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  1. Mean Souls

    Dungeoneering Cycles

    The first level floors are best to do with a group. They usually complete the whole thing very quickly while I'm still working on crafting runes so I can attack.
  2. Mean Souls

    If You Could Spawn Anywhere...

    Definitely at the Grand Exchange. And I'd make it so every one else spawns in deep wilderness next to a rev each time so they get in an endless dying loop.
  3. Mean Souls


    If you do the ardougne achievement diary and wear the cape while doing zmi, it gives you extra runes similar to the explorer's ring which does not work there.
  4. Mean Souls

    Forum Change

    Don't bring that up again. I like it the way it is. All the forums that aren't currently active will become active once Stellar Dawn is released. Why delete them when the staff will have to recreate them in the not so distant future?
  5. Mean Souls

    Which Slammers Do You Know Irl?

    Pretty sure Woodcut lives in TN, as well as Mr Carter (though the latter isn't around much ) Don't forget weezy! I might be there next year. If you're still there next September, want to show me around the city? :/ Why are you going half way between Montreal and Toronto next year?
  6. Mean Souls

    Youtube Acting Weird

    It happens to me too. Do you notice it happening all the time or just at peak times AKA when a lot of people view the site like after dinner?
  7. Mean Souls

    Dead Computer

    I can't tell if it's a laptop or a desktop so... If the graphics card went out and it's a desktop, it should cost about $50 or more for a replacement card, depending on how fast you it to be. If the graphics card went out and it's a laptop, the graphics card is embedded in the motherboard so you'll have to replace every thing inside. I'm not sure of the price on that, but it will be expensive. If the screen went out and it's a laptop or a desktop, it should cost about $120 for a replacement monitor. I'm ruling out overheating because you've tried to turn it on after giving it a chance to cool down, but it still does not work. While a fan could have stopped working, you should see a picture on your screen for at least a few seconds before turning black. The prices I listed are for parts. If you pay someone to fix it for you, they'll probably tell you their hourly rate is around $30.00, and it will take 1 hour to diagnose the problem and swap out the bad part so add $30.00 to all the above prices to get the true cost.
  8. Mean Souls


    las fisuras anales
  9. Mean Souls

    Torrent Won't Show.

    What OS do you have? It might just be hiding in your task tray (the thing next to your clock). If it's there, just double click on the icon and it should pop up. If you don't see it, try pressing ctrl shift esc, end utorrent.exe, and reopening it. Edit: He has a virus that prevents all programs from opening see this topic.
  10. Mean Souls

    Msn Help, Means Alot

    The only way to would be to crack the owner's password, but I would not advise doing that. Websites require your email address so if you every forget your password or if your account is stolen, you will be able to reset your password. If you contacted the owner of lol.com, they might click the verification link for [email protected] for you, but that also means lol.com could steal your account by sending in a "I forgot my password request" on MSN and you would not be able to get your account back.
  11. Mean Souls

    Bank Op And Equip Screen Update

    Swiftkit has been obsolete for years! It might have changed since I last used it, but this is what my F2P RuneScape looked like in Swiftkit, and here's what RuneScape looks like in Firefox. I guess a lot of people find its tools and irc chat very helpful, but I never found anything Swiftkit offered to be helpful to me in any way. I prefer having RS Wikia, tip.it's skill calcs, and Jagex's hiscore look up in bookmarks than having a big rectangle on the side of my screen, and I prefer clan chat over IRC. More game area will always better to me than more space taken up by crap I'll never use. There's really not much to see. I opened the bank in pic 1 and in pic 2 I clicked the big button on the top right hand corner. I think it's one of those things you just have to experience for yourself.
  12. ~This post has been edited because Donovan doesn't want you to make money online. So, this chick named Mindy, one of my online friends, got me interested in making money online after she said she makes about $100.00 a month by participating in market research. I always thought those survey websites were scams. I've participated in them before throughout the many years I've had Internet access and never got anything out of it except a bunch of spam in my inbox, but now I've figured out what I was doing wrong. My first problem was I never stuck with doing them long enough to reach the minimum amount needed to cash out, and secondly, I didn't do a Google search for "websitename + scam" to see if it was legit. I've made $33.35 so far this month. Mindy uses more websites than I do, but I'm working on finding more survey sites that I like to catch up with her! :) Proof: Here's the good, bad, and mixed on what I've experienced on all the survey sites I've tried so far to help you decide if participating in online surveys is right for you. The good: 1. Some of the surveys are a lot of fun. I'd say the most fun survey I've taken so far was for a spiderman video game. There's a new one coming out about time travel and a market research team was trying to figure out what to name the game. Unfortunately, I had to virtually sign a nondisclosure agreement so I can't tell you what the choices were. :P Another good one was for Burger King. You know how fast food restaurants are always creating a new sandwich to get people interested in visiting their store. Well, I got to participate in a survey where they asked me "If I were to create a new sandwich, which toppings would I choose?". They also showed me some (potentially) new sandwiches they'll be selling and asked me how much I craved them. Mmm... 2. You make money. The bad: 1. Market research people are looking for specific niche / target markets to survey. If you're a white computer nerd like me, then you won't be able to participate in as many surveys as an 80 year old Mexican woman. Statistically there's millions more computer nerds online than old Mexicans grandmas taking surveys for cash. :) 2. Only one person can do it per household. If two people register using the same physical address, then both of them get kicked off the sites. Mixed: 1. Some of the surveys can be stupid. I took this one on toilet paper, and I was thinking WTF the whole time because of the ideas they were trying to sell. Some surveys will ask stuff like "I'd be proud to be seen using Charmin" or "On a scale from 1 to 10 rate how much does Charmin cares about the environment?" or "Please rate these from most important to least important: price, availability, fresh clean feeling, really soft, really strong". I think it's stupid for companies to think I'd buy one product over the other based on anything other than if it has bad ingredients (fake sugar, msg, etc), the taste, the price, and if they've had negative publicity. Take BP, for example. But guess some people do care about other things besides those I listed. 2. Sometimes they can be repetitive. It will ask the same question several times using different wording to see if you're a human that's paying attention and not a robot.
  13. Mean Souls

    Failgex Strikes Again

    I know! I can't even say ha-ji-me-ma-shi-te on RuneScape or this forum.
  14. Mean Souls

    Failgex Strikes Again

    One of my accounts is named wienie winder, the male version of a titty twister, and no one think it's offensive... I've had it about a month now. If that's not offensive to Jagex, I don't know why your name would be.

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