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  1. krazykid933

    Good Or Bad Trade?

    I just traded my Full rune(t) for Full Guthix for free. Was that a good or bad deal? I know guthix is worth more, but I'm not sure if the deal was the best. The poor guy might have not known. He was a lvl 40 something.
  2. krazykid933

    My First Fake

    Here is my first fake pic. Pleaze rate
  3. krazykid933

    The Great Loss

    The Great Loss Here is a story that not many know. It isn’t a very happy story but rather sad, though. It was told to me by a Wise Old Man, you see. He only tells it to a few people. Perhaps you could consider me lucky. Lets go to the beginning. A nice place to start, you know. For you see this happened a long time ago. It all started in Varrock. By the chemist, you see. He created a poison. Accidentally. He thought it would become the first strength potion. So he drank it all up. With a delightful notion. He became sick. Then he died. He said its was a real strength potion. For he had lied. Others began to drink it. And they all died. Come forth then mayor of Varrock. Who had a hunch. About the dieing bunch. He soon found out the chemist lied. Sadly enough too many had died. The mayor set the lab on fire. To stop the dieing of his umpire. For this plague is now over. But it lasted all of October. We are safe now. But the ghost of the chemist is still around. krazykid933 Post Me And Tell Me If You Liked It!
  4. krazykid933

    Be Careful What You Wish For…

    krazykid933 Please Post Me And Tell Me If You Liked It!!!
  5. krazykid933

    Be Careful What You Wish For…

    Be Careful What You Wish For… I was lost, cold, it was dark, and I was in the middle of the wilderness. All because of a stupid wish. Well, let me take you to the beginning. The day was rainy and cold as I left my one room house in Edgeville. I was headed to Varrock to buy bread and milk for my family. On the way there I past a red and white tent. I’ve probably seen it many of times but this time its spoke to me. It said, “Enter. For you will soon be king of Gielinor.” So I entered. There was an old gypsy inside. She said to give her 10 gold pieces and she’d grant me one wish. So I gave here my dinner money. I closed my eyes and made a wish. I then fell asleep. I woke up, but something was different. I was wearing a bright blue armor trimmed with gold. I checked my backpack. I was rich! But something was wrong. My wife was gone. And so were my two daughters. The old gypsy was gone. Where was I? I was on a throne. I was the king of Gielinor! But how? In front of me appeared the great goddess, Amascut. She said, “Your wish is my command.” For she was the voice of the tent. “Why“, I asked? “You wanted to be king so I made you king. For a great king like you does not need family. You need slaves. Look around you. There all your slaves.” “I don’t need slaves”, I said. “I wish this was over!” “So you have wished it, so I will grant it.” I suddenly fell to the ground. I awoke. I was lost, cold, it was dark, and I was in the middle of the wilderness. All because of a stupid wish. Someone was coming. I hid behind a rock noticing that I no longer had my bright blue armor and my backpack was empty. She looked nice, but I wasn’t sure. She spotted me. She spoke. “I’ve been looking for you. Don’t worry my name is Lennissa and I’m going to help you. First I most summon Saradomin.” She enchanted a long spelled. Suddenly the great god, Saradomin, appeared before me. I didn’t get a chance to speak. I was out cold. I woke up at the Varrock fountain. I had 1,000 gold pieces in my backpack. And I was wearing Saradomin’s great armor. I looked in my backpack again. There laid some trout, gnome cocktails, and a chocolate cake. There also was a small note. It read: Be careful what you wish for. For temptation may be strong but your heart is even stronger. Follow it to your destiny. And you will receive something more important than money… love! Now go home to your family. Yours Truly, Saradomin. P.S. Enjoy the presents. I walked home smiling under the warm sunset.

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