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  1. Unibrowman


    I was parsing the article and did notice that there are indeed different facets of Existentialism. But I realized something while walking my dog just now... this is a debate room, not a discussion room. So me simply tossing a belief out there into the wind is not going to get me anywhere, if at all. So I guess I'll ask a question then, Do you, if you are bothering to read this, believe that there is some higher meaning to this life? Or is life, as Camus lays out in in all of his works, meant to solely revolve around simply existing, and living life amorally? (realizing that immoral is different from amoral)
  2. Unibrowman


    Yeah, it's been awhile, yeah none of you know me / barely remember, but the truth is I don't really care. Anyway, on to the topic. I had a revelation recently, and that is, that life, ultimately, is meaningless. There is no purpose to life, or a higher meaning, and nothing anyone does truly affects the world. The world, and subsequently the universe, remain neutral throughout. This belief of mine, while it had been culminating in my mind after I fell off from my church (around when I was about 11), was brought about by my reading of The Stranger ~ by Albert Camus. Existentialism, at its core, simply states that there is no real basis for a moral order. It believes only in creating some form of meaning in your life by realizing the sole fact that you exist. I don't really feel like going entirely in depth into it, so if you want go here... Existentialism Wiki I don't really care if this gets any posts, or whatever, just decided to share a belief I have with you.
  3. Unibrowman

    My Storie Of The Wildeness

    :closedeyes: I concur as well. Also, I don't like how you said that it was a hacked file. ~Closed, Warned ~Uni
  4. Unibrowman

    Stranded, Part 3

    J00 Bumped, 6 warns for j00...
  5. Unibrowman

    How Famous Are You On Sal's Runescape Forums?

    lmao I don't come here at all, so I don't really know you. 4/10
  6. Unibrowman

    Hilarious Irc Quotes

    lmao raz you didn't add my reply to that , but oh well. Still funny. oh and my quotes are in my siggeh
  7. Unibrowman

    The Crafter's Guild Completed!

    closed for bumping
  8. I'm just saying it's a nice mesh :).
  9. Unibrowman

    Count Down From 1,000,000

  10. 8/10, hermione :) 6/10, it's very mixed :)
  11. 7/10 on avvy :), I like it 5/10... I don't really understand it :)
  12. sorry everyone... :) it won't happen again...

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