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    hockey, soccer, base-ball, basket-ball, football, swimming, playing with my dogs.

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  1. blake84362

    Count Down From 1,000,000

  2. blake84362

    Your Formal Wear

    :P i dont have a screnny yet but i like to wear dharok pl8 and legs gunthans/togars helm gr8 axe or whip and obby shield rune boots/desert boots cooking gloves glory ammy and legands cape
  3. blake84362

    The Path To Decency

    good luck :P
  4. congratz! :) congratz :) :P w00t w00t good job!!!!
  5. blake84362

    1200 Total!

    :P con gratz!
  6. blake84362

    44 Rc

    con gratz :P
  7. blake84362

    Fishes Be Mine

    congratz! :P
  8. blake84362

    66 Range Going For 70

    good luck! :) ~blake84362 :P
  9. blake84362

    Going For 85 Mining.

    :) good luck! Can i have the ores :)???? ~blake84362~ :P
  10. blake84362

    Zomg My Arrows Glow In The Dark!

    congratz on 50 range! ~blake84362~ :P :/ :P :) :) :/ :lol: :mad:
  11. blake84362

    Peace Of Mind

    :) :) Congratz U pwn :P ~blake84362~
  12. blake84362

    Mommy Look A Big Ice Cube!

    :) Congratz!!!!!!!!!!!! ~blake84362~ :P
  13. blake84362

    98 Cooking!

    Coongratz :) I want 99 cooking also but no one is selling raw lobbies..... If anyone has raw lobs for sale pm me ~blake84362~:) :P
  14. blake84362

    Theres Been Alot Of Love Around Sals Lately...

    Congratz!!!! :P ur on your way to triple digets lvl 100.....:) ~blake84362~

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