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  1. LiL chris

    Mythic:story Of The Stone

    1 The Begining This story starts off as a simple one,about a simple boy and his simple life,but it becomes a not-so simple story about a not-so simple boy and his not-so simple life. Lucky for him this is just the begining I was walking in the hall when somebody punched me in the face. I....wait I have to introduce myself first. My name is Joey Johnson,son of Jack Johnson. In our familey it's a tradition that we name our sons any name that starts with "J". Im 14 and I have thick wavy brown hair. My hair covers my ears. I'm medium height and I'm kinda scrawny. I have one blue eye and one gold eye, wich I like So back to the story. I groand and got up from the floor. It was Billy Haze,Billy's a second year like me,though he's little older. He's also really really tall and with short black and big bushy eyebrows, you'd swear he was sixth year, actully you'd swear he was a teacher. "Jesus Billy what did I do this time?" I asked. "You got the last spot in the school tour" He said angerly. People were garthering around us now. "So, you wouldn't be able to go anyway, you got like ten bookings" Somebody in the crowd said. Billy looked at him and he ran away. "That lad has a point, you all ready have a booking"I told Billy. "I don't! you don't understand!" Billy yelled and walked off. My best friend Will Nathy pushed through the crowd. Will is small with spikey black hair and a high pitch voice, he's always giddy aswell. "What was that about?" He asked. "I don't have a clue" I anwserd. What was that about? Billy would usally have at least one booking by now. Last year he got suspended three times. We walked to our lockers and we were joined by one my best friends Séan O'Han. Séan has short ginger hair and is tall, but not as tall as Billy. He is also a gun nut, he goes shooting with his dad once a month. "What do we have next?" he asked. "Uhh I think it's SPHE" I said checking my journal. "Yep SPHE in room five". We walked to room five but only a couple of people were there. "You know what I like about SPHE" Will said. "The nice looking teacher?" I said. "We get no homework?" Séan said. "Well them and it's a extra 45 miniutes of sleep,like" Will said smiling. "I like looking at the teacher" I said. "Me too" Séan said. "And me" my friend, Tim Lawn said coming out of no where. Tim
  2. LiL chris

    Mythic:story Of The Stone

    Thank you for the review I'll try to make it better Im also working on Chapter 1
  3. LiL chris

    Mythic:story Of The Stone

    Please only leave reviews(good or bad) and no off topic comments please close other topic PROLOGUE The sun was beating down hard across the desert floor. Pauls heart was thumping and his feet pounding on the soft sand. Paul had never ran so fast in his life, but he had to warn John 24 hours ago The zoologist was on a plane to Egypt, he had come from Dublin Airport in Ireland. "Just think, in two hours we'll be in Egypt, searching for the rare, Egyptian Pyramid Spider!” said the Zoologist excitedly "If we get past security, these African airports are terrible “explained Paul. The zoologist ignored his friend, he just enjoyed the view. The food cart came and he got coffee, Paul got nothing, "I'm not hungry" he explained. "first time" The Zoologist muttered. "Pardon?" "Nothing" the Zoologist said. He thought for a moment, “Where’s the rest of the crew?" "I dunno, maybe they’re on a different plane" Paul answered As they finally landed in Cairo, two men were waiting for them. "How was the flight, Mr.Johnson" asked one of the men, with a cheerful smile "very good, the view was excellent” replied Mr.Johnson, the zoologist "The view? The only view I got to see was the back of your head” Paul replied wiping beads of sweat off his face. Mr.Johnson was a tall thin man with short jet black hair, he was 37 but looked young for his age and he spoke with an Irish accent. As for Paul, he was a short chubby man with soft brown long hair tied in a ponytail, he was 38 and had an English accent "Hey Johnny who is this" Paul asked, pointing to one of the men "He's the man that funded this expiation, Mr.Henry Kan" John Johnson explained Henry was a tall man, but certainly not thin, he had a double chin and had round pudgy cheeks, he was also balled and spoke sternly. The other man was their limo driver, he was a young and skinny man. "Well we better get going” said Henry, turning towards the airport. After they collected their luggage they went outside the airport and found a shiny white limo waiting for them. "This is a nice limo Mr.Kan" said John "Thank you, and please call me Henry" replied Henry They climbed into the limo and drove to the hotel. It was a short drive only 10 minutes or so. They arrived at the hotel, John looked up and read a sign that said مرحبا بكم في أحد فنادق لونغ نتمنى لكم طيب الإقامة و "Welcome to Hotel Long sun, we hope you have a pleasant stay" John translated "You speak Arabic?" Henry asked "Yes, a zoologist has to know a lot of language’s" John replied getting out of the limo The doorman welcomed them and he nodded to Henry. They checked in. Henry had his own suite while Paul and John shared one. Paul and John went to their suite, it was on the 4th floor. Paul was first to step into the room "Deadly” Paul said with a massive grin on his face. He jumped on the king size bed. "It’s like trampoline!” he said "Your giddy as a...."John stop in mid sentence "Is that what I think it is" Paul nodded "A 50inch 3D HD plasma TV!” John said jumping up and down He turned the TV on. "Die Hard" was on. They watched it till it was over at 1:30 am. "Better get some sleep, we got work tomorrow...well today" Paul said turning off the TV "Alrigth night" John said going to his room John woke up, it was dead silent. He sat up, got out of bed and walk to the door. He pressed his ear against the door, but couldn't hear anything. He opened the door to find Paul was gone. There was a note on Paul's bed Dear Johnny Ive gone scoopa Divin. Henry told me too tell u tat u should meet him at the restaurant, “The Food Pyramid" Paul "Your grammar is terrible" John said to himself John got dressed and got a taxi to the restaurant, there Henry he was drinking coffee "Hello John" said Henry "Wher..." John started but Henry interrupted him "No questions, I want to show you something" Henry nodded to someone behind John, but before John could turn around a bag went over his head ********* The sun was beating down hard across the desert floor. Paul’s heart was thumping and his feet pounding on the soft sand. Paul had never ran so fast in his life, but he had to warn John. Paul had thought that Henry was trouble, he never trusted balled people. Henry had kidnapped Paul in his sleep, when he woke up he was in a jail cell. He had heard men talking about a stone called "Mythic”, they were talking about it having extraordinary powers. They were also talking about "The Sphinx" and taking John to activate the stone. He had escape by climbing through a window, the was a single window in his cell and it was very large, he just barley manage to get out. He could see the Sphinx now. He decide to take a break, there was no point trying to fight, he would just collapse. While he was resting he saw a jeep heading to the Sphinx, he went after it. The bag was pulled off John's head. He was in front of the Sphinx Henry was standing in front of him "Why?" he asked "Because I wanted somebody to get it, it’s a very dangerous task, there was seven before you but the all failed" "Get what? I don't understand" "ah yes I nearly forgot" Henry said laughing A henchman whispered to another henchman “how’s that funny?" "Have you heard of The 12 labours of Hercules?" Henry asked "Yes" answered John "Well there was actually 13,the 13th was to build a statue to honour Zeus, Hercules built the Sphinx, a half man half lion, a lion because it shows courage and a man because it shows Intelligence. Zeus was offended that Hercules saw him as a human. Zeus sent Hercules to carry the statue around the world, but even Hercules couldn't do this, he collapse in Egypt. Because he didn't complete this task, Zeus sent him to a world of monsters to complete twenty four new task, he did this with a stone he created. He made the stone by getting a dragons heart, which is as hot as lava and throwing it into what's now called the Dead Sea. You know what happens when lava meets water? It creates stone" "So you want me to get this stone?" John asked "Yes, Zeus put the stone in underground tunnels below the Sphinx" Henry answered "Ahhhhhhhhh" Paul yelled running towards Henry, Paul throw a flash bang and it blinded Henry, his henchmen and John. Paul picked up John to a secret door to get in the Sphinx. He went down a flight of stairs and turned left. He stop and put down John. “Paul where did you get the flash bang?" John asked "In the jeep, there was tons of other stuff too" Paul replied "Then why didn't you carry me over to the jeep?" "shizzle! never thought of that" "And Paul where were you?" Paul tolled John his story and visa versa. "He's crazy" Paul said "Maybe" John said "You’re not seriously thinking that it could be real?" Paul asked "I don't know" John said "We're scientist, we're supposed to discover the truth!" "I'm not a scientist, I'm a bloody cameraman!" Paul said angrily. Then they heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Paul and John ran through the tunnels not knowing where they were going. Paul stopped "I think I think we lost them" Paul panted "No you didn't" John and Paul looked ahead, there was Henry and his henchmen. "Feck sake! we went around in circles" John shouted Henry aimed his gun at Paul. "If you don't get the stone I'll kill your friend" Just then walls began to move and the corridors began to move as well. Henry's shouts were drowned out by the noise of the moving walls. Paul and John were thinking the same thing, this isn't fun and games anymore this is serious. They started walking, looking for a way out. The tunnels were lit up with torches. They entered a room with mountains of jewels, gold and statues and there in front of them was a stone, the stone, Mythic. "There it is" John said pointing to the stone The stone was small, smooth and warm and it was nearly a perfect circle. We're rich!" Paul shouted "Just think, no more small planes, tiny hotel rooms and bad equipment!" John ran to get the stone and step on a trigger plate. Arrows fell from holes in the walls. "Ha! this place must be so old cuz the traps ain't working" John said excitedly John grabbed the stone and then the roof split into two and a staircase came down. "Come on let's go" called John from the stairs. "Coming" Paul called back carrying all the gold that he could carry. They climbed the stairs and found themselves on top of the Sphinx. "The stairs wasn't that big" Paul said A helicopter flew up to them. "Get in" said a FBI agent. They got in and the helicopter flew down to the ground. They stepped out to be greeted by FBI agents and a handcuffed man, Henry Kan. "How did you find out?" Paul asked "Well we had a inside man" a FBI agent said "Who?" John asked "The limo driver" the FBI agent said. The skinny limo driver stepped out of a jeep. Paul and John were happy, soon they'll be on a plane back to Ireland. "Henry said that getting to the stone would be dangerous but we didn't get harmed" John said. Paul held up the stone, smiling, but his smile faded when he saw something, he saw the rare Egyptian Pyramid Spider. The spider got it’s name from the pyramid shaped abdomen, the spider was small and is blood red in colour. The spider bit Paul, he shouted for help. Paul fell backwards. “Paul!” John shouted. Men rushed over to help Paul, shouted but it was too late, he was dead. END OF PROLOGUE
  4. LiL chris

    Mythic:story Of The Stone *edited*

    I'm editing it on my computer, so it'll be better
  5. LiL chris

    Your Formal Wear

    Here's mi That's my slayer clothes but I wear more armour Tip:to get skin colour clothes like me,put the colour of the pants/top to "Raw Onion"
  6. LiL chris

    Northern Wilderness Extension

    corner of doom? lol not very creative
  7. post pics of ur character!
  8. LiL chris

    Reviewing Circle

    Review of:http://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=323891 Overall rating out of 100: 90 How much did you read of it: Prologue and 1st chapter Language:Very good grammar,I didn't find any mistakes Storyline:Again,very good.I will try to read more Characters: Even tho I only read a little bit of the story Im a big fan of mythology so I loved this story,I will read more My story is in my sig pls read and review
  9. LiL chris

    Sal's Write Off - First Edition

    My link to my story is in my sig pls review
  10. LiL chris

    I Got My Computer Fixed!

    Srry I forgot to rigth it timezone:Europeen/Ireland And it's on all this week Oh nearly forgot world 42
  11. LiL chris

    I Got My Computer Fixed!

    After a year of waiting!!!!! :/ Now I can play runescape again!!!! Party details Location:Wilderness Items needed: Armour,Weapons,food and drinks(and bring cake!!!!! ) 19:00-21:00 We'll meet up at the Saw Mill,East of Varrack there'll be music and batteling monsters P.S. There will be no music
  12. LiL chris

    Please Close! Triple Post

    After a year of waiting!!!!! :/ Now I can play runescape again!!!! Party details Location:Wilderness Items needed: Armour,Weapons,food and drinks(and bring cake!!!!! ) 19:00-21:00 We'll meet up at the Saw Mill,East of Varrack there'll be music and batteling monsters
  13. LiL chris

    Please Close! Triple Post

    After a year of waiting!!!!! :/ Now I can play runescape again!!!! Party details Location:Wilderness Items needed: Armour,Weapons,food and drinks(and bring cake!!!!! ) 19:00-21:00 We'll meet up at the Saw Mill,East of Varrack there'll be music and batteling monsters
  14. what's the point*closedeyes*? I just nUk€d you
  15. LiL chris

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    I got the limit addtion Fable III but can't play till Christmas and got Fallout NV but can't play till Christmas I'm getting Black ops NOT for christmas and mabey Sims3

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