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  1. Shn

    The last person to post here wins

    Yay i won something
  2. Shn

    Active Sals Members

    I drop in every few weeks typically...
  3. As it is, I think there are too many subforums here, and consequently not all of them are utilized. Some subforums haven't been posted in for months- and this gives the site an appearance of "dying", despite there being quite a few active users on the forums elsewhere. Eliminating the strict organizational structure of these forums and having a master page would give the appearance of a more vibrant, active community since the latest and freshest content is brought to the forefront. It would also take less time to navigate the sight having all the content aggregated- allowing users faster access to content.
  4. Shn

    1,000,000,000 XP

    Nice :o I will probably never be that experienced at anything
  5. Looks like Byz was an important part of the community here... I didn't know the guy btw, it was coincidence that we ran into each other and both part of Sal's realm
  6. I never thought i'd ever be able to afford a blue partyhat. But today I got one!!!!! Here's some background if you are interested!!!!! I've played this game since 2005. I've accumulated a lot of wealth over the years. I was able to afford a red partyhat back in February and bought it for like ~3.5b or something. I know even this is a lot of money, but like I said, I had played for over a decade. Anyways, in May 2016, the price of partyhats almost doubled. It sunk a little bit since, but it now made me red paryhat worth about 5.6b; it was nice because I didn't have to do anything except not sell it. One day in May, I decided that I wasn't happy with my red. I had been playing this game for a very long time, and realized it was time to go for the very top; the Blue Partyhat. Unfortunately, a blue partyhat was worth about 10b at the time, and I couldn't double my money easily. So I went and sold my red partyhat and decided i'd try staking it (I wouldn't recommend staking, as while it's the best moneymaking method in the game, it is simultaneously the worst too). So now that I had 5600m to try and stake with, I decided i'd try a smaller stake first, and then a larger stake after in case I lost and that way i'd be able to recuperate my loss in addition to some winnings. I ended up winning a 1.9b YOLO stake and was now able to afford a white partyhat. So I bought one. I should note that white partyhats went down about 800m within two weeks of buying it, so I lost a fair bit of money here. But I realized how stupid what I did was. I could have lost everything from staking. If I ever wanted to get a blue, I would have to do it in a much less risky way. So I decided to start merching phats. This is extremely time consuming, as you have to buy things as cheap as possible and sell very high and it takes time to find sellers eager to make somewhat unfair deals. Additionally, there aren't a lot of partyhat sellers so it makes flipping phats that much more difficult. However, it was rewarding; you could make ~100m off of purple/yellow/green/red partyhats and up to 300m with whites. I went from about 6.5b to 9.6b wealth in about 1.5 months from flipping. It's funny to note that I made almost the same in that one stake from before in only a day, but once again- I could have lost it all just as quickly. Once I finally got enough money for a blue, I started trying to buy one. However, blue partyhats are special. They are completely different than all over partyhats because they are literally the most desirable object in the game. A blue partyhat is almost worth as much as three purple partyhats. It is way harder to find buyers/sellers for blues than any other partyhat. Consequently, blue owners can charge pretty much whatever they feel like and the price you may pay for one has a range of ~600m, so you never really know what to offer. They are extremely precious, and their sales are very rare. Not many people have them, and the people that do are very cautious when selling them, because they might not be able to buy it back should there be a sudden price change. In May for instance, over the course of the month, the price of the Blue Partyhat went from ~7b to over 11b. At the same time, selling can be hard because there are frankly not many people with ~10b to spare and therefore not many buyers. Anyways, I was able to find someone who wasn't able to sell their blue for around 2 months. And therefore I bought. The screenie is attached! Thanks for reading!!!
  7. Shn

    about permanent ban

    Jagex has always been very strict on macroing. I wouldn't recommend it if you value your account.
  8. So I logged on for the first time in a few months, had a red partyhat and sold it for when it was 1.65b. Now its 2.7b??? What happened to decrease the value of coins in the game? Where is all the money coming from?
  9. Shn

    1b xp (TIME CHANGE)

    That's very exciting. Im happy for your achievement! :)
  10. Shn

    Skill Competition 8 - Divination

    Congrats everyone
  11. Hey guys, long time Sal's Realm member here, recently starting to pk a little bit again. Although I haven't played in several years and was wondering if I could get some tips. What I'm trying to do is rush people in the wild; I.e. use the level 96 ancient magik teleport and look for people travelling alone and rush them. May sound like a mean thing to do, but the wilderness is wild!!! My plan is to have decent hybrid gear so that a) I can ice barrage the victim to stop him from moving, and the spell will hit, and b) switch to range and have a good enough range bonus so I wouldnt need to switch gear. I am 99 range and 99 mage so that's why im trying to utilize a setup which comprises both stats. And it all needs to be under 500k. But I think my setup is pretty decent, please please please give me suggestions. Gear: Ahrims hood glory amulet royal d hide body mystic robe bottoms mystic boots royal vambraces avas accumulator r'cbow / ancient staff lunar ring unholy book (full) diamond (e) bolts, to penetrate armour Ice barrage
  12. Shn

    Xmas Event 2011 Pictures.

    Nice. I haven't played this game in so long, too bad I forgot about the xmas event. Cool pics!
  13. Shn

    Need Pro F2p Pure Clan

    Im looking to join an actually pro f2p pure clan, currently 40 atk 86 str (training to 90 currently) 1 defence 75 hp 40 range If anyone knows one that specializes in rune pures let me know, id really like to do some team pking.
  14. Hello all! I recently completed a level 4 clue scroll I obtained at the Iron/Steel dragons! I wanted to post this separately from the treasure trails thread because this is a new item. The bow does have a special as well. Not sure as to what it does.
  15. These are really rare and I think the reason people have posted is because of this. I've never seen one before... I've had a friend buy 4 or 5 and open them trying to get a royal crown but all he received was a the scepter.

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