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  1. Maj0r Mike

    Is It Me Or Just The Team?

    I notice this also. 5 minutes into the dungeon and it looks like you have 1/4 the dungeon open. 10 minutes later it looks like you hardly made progress. I think it's part of 2 thing. 1. People are losing their steam, running low on food, starting to slow down and be safe. 2. The dungeon is beginning to branch out. 1 door leads to a room with 2 doors, those 2 doors each lead to a room with 2 doors, etc. So no, it's not you. That's just how they seem to work.
  2. Maj0r Mike

    F2p Best High Level Pker?

    Hadi a post in your other topic in questions forum, but it got closed. Posting from my phone so I can't copy and paste, but go read my post on there.
  3. Maj0r Mike

    F2p. Best High Level Pure?

    Let's put this out there first; A ranged 2her can always turn into a scim 2her. You just add more strength levels so you become melee based. With that said I would start out as ranged 2her. At lower defence levels ranged (especially in ftp) does more damage in a shorter amount of time then scim would. Also the switch to 2h is quicker, giving them less time to see the switch and eat before you hit. The only time I'd recommend going as str scim 2her is if you have defence (or just really hate ranged and cba to train it). This is because green d'hide has pretty bad defence. If you're ranging with green dhide on against someone in rune, their scim will hit constantly on you where as addy arrows on a rune plate might not so much.
  4. Maj0r Mike

    Range Pking On Zerk

    Try msb with rune arrows. Spec then switch to crossbow with good bolts. Since your lacking other k0 methods you wanna rely on switching from a fast weapon into a slower but harder hitting weapon. Most likely going 100% crossbow won't get you far as a rune or zerker pure without venge. They'll probably safe after every hit of 200+ and it's too slow to overwhelm them unless you're like 90+ ranged.
  5. Maj0r Mike

    Need Some Comments Here...

    I assume you didn't quest all of your defence since you spent time in members, but let me know if you did. You probably won't want or need 60 attack for members. You'll probably be doing a lot of vengeance ranged tanking. This is also good because you won't need to do quests for barrow gloves and whatnot. I suggest watching pker 5oo0's bh video on youtube to get an idea of how 40 defence ranged tanking with vengeance is. Edit: this setup also let's you keep low attack so you can still be effective in ftp pking
  6. Maj0r Mike

    Back And Need A Pure

    Yes, that should still work fine, but might want to replace msb and rune arrows with a rune c'bow and diamond bolts e though. 52 prayer (remember to quest the xp if you can) would also be something to consider now that you can smite someone out. Another thing. Magic an ranged can be equal levels without getting additional combat levels, so get 85 ranged too. You can gain combat levels from hp during ranged training though.
  7. Maj0r Mike

    What To Do With This Account

    Yes, done. To what? If you want to ranged into g2h (harder to switch since.using g2h and will need to wear green d'hide body during armoured fights) 70 ranged 60 strength minimum. Try for higher like 75 ranged 68 str though. Be sure to check risk on death always. Don't want to lose that g2h.
  8. Maj0r Mike

    Mini's Pk Gallery

    *Blows dust off login button* Took me a few attempts to load the topic from the mass pics lol. Must of taken awhile to upload. Great job on the kills. Good luck getting to turmoil. Seems like everyone here is enjoying your topic.
  9. Maj0r Mike

    Bursting/barraging Questions

    I gained about 400 sc points worth of staves before I did my burst from 91 to 93, so 20 staves. I did this mostly to cut down on the costs, rather than time. If money is the issue, go for sc, or even burst in a crowded sw world so you can use the zeal to save burst runes. If not, then it's probably not worth the time getting staves. Remember: Recharges (20) are cheaper than buying a new weapon (like 25 or something), so buy like 4 or 5 sc weapons initiatally, then just recharge them after that.
  10. Maj0r Mike

    F2p Pk Any Good?

    Really depends on your stats. A mid level pker can get some pretty decent loot, and usually end up profiting since the risk is much lower in ftp. Keep in mind old wildy is returning, so you'll be getting 100% full loot in a little over a week. If you're not satisfied now you can go after full runers in old wildy then.
  11. Maj0r Mike

    99 Slayer

    Why did I for some reason think you were like a level 100 with 99 cooking? Meh. I must be living in the past still. Do you even have 99 cooking? Congrats on 99 slayer!
  12. Maj0r Mike

    90-99 Magic Ideas

    Stealing creations gear could always be useful. You could try stringing jewelery, but you'll lose a few mil doing that too.
  13. Maj0r Mike

    Blue Charms

    Blue charm's aren't something you can reliably get. The best ways I've heard of were slayer tasks (specifically gargoyles which I heard can bring in like 10 an hour), bossing (Corp beast and td's) and some kind of skeleton zombie thingys in the desert. You'll be better off going for crimson charms, since you can get about 100 or so in an hour at waterfiends. While you'd need about 180 crimsons to make up for 100 blue charms, it'd be faster than trying for blue charms strictly.
  14. Maj0r Mike

    What's The Creature That Drops Gold Charms Mostly?

    They'll be pretty good combat experience for you as well. So that's probably the best choice. Good luck!
  15. Maj0r Mike

    Fremmenik Task Help

    Maybe try killing the mother troll further east on that island north of the town? I forgot exactly how I did it, but I remember fiddling around trying various things.

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