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  1. Old Bean


    Please delete.
  2. Old Bean


    Thanks guys, I appreciate the kindness. Please go to the forums: http://z3.invisionfree.com/third_reich/ and apply, we'd love to have you.
  3. Old Bean


    It's a name, so what? I'm not a Nazi nor am I a prejudice person. I enjoy history and I felt that the name would be fun for a RuneScape clan. Nothing more, nothing less. So please get over it.
  4. Old Bean


    Please close.
  5. Old Bean

    Iliad 80+

    All types of events are held.
  6. Old Bean

    Iliad 80+

    Exceptional clan. Join, I am sure you will have a blast.
  7. Old Bean


    Thanks Borth.
  8. Old Bean


    Forums | Memberlist Introduction Aureolias is an active F2P and P2P based, multi event clan. Our timezone is EST (-5 GMT). We pride our selves on a community atmosphere while still bringing the fun aspects of a clan to you. No matter what you enjoy you will be able to find something in Aureolias that pertains to your interests. Requirements - 80+ F2P Combat. - Read and follow our rules. - Know how to use forums and clan chat. - Can be active on forums, clan chat, and attend events. Events We hold a wide range of events that includes but does not limit: - Clan Warring - PKing/PVP - GWD - KBD - Group Skilling/Questing and Competitions - Fight Pits - Pest Control - Castle Wars - Barbarian Assault - Barrows - House Parties Media KBD Hunting GWD House Parties PKing/PVP Apply Interested in joining Aureolias? Go to our forums and apply today!
  9. Old Bean

    Clan Closed

    Please Close!
  10. Old Bean

    Clan Closed.

    Added pictures in from our PKing Trip.
  11. Old Bean

    Clan Closed.

    Thanks for the support.
  12. Old Bean

    Aureolias [clan] Hiring Staff!

    Hi I am Beansoldier, Founder and Leader of a clan called Aureolias. [Forums Link] We are currently looking to hire experienced RuneScape Clanners to join our staff. The following positions below are currently open. ----------------------------------------------- Council [Two spots open] Requirements - 70+ F2P Combat - Clan Leading Experience - Active on Forums and Clan Chat Event Coordinators [Two spots open] Requirements - 70+ F2P Combat - Event Leading Experience - Active on Forums and Clan Chat ----------------------------------------------- If you are interested in any of these positions please go to our forums, register an account and make a post in the "Guest Chat" forum. In your topic make sure you say which position you would like and give us good reasons to pick you.
  13. Old Bean

    Clan Closed.

    Yes you can. Please register an account on our forums and post an application.
  14. Old Bean

    Clan Closed.

    If you don't have anything important to say please don't post it in my topic because I will contact a mod borth. Thanks.
  15. Old Bean

    Clan Closed.

    Thanks for the support Imp.

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