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  1. M P

    The Great Brain Robbery

    good start so far, keep at it. and try to team wit lerenzie cause it would make it easier anyways good job :P
  2. M P

    Contact - Complete

    nice it helped alot but the directions in the temple were confusing and you have to mention the ladder to go to the lady is the ladder above most south west ladder
  3. 72 thief woo You dont need 76 fishing or 75 wc because when you got 72 thief ur all set. The chest in ardougne gives: 1k gp a shark addy ore and a uncut saphire so ur all set
  4. I was looking for the whirlpools that appear from fishing but no luck and didnt feel like waiting for one to appear so i just hit it with that cloud thing.
  5. my first fake ever. took me over a hour to work out the background details rate
  6. M P

    I Freaking Earned This Cape

    Nice :P i just beat the quest 3 days ago and i guess u have to destroy the cyan gem?
  7. lol this post suddenly got off topic a lil bit :P and yes the clothes are "pirate clothes" they are called naval ~ black tricorn hat ~ black naval shirt ~ black navy pants
  8. yea tip for all people attempting to do this quest when you are near a pillar with a mirror go to the rotate mirror screen and shadows dont atk lol ty for reminding me Barbeque
  9. only bad things in this quest r the shadows, and the agility obstacle which has to be done twice i barely did it with 60 agility + agility pot
  10. 2 quests left fairy tale 2 and devious minds 57 herb and 65 smithing r too hard 49 farming i could handle
  11. o yea! took me forever and i forgot to but crystal in black crystal place so i had to go back but i did it yay! lol
  12. M P

    1337 Total Lvl

    just got today lol
  13. M P

    Mods Please Close

    :) funny and totally random nice ,10 ;)
  14. M P

    My First Ever Fake ( Beware Its Nooby )

    good first 7/10 make cat transparent on paint so the squares wont come up but still good job
  15. M P

    The Amazing Log!

    fleching might win because of easy materials and the not needing to go to a fire/range good luck to both of you

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