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  1. Azarath

    The Clan

    I wouldnt worry about yourself, there is a kick limit of 2 per day and we have a lot of people in there with reset names that can go first.
  2. Azarath

    The Clan

    I know most people don't play and most people don't check this forum. But the clan needs some life breathed into it and there are a lot of dead people in the Clan, do any mods still play this game? I can't tag people, so will have to rely on people seeing this, but I am going to remove dead people from the clan and look at making more wardens to encourage more taking part/ invite people to join.
  3. Azarath

    Disk Usage Problem

    If the disc is 5400 rpm then it is probably Windows Search Services (if you are windows 10), 100% usage on slow disks is pretty normal in Windows 10.
  4. Adding <base target="_parent"> to the head of the page in the iframe should work in every browser. A javascript solution as you suggested would involve you editing all the links on the page in the iframe to be in format window.parent.location.href= which im assuming isn't ideal
  5. Azarath

    Active Sals Members

    I dont really play anymore, but I do lurk when I have free time.
  6. Azarath

    Elite Monster Spawns

    Similar to osrs more like a minature boss, harder than the 'boss' slayer monsters in osrs though.
  7. Azarath

    Elite Monster Spawns

    Really disappointed with all the missed potential on this update. Was pretty hyped when I was voting for the mobs getting the elite version...
  8. Azarath

    RuneFest 2015 – Save the Date

    Bad date for me, damn.
  9. Azarath

    Adamant and Rune Dragons

    It seems to be that if you aggro an Elite Rune Dragon that is not assigned to you, they have a chance of just 1 banging you.
  10. Azarath

    Adamant and Rune Dragons

    Rune dragons are actually really easy to kill, SS was enough most of the time.
  11. Azarath

    Behind the Scenes – June 2015

    Everyone dont forget to make your dragonbane stuff for new Metal Drags. that mine is gonna be packed on their release day.
  12. Azarath

    RuneScape Team Changes

    Mod mark is design director for RS now.
  13. Love me some tehnoobshow
  14. Azarath

    Something Wierd Happened

    Look out for falling meteors too, they have free xp in them and useful items for the battle with Tuska.
  15. Azarath

    D&D Improvements | Death Rework

    https://www.runescape.com/summer-special This is pretty cool, new 10 man boss raid, 3 quests and lots of little goodies. Summer is looking pretty jam packed on Runescape (its also buy 2 months get 1 free for membership if people are interested)

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