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  1. Jakerock109

    Distractions & Diversions Db Mega Change

    love the guide! Really helpful but it does need a bit of work. Overall good job tho!
  2. Jakerock109

    Mini-game All Fired Up

    wow great guide!!! It helps alot.
  3. Jakerock109

    Worst Type Of Scam

    I walked around as a lv 45 and someone said:"here's my acc -user and pass- feel free to drop trade ur stuff on it. I'm quitting and don't need my account." so he was lv 60 at the time so I thought about it. Got on the acc and it was his real pass! I just left it be and didn't put anything on it, luckily cuz he got on it an hour later and changed the pass. :( Wierd story but it's true lolz
  4. Jakerock109

    Smithing Update Idea

    Thats a pretty good idea. i think that it would make smithing more balanced, and make a little bit more profits and faster experience. I just think that smithing was put into the game a certain way. Jagex tried their best to balance it, but these might fix the little bit of unbalance. But if you buy your ores, you also make a little more profit (or, i think so...). Anyway, not a bad idea.
  5. Jakerock109

    Money Making Rewrite

    I found an error in smithing in the steel bars part. It says "make sure to but twice as much coal as iron" It should be "make sure to BUY twice as much coal as iron". -helping again, Jake
  6. Jakerock109

    Glitchy Topic

    Once I walked on water for a seccond or two....... and then my game froze up.. I logged on and I was back... the wierd thing is.. It was at the winter island thing (the moon-shaped one) when it happened... And I sware.. It's not fake!
  7. Jakerock109

    Oo'glog, Mass Production + Greegrees!

    good guides! great job guys. and i noticed that too... odd typo
  8. Jakerock109

    Recent Shock/pornography Attacks

    Kinda sad that someone would wanna do that kinda thing. I'll be sure to watch out. PS. hope this gets fixed soon! have fun getting rid of it!
  9. Jakerock109

    Money Making Rewrite

    This is in the yew longbow guide in fletch: five times the amount of Nature Runes you have in Fire Runes it should be: five times the ammount of fire runes you have in nature runes -jake helps again!!! :P
  10. Jakerock109

    Money Making Rewrite

    This is for the smithing guide. Cannonballs First, you need 34 smithing and must have completed Dwarf Cannon quest. Now, get the ores required to make steel bars (2 coal and 1 iron) and a cannonball mould. You can buy the ores, but you make more money by mining them. Your choice. Now, smith the ores into a furnace with the cannonball mould in your inventory. You now should have 4 cannonballs for each steel bar that would've been made in the furnace. Sell these in a populated world or in the Grand Exchange, and you have some profits. Cannonballs sell for about 160gp each, so 640gp is made per bar that would've been made. The bars only sell for around 550gp ea, so this makes a little more profit than just making bars. I think that I got that. I haven't done c'balls forever
  11. Jakerock109

    Money Making Rewrite

    In the air running thing, it said "The Tiara is preferred since it won't take up an inventory space unlike the Tiara which does." I think it should say "unlike the TALISMAN that does." That was in the SECCOND paragraph of the w16 air running guide btw. love the guide!
  12. Jakerock109

    Bounty Hunter Combat Changes And Rewards

    This might make me actually want to try bounty hunter now... maybe... I just want a clan war update now! That would be sweet.
  13. As you can see, got it now. Never mind!

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