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    In a nutshell, I'm a database mod here on the forum. Runescape related topics are pretty much all I post in. I've written several guides and submitted 330+ items and probable 200+ NPCs into their respectable databases. In real life I'm an 80-year-old woman who loves her cats and cream of mushroom soup<br /><br />Any questions or comments relating to the databases especially the NPC or item db? Message me and you'll get a reply.<br /><br />Update: Due to real life, I'm retired from Runescape and these forums. I'll try to pop in every now and then to see what shenanigans everyone is up do.

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  1. Damaged500


    test 1337annopceh.php
  2. Damaged500


    You say you're going for 80 range, but you don't say how many knives you own. You can get any level you want at experiments, it'll just take longer for higher levels
  3. Damaged500

    Buyers And Cellars

    There should be a space after that period Thieve's > Thieves’
  4. Damaged500

    Going F2p

    Side note: make sure you have a few of all the f2p items you plan to use in your bank so you'll be able to bank them once you go back the the limited f2p banking. Right off the top you'll need runes, food, and armor. Then you can go from there.
  5. Damaged500

    Buyers And Cellars

    The guide doesn't make any mention of the three subsequent "mini-quests" that are unlocked via this quest
  6. Damaged500

    Larupia Hunter Gear?

    I'm 88 Hunter and I always wear Larupia. I've never tried to find out the bonuses, but I just assumed it increased by chances of catching something. Baiting traps for chins is completely pointless and time wasting...
  7. Damaged500

    Karamja Banking F2p

    Yeah there is. The Daemonheim teleport brings you close to the entrance of the cave, and there's a bank chest right there. I'd say noting them would be faster, and you'd save a few coins on the boat trip.
  8. Damaged500

    Mos Le Harmless?

    I've always gotten 1 or 2 dragon imps per hour, and several nature, ninja, spirit, and pirate imps.
  9. Damaged500

    Impetuous Impulses Help

    Well I'm 72 Strength and I haven't been there in a month or two and I didn't even know this was possible unless as Egghebrecht said this was just added.
  10. Damaged500

    First-timer With Barrows

    naw dude he has 70+ prayeryou really only need to pray on dharok and sometimes karil. three ppots should be fine, sometimes even less is needed. just remember your prayer gets drained just by being in the barrow so do dharok and karil first. Forgot stats Added!
  11. Damaged500

    First-timer With Barrows

    I read like 5 different guides but they were all kind of vague about the inventory/equipment so I kind of mixed and matched. Here\'s my set up: and Any suggestions? Edit: forgot stats: 73 Strength and Constitution 71 Attack and defense 65 Range 74 Magic 71 Prayer
  12. Damaged500

    Training With Good Drops

    That guide has to be wrong. I make over 300k at ankous in an hour. It shows 87k? Maybe if they were like lvl 50 and had to bank every 10 kills it would be that low. If you go to the high level player guide it lists ankous as making 225,093/hour. The other guide is probably lower because with weaker stats it'd take longer to get kills.
  13. Damaged500

    Something Fun To Do?

    Do as many quests as you can do with your stats. Best part of RuneScape
  14. Damaged500

    Puzzles, Anagrams, And More

    Ooooo, nice. But couldn't the lastest/newest number be 138?
  15. Damaged500

    Family Crest Help Please?

    You need a minimum of 56 Mage if you drink a Wizard's Mind Bomb. And it has to be mage, not range because you need to cast spells to kill the demon.

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