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  1. Ice


    F2P was a great change, nice to play a bit again.
  2. Well the log section died a quick death which is sad, i only barrow for combat stats/pking/clanning anyway so not very interesting. Outside of Sals i haven't noticed people not playing anymore, generally its like global exam period as far as i know so maybe that is a factor.
  3. Pretty hard to say.. with regards to proportion of my bank lost, probably in about 2005 when me and a friend shared our wealth and he got lured for full rune (g) which we had bought with basically everything we owned.
  4. Why would you restart because of 2 defence...
  5. Ice

    Zooey's Old School Log - 64 Hunter

    Grats on 70, planning on 76 to start getting sharks?
  6. Ice

    MFI '07 - 60 slayer, 1.1K total

    Grats on the slayer, pretty high for that combat level!
  7. Not that this is a bad question, but i don't even see the need for any prayer on a "gmaul rusher" and there isn't any requirement difference for prayer when rushing. You are right in thinking 25 prayer is bad, 31/34 is far better and works great for edge melee pkers it will scale well as your strength goes up. I would advise against being a "dds/gmaul rusher" as tbh its frustrating and not that fun for the rusher, (lots of waiting around/not much success especially as people get more used to 07), its also one of the most frustrating things for everyone else.
  8. Ice

    Zooey's Old School Log - 64 Hunter

    Almost 1k total, keep up the good work!
  9. Flesh crawlers are easy from a low range level and can besafe spotted and drop a considerable amount of fires and unids.
  10. Not really a guide but THIS is a list of quest experience rewards. Off what i am doing. Waterfall Fight Arena Mountain Daughter Gnome Stronghold Tree Gnome village Vamp slayer Death Platau and i guess Tai trial also this is useful http://www.mm-rs.org/forums/topic/2515-1-defence-pure-quest-checklist/
  11. Crazy good account, good luck.
  12. Ice

    Ice's Old School Skill Log

    Currently working on final term essays before a long 6-8 week break before exams so just gonna be semi-afk fishing up to hopefully 65ish this week (so i can finish off my level 3 scroll that needs fish guild :s), then off to drags etc for 80 range. Current Bank Getting there, to messy to look at the whole thing. Range/HP
  13. Ice

    Ice's Old School Skill Log

    About a week i guess some days 8 hours easily.
  14. Ice

    Ice's Old School Skill Log

    Yeh not looking forward to quests, goodluck with the range when you do i agree its great to train especially past 70. 70 Range/59 HP leveled 50/50 at ankous and rock crabs with bronze arrows and iron knives respectively. Going to do quests for miths/zammy book/watchtower and get 55 mage now.

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