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    Skateboarding,school,freinds,SALS REALM!!

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  1. Ii_toast_iI

    Rev Hunting Parties?

    I tried rev hunting in a five man group...it wasn't my thing... I make more cash killing green drags with 100k a trip..
  2. Ii_toast_iI

    Falador Massacre

    Indeed i was on at cursed you's house while everyone got evicted and did indeed follow durial with my p mod cousin (ravan645) telling ppl to bank their items and saw andrew at the rimmington portal. It caused quite a buzz with jagex and the player mods
  3. Ii_toast_iI

    Iraqi Prime Minister Backs Obama's Plan

    One word.... Obama-Nation :) Ok that might have been over the top, but dont get me wrong i would choose him over McCain but.... Idk anymore
  4. Ii_toast_iI

    Would You Rather Have...?

    abby whip or d skimmy? - whip FTW dds or d spear? - DDS d long or d skimmy? - Longsword rune kiteshield or rune defender? - Defender, bec/ i have one myself dragon chain or fighters torso? - Chain....better look + stats full veracs or full guthans? - Guthans
  5. Ii_toast_iI

    Could I Kill Green Drags?

    would a games neclace work?? (if i was teli blocked)
  6. Ii_toast_iI


    Wow congratz my best drop was a d spear
  7. Ii_toast_iI

    Could I Kill Green Drags?

    I normaly just make 2 str pots with 4 doses each...but ill buy a drag b-axe and use it I fish my own swordies and lobbs so tht shouldn't be a problem. Should i take full rune and blue d-hide ?? Or is that not enough
  8. Ii_toast_iI

    Could I Kill Green Drags?

    These are my stats...could i go after the green drags at clanwars?? If not what should i boost? ~thnks
  9. Ii_toast_iI

    Old Forums

    Ahh the memories
  10. Ii_toast_iI

    Rate Meh!

    Well after 7 months with this account and it being hacked and all...this is what its stats are !
  11. Ii_toast_iI

    The Wilderness & Player Killing

    This....Is the smartest post ever made on the subject
  12. Ii_toast_iI

    Players' Gallery

    That map is AMAZING!
  13. Ii_toast_iI

    Should The Above User Change His Avatar?

    What you think...its kinda how ppl know me but thats ok BTW keep
  14. Ii_toast_iI

    Pics Of Yourself!

    Class night with my gf and best friend Highschool Here i come!

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