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  1. Chidi

    Some Fakes Of Mine.

    I Like the Battle-Axes. Keep up the good work! :closedeyes: Chidi
  2. Chidi

    Duel With Cool

    Why not? Lets own :P
  3. Chidi

    Stash's Sig Shop!

    can you make me an underbanner? Text: Follower Of Zaros
  4. Hooray! time for me to get one :) Thanks!
  5. Chidi

    Anonim77's Goals And Achievements

    Wishing You Luck :D
  6. Chidi

    85 Fletching Reached!

    Woohoo! Get 99 and show us noobs what for :P
  7. Grats! only another 8k till 80 :P Grats! only another 8k till 80 :D
  8. Chidi

    Frosties Aren't Dead!

    Nice Level :D You got a better one than me :P
  9. Chidi

    The Secret Bonus Of 99fire Making!

    Nice! 7 / 10 Maybe if you had a dragon med helm on it would look a bit better.. Nice anyway
  10. Chidi

    90 Combat

    Grats on the kwl level
  11. Chidi

    The Item Database

    Sounds Good
  12. Chidi

    My Screen Shot Fakes =]

    LOL! 9/10 for all of em but 10/10 for the teletubby one; Ingenious!
  13. Chidi

    Super Squirrel's Fake Gallery!

    They are all great! Keep up the good work! ;)
  14. Chidi

    Close Please

    Colours: Purple Text: Follower Of Zaros Position of text : Centre Glow effect : Yes Image : Ancient Magick Staff Please Could you do this for me? Thanks ~ Mr j :D

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