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  1. So, if anybody actually remembers this blog from back in 2012, I used to talk here. I also played Runescape for a while. I may have logged in some time in 2015, even. Well, just started a new blog, about just about everything. Thought I'd mention it here, if anybody came looking: http://solarspot.netlify.com/
  2. Solarspot


    I can def sympathize with being half-and-half in the game... I don't really like the game that much, but still like talking in canting. That, and I just felt bad about leaving so many goals unfinished... I want to have legends quest, heroes quest (etc.) and a good looking house under my belt once I finally leave the game XD
  3. Anybody in Canting not visited the citadel yet this week? We're still at 19 visitors, around 3 hours away from the build tick.
  4. Does that mean I'm on more than you now? I've been averaging something close to one login a week, I think... lol ...Mostly out of missing canters. Partly because I never really finished a lot of my old skill goals, and I feel like finishing something, in some part of my life, at some point. I can actually say that about the game I played before RS too, I left just as soon as I got my fist useful Minister trained up. Never really got good at fighting, had plenty of ideas for competitive system layouts etc. etc. Mind you, that game went downhill too, and never really involved as much strategy as it's own predecessor. When I left it, the strategy of the game consisted of "throw more credits around everywhere". And money was too easy to get, with a minister. Of course, I only got my first Tax Minister going (the ultimate moneymaker) when I left, so perhaps that was for the best :P (This was Unification Wars by GamesTotal. I left in... '06 or '07, joined RS in '06. Fedmate there introduced me to RS. XD
  5. So, as a follow up to my House Party (next year) entry (last year... :P ), this is a new take on last year's house designs. The main change is having the two Study rooms upstairs, which frees up lots of space downstairs. This makes tablet running from the portal considerably less convenient for guests running the route, but allows me to give the portals plenty of prime real-estate close to the entrance. My hopes for this house are to make it all-around useful for any task anyone would want. With the caveat that it should be a cube for aesthetic reasons lol. Like last year, the chapel is right up close to the portal for prayer training. Players who want to use the portal rooms to get more bones don't have far to run to get to them. The glory in the Quest hall is also close to the chapel. The Menagerie is right next to the entrance for fast summoning recharges. The Parlour has no need to be easy to reach... But I want it to be on the ground floor anyway. The back of the first floor has the combat room connected to two rarely visited rooms. The Throne Room must be on the ground floor, and the costume room has no particular need to be anywhere (except that it has to exist). The stairs up open into the Skill hall. I only have one, but that should be enough to present any skill trophies you'd get in a really-really long time. The Dining room has the bell pull in it for calling a Butler, right next to the Kitchen (for Larders), Workshop (for flatpacks), the Skillhall (for armor stands) and the two Studies (with two different Lecterns). When I first started this house design, I wanted four Bedrooms. One in each corner. But I suppose having two with a view is a decent compromise... The one major omission I have from last year (the only above-ground room I don't have represented) is the Games Room. That decision I made after I had actually been in somebody's house... (Yes, I had membership for a month last year. 'twas when I posted the Citadel comment.) I'm not sure how much I'd actually use a Games room. Of course, after that omission and moving the studies upstairs, I wound up with no room front-and-center between the front portal room and the chapel. So, with no room above it on the second floor, you could put any room you'd like there. At least, anything with enough doors. It needs a front door to make entrance into the house direct (otherwise you're going in through the chapel). It needs a door to the chapel to help prayer trainers leave. It needs a door facing the Quest hall so the rest of the house is reachable. If it's a four-door room, you could also turn the front portal room toward it and make egress from the rest of the house (and the chapel) that much faster. The downside to that is unbalancing the house... You'd have a front entrance on the left and center, but not the right side of the house. ...Anyways, that's about all a room needs to qualify for that front-center spot. I used it as a second Combat room so you could have two different setups (balance beam / ranged room), but it could be a Games room if you wanted one. You could put the games room at the back and have the combat room as the entrance. You could use it for a second Skill/Quest hall. You could move the garden (and entrance portal) there. Loads of potential ™. The house plan is here, if you want it.
  6. Solarspot


    Thanks, billions. Cool, Sobend.
  7. Solarspot


    Apparently I'm back. And writing on my Runescape blog. Been in Runescape (itself) a few times recently, even despite leaving for the better part of a year. Can't say I exactly like seeing the squeal of fortune, or most of the other new offers... But I missed Canting away. Also, I observed myself buying a month's membership card a little while ago. So I might have one more go at the game after all. And just pretend most of the stuff added to the game since last year doesn't exist. So how's everybody been?
  8. I'm sorta sympathetic for them. They are trying to do a good job, write fun quests, add new areas and the like. But people keep ignoring all that for one issue. On the other hand, I can't bring myself to play the game again. Even the same old things (firemaking, smelting, runecrafting) I don't really want to do any more. :s
  9. CONGRATS TANYAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH >>I've totally fallen out of the loop, apparently. Missed Tan Yah's first 99 :'(
  10. Wait. Saywut?!?!!? ...September's over?
  11. You switched to Chrome... Because someone says it's faster. Why does this remind me of every other part of the browser wars? LOL (Personally, I use Opera. Tried Chrome... deleted it. Only one I've yet to try is Safari.)
  12. Solarspot


    Wait. I just realized in your SC screenie, the guy with the lowest personal score was Crazy02Chris. I see him a ton on the forums.
  13. I still don't really care either way WHO they lied to... Just that Jagex did it.
  14. ...Valid reasons to lie? To their customers? I guess I'll just have to leave my disagreement there -- to me there is no such thing.
  15. Makes me regret being a Runescape player. Credit: Mod SteveW in the account rollback thread. Oh yes, lie to us for our own good. We're better off for it, really!
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