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    Singing, Screaming, Runescape, My Fiancee. I lost to use Sennheiser equipment for my vocals! The feedback rejection and quality of sound is just epic! I'm currently using 1 of 3 of my Sennheiser e835s as opposed to my old and outdated e822 S microphone. They have better rejection and sound. I'm currently trying to buy a new PA system. preferably something over 800 watts. Nothing giant. You know? Maybe an easy Phonic system.

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    To Fabricate
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  1. punkrebbel2

    Zomg Anger

    Lol, silly
  2. punkrebbel2

    Zomg Anger

    So, I was chopping yews and I noticed that the price went from 506 to 494. This wasn't too bad besides the fact that all of the items that normally don't sell are selling and my yews are not. I'm angry. (To Fabricate)
  3. punkrebbel2

    2010 Halo'ween Reward, 3 Weeks From Now.

    GOLLLLDDDEEEENN SSSUUUNNN <<<3333333 There are puppies. They can follow you around as pets. i have a dalmatian.
  4. punkrebbel2

    2010 Halo'ween Reward, 3 Weeks From Now.

    I've never heard one complaint about the Easter ring and nor do I expect a complaint about the bone brooch. If you have fun by doing RS activities that is your prerogative but lots of people enjoy wearing costumes, doing emotes and just talking to friends. There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that this will be a warmly accepted reward. The event was fun and I enjoy the brooch. The only problem I've ever had with the ring and brooch is that you cannot PM while in the alternate form. But I'll live. lol
  5. I'd probably have to say a taser or a stun gun. It's like bind only it does some damage too. And every time I fight Killawatts for slayer, I just wanna shock em back! lol It'd be rechargeable by your magic, af course. just temporarily offer 10 magic lvl or something like off of elemental workshop 2. It comes back, nd you get a great way to stun a noob for a WHILE. lol
  6. punkrebbel2

    Almost Made A No-no.

    Wow! lol That must have been weird. I swear I get the weirdest luck. I was trying out the lowest spell (wind rush) and noticed how inconvenient the experience was. I thought to myself, "hmm, if I had a staff of air, I would do this all day on lessers..." Well, I cast it on a level 2 goblin and it dropped a staff of air! lol! I about crapped my pants. Sweet. How much do you think i'd get for a whip? like, 100k? lol
  7. punkrebbel2

    Almost Made A No-no.

    I was high alching random junk and i guess i unequipped my abyssal whip in the process and a spider crawled onto my foot. Oh my goodness, but, little did this spider know! (He was to die in moments!) I pretty much did a front flip out of my chair and onto my face and squashed it. But, when I looked up, I had clicked my whip while in high alch. Luckily, I was lagging and it somehow hit a corrupt dragon mace. I got 18,000gp for something I didn't want and I still have my whip. So... I am about to say something I've NEVER thought about saying in my life. THANK GOD (or crappy internet connections) FOR LAGGING!!! XD <3
  8. punkrebbel2

    Un-muted After Several Long Years!

    Yeah, I'm kinda level 101 combat wearing dharok, and a whip chopping yews with a dhatchet. I don't think I'm lvl 34. Lol But I miss being low leveled. It was fun finding out how to do everything. =) But that was like, in 2001-02 or something. Add me if you get bored. If not... *bursts into tears* lol, jk
  9. punkrebbel2

    Hey, Names Andrew

    Hey, Andrew! I'm Ethan and my runescape display name is To Fabricate. Hit me up! I'm always bored chopping away at yews or at hill giants, so I need some new friends to chat with. (I enjoy diversity.)
  10. punkrebbel2

    Heroe's Quest! Need Partner!

    Hey, guys! I'm To Fabricate on runescape. I'm part of the black arm gang and I need a Phoenix gang member to do this quest with me! I fly by quests pretty fast. This quest would be so simple if I had a partner for the end. I'm about to go get the feather then fish for the eels. No problem with that. I'm currently collecting a harralander herb for the pole. Please contact me if you are a member of the Phoenix gang and are doing this quest. If you're not to the point I'm at, I will help you in every way to get there. I'm desperate! In case you didn't read the title, this is for Heroe's Quest
  11. punkrebbel2

    Bored And Fishing

    Hey, Runescapers. I've neglected my fishing and cooking levels (as well as many others) for years. It's gotten quite boring and all of my friends went to bed. I'd appreciate some late night conversation or maybe even someone to chill with! =D - To Fabricate
  12. punkrebbel2

    Perm Muted

    Thank you so much. I've been un-muted. It's been so long. Runescape was a hassle but a pleasure at the same time while muted, now it's just incredible. You've helped me to experience the full game again. <3 I want to bake you a bake. :'))
  13. HEY, EVERYONE! I JUST GOT UN-MUTED AFTER SEVERAL LONG YEARS AND I WANT TO TALK TO EVERYONE! ;D "To Fabricate" is my character name, add me and chat. I'm so happy. I'm not being foul anymore, so, please try to warn me when I get that way. I wouldn't want another ban. Luhlz. <3 Runescaappeeee. Also, is it bad that I don't want to go to my first day of college because of this?? LOL!
  14. punkrebbel2

    Perm Muted

    Hey, Runescapers. I recently started playing again and it has been years. I would sometimes get on just to see changes, but I've noticed I'm permanently muted. I used to be pretty foul. I was 13, what could you expect? I'm an adult now and I try to keep it as clean as possible, so, it almost seems unfair that I'm muted now, but I still understand. But... If there is any legal way to unmute myself, I would love to hear all about this!!
  15. punkrebbel2

    Wanna Chill And Skill? Read This!

    I'll chill and skill. Though, I am muted.

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