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    Dinosaurs, shows, music, drawing, photoshop, eating, sleeping

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    I Don't Play
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    it lvls too fast =P
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  1. raving ranger

    Spirit Of Summer

    directly north of the ruins, ive checked guides, thats the exact spot where the disk is.
  2. raving ranger

    Pics Of Yourself!

    :( i was so happy in this picture for some reason :3
  3. raving ranger

    Spirit Of Summer

    So I've been questing lately and decided to do this quest, however, once I got to the part where you need to get the spirit beast onto the disks, they aren't anywhere to be found. I've already placed the bones and skull inside the altar so I'm a bit confused. Any suggestions?
  4. raving ranger

    Should The Above Poster Change His Avatar?

    Change. It's not Christmas!!1! :D
  5. raving ranger

    Surprise Zombie Attack

    I have a laptop, two bowling pins, three very sharp, metal trophies in the shapes of stars, I have a plastic robot arm, I have guitar hero guitars, I have a giant board for keeping papers organized made out of metal, and I have a metal bike wire. I think I could use them all at once somehow..
  6. raving ranger

    Pics Of Yourself!

    Your location says California but your hair says Sweden. ;-; Epic Stereotyping :L It would be awesome if I lived in Sweden. Why is my hair stereotypical for people in Sweden anyways?
  7. raving ranger

    1,000 Page Topic 2

    yes it is, your just jealous
  8. raving ranger

    Pics Of Yourself!

    Most recent one I can find :D
  9. raving ranger

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Morte et Dabo by Asking Alexandria
  10. raving ranger

    1,000 Page Topic 2

  11. 7- lemons hurt my mouth 7- it hurts my eyes
  12. raving ranger

    The First Word That Comes To Mind


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