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  1. 3x dead

    1. Guitarguy


      reported noob

  2. Quail_Man7


    I'm around a little bit
  3. Quail_Man7

    The Gladiatorz Vs. Genocide

    What kind of idiot names his clan Genocide? Anyway, congrats.
  4. Quail_Man7

    It's Been A While.

    Nice to see some of you guys. Didn't know you were still alive Sparky, lol.
  5. Quail_Man7

    Legacy Vs Solace

    Looking good.
  6. Quail_Man7

    Legacy Vs Ascension

    Hey man, we haven't talked in a while, hope everything is good with you. If you ever decide to start playing RuneScape again join Legacy. -.- You'd be my first choice if I ever did :) This is Bears, btw though.
  7. Quail_Man7

    Legacy Vs Ascension

    Nice to see things are going well, though I hope you guys become a little more ambitious with your opponents, otherwise you might get stuck in that rut.
  8. Quail_Man7

    Looking For A Clan

    Nice to see you're still around Micael.
  9. Quail_Man7

    How Many Clans Out There Still Frequent Sal's?

    I stop by once in awhile as well.
  10. A few days ago either 3x went to Sed or other way around and we set up a PVP matched for tonight. Basic standard rules. We came up with about 17 or so people, cutting down to match Sed's 13. 3x Starting: Seduction: Don't have a picture :$ Unfortunately I DC'd and was also the first pile, so I was KO'd. From there though 3x took control as Raceboy tanked it out for a very long time and 3x quickly took a strong lead. I can't really comment on specifics since I was busy trying to reconnect and then walk back up, but thats what I'm told. Anyway, we ended with only two deaths. Good fight Seduction, it was fun. /end generic topic. :$ Additional details and pictures would be APPRECIATED lol. Shout out to Lewis for doing a great job leading and all our binders for doing your jobs well
  11. Thanks to Jamey for topic. Personally I had 1 kill and 1 death. Discuss
  12. Quail_Man7

    Exodus Defeats Northern Gods

    Nice pics
  13. Quail_Man7

    What Happened?

    As Ahmad said, most users have moved to a new forum.
  14. 3xtermination's Forums | 3xtermination's Memberlist | #Clan3x VS. Flames Of Legends Pre-War: 3xtermination was looking for a pkri, but no one would accept. Elder_Jr our high council talked to FOL's warlord, and they both were interested. I was kinda shaky, because elder didnt talk to it about it with me, but meh. We signed up and got pumped up. Elder and FOL's warlord agreed on these rules. Rules: <Elder_JR> Rules: 2hr capped pkri, corrupt allowed, rings allowed, melee + range only binds allowed start at 5 est curses allowed See, whad had happen was: 3xtermination was very hungry for this pkri considering we lost to Triforce and we wanted to prove ourselves once again. So thats just what we did. Our organization started off rocky, but we came through. We didnt have a great pull cus well saturdays arent our days, but we stuck it out and came out with the Win. We got a lot of Ko's and had some amazing tanking. It was a close war the whole time, and without a doubt we werent letting this slip. 3xtermination showed up, and we didnt let it go. It was a very close war, thanks for the war fol <3 3xtermination's Starting options (66 opts) Flames of legends starting: 63 opts confirmed. 3xtermination's Ending options (57 opts)Elder forgot to count himself. 54 + sylvekie. Flames Of Legends Ending (54 opts) THANKS FOR THE FIGHTS FOL <3 THANKS FOR THE AC TRIFORCE + PE Pictures: GET JOB 3XTERMINATION, YOU GUYS WERE ON OUR "A" GAME. KEEP IT UP <3 -Defeat` Topic made by Defeat. Personally thought it was a bit of a low turnout for us and we didn't do as well as we should've but we pulled out a win nonetheless.
  15. Quail_Man7

    Avenged Syndicate

    Fake merges/closes now annoy me :\ If its creative I don't mind.

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