup coming up we set up a fight with TKO Blitz with these rules. Rsd vs Tko, Tonight 6:30 est pm start 1st Round: Melee binds 2nd Round: All styles 3rd Round: All styles Dung/Ring on Corrupt off No Rsc Round 1: 35v35 ish With everyone being motivated we jumped out to an earlier lead by getting a couple KO's right off the start and a great tank on our half. The fight continued in our favor with RSD coming out victorious! Ending Sir Cackerot is a nerd for flaming me! hehe :victory: Round 2: 32v32 With an unexpected rush TKO got an early lead and never gave it up! They had great calling and tanking in the second round where they prevailed over RSD! ## Round 3: 25v25 RSD jumped out with an early lead thanks to Trino8! who pulled off an amazing tank, and we never gave up our lead! Learning from our mistakes in Round 2, we critiqued ourselves and came out victorious! Ending Good job to ALL RSD present, and a great fight TKO its always a challenge fighting you guys and girls!
  8. Rezelion

    Rsd V Tt

    2 Planned fights 1st round - 30 min CWA Run in RSD Wins 2nd round - matched opts melee binds TT Wins Rsd Starting: 64 TT Starting: 69 The fight started out with us taking a 10 - 4 lead with some good piles. We kept the steam going and maintained the lead for a majority of the fight. TT managed to close in the gap and eventually tied us but we picked it back up and never looked back. Amazing performance by everyone. Fighting them outnumbered and showing everyone we not only kept up with them but lead a majority of that fight. Outnumbered but surely not outgunned. Was intense and pretty fun. RSD Ending: 70 people 143 kills TT Ending: 74 people 139 kills Visit link below for Video: http://www.filefront.com/17334463/RSD-vs.-...-Sept-2010.wmv/ http://www.filefront.com/17334463/RSD-vs.-...-Sept-2010.wmv/ http://www.filefront.com/17334463/RSD-vs.-...-Sept-2010.wmv/
  9. Rezelion

    Rsd V Fools

    3 days ago Smoke set up a fight with FOOLS for today with the following rules: * 2 Hour cap * 20 sniper cap * Spiders to gds * Stop to clear crashers We mustered up 80 hungry warriors at BH bank and headed out to clash piles with FOOLS. We were all pretty hyped up and ready to go by the time we hit FOOLS. The fight started out even, with both clans doing work on each others snipers. About 25 minutes into the fight we took the upper hand due to amazing 2 styles and discipline in our main pile/sniper unit and never looked back. FOOLS put up an incredible fight and did a fantastic job. Even with our advantage, their pile was pretty tricky to tank. RSD STARTING: 240 Options FOOLS STARTING: 260 Opts (confirmed) RSD ENDING: FOOLS ENDING: STAY ACTIVE
  10. Rezelion

    Rsd V Fools

    Fool's chose not to have a third round, perhaps after the result of the first two, so chose to do something else instead.
  11. Rezelion

    Rsd V Fools

    Our most favortist member Xl Frozen Xl came in contact with "King Eomeri" of FOOLs looking for some practice for the future! They settled on this........ RSD Vs Fools Time Starting 8pm BST 3pm EST Clan Wars Arena matched ops - 3 rounds - First round mele/binds - Second + third round all styles - NO corrupt/dungeoneering. - Classic map - Middle bounds Round 1 42 vs 42! Fools jumped out to the early lead with getting a few quick KO's, and we then knew we were in for a good fight! After being down by 2 people in a really close melee binds first round we stepped up our tanking and caught back up by getting 2 KO's right in a row! And came out victorious! RSD: 22 FOOLs: 0 Round 2 45 v 45 After an amazing performance in round 1 we were really excited about our chances in round 2. After a slow start with FOOLs bringing the heat we stepped on the gas petal a little harder gaining a 4 man lead around the 32v27 mark. This carried on as RSD came out victorious once again even with a lack of binds! RSD: 15 FOOLs: 0 Thanks for the fight FOOLs as its always a challenge fighting you guys, and amazing job to all RSD present today our performance was top notch!
  12. Rezelion

    Rsd Vs Tcl

    Amazing performance guys, and good effort TCL

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