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  1. Team, On this glorious November morning, I was blessed to receive an email reminding me of the 11th anniversary of our exodus from the old forums to these 'new' ones. Needless to say it's a touch quieter here now that it used to be. If any November 3rd / old forum folks are still around please pop by! Cheers, Ouranos P.s. when did it get so quiet around here?! P.p.s. pleased to see the shoutout on the guide I wrote is still there. The Merlin's Crystal guide remains my finest published work to day.
  2. The objective is to say the first word that comes to mind from the word the above poster has posted. You can use more than one word if it is necessary. But try to keep it as one word. EXAMPLE: Person 1: Canada Person 2: cold Person 3: communists Comprende? The first word Zezima!
  3. Ouranos

    Active Sals Members

    I still think of these forums as the new forums...it feels like just yesterday what number you were was terribly important! Anyone have any idea how many active members are left? Edit - does anyone know when it got so quiet? Was it a gradual drop off or was it an exodus all at once?
  4. Ouranos


    Me too!! Robo messages bring back old people for the win?
  5. Ouranos


    So i just got twitter, after bashing it for enough time, and now I realize why even #sheen is in on the action. Here is the part im confused about, and google isn't shedding too much light on the matter for me. What exactly are the "#" thingies, how do they work and how to you make one? So how did charlie make #tigerblood? Does someone moderate it? Is it like a thread? Can i follow it? Will it get deleted if no one uses it? Hell, what is the purpose of the # signs besides the NYT always talking about how people use them to rally? Sincerely, A confuseder twittererererererest. #getatme
  6. Ouranos

    Workout At The Gym

    @N1x4s While you may be an MMA fighter, your average gym goer does not need creatine, or for that matter even a protein shake. The only benefit most receive from shakes are the additional calories that the body can use as energy to repair muscles (and for those with fast meto's it'll give your body something to build muscle from). For most people, they have enough protein from their daily diet that they do not need supplements. Creatine should be used with caution, it can have negative effects on your liver, and it reduces the amount of natural creatine your body produces as it tries to compensate for the additional chemical in your system. Used over a long period of time, your body can cease production of creatine all together which is an extremely undesirable scenario. For beginning gym goers, start with at least a month of cardio be it biking, rowing, skipping, running or a combination of all them before engaging in any serious weight lifting. This will dramatically reduce the risk of injury and put your a better place to progress quickly.
  7. You need more cooking skillz. Everyone knows that to be a good PKer you need to cook. Woodcutting is also underrated, having a good chopping arm is a next level maneuver to through your opponent off balance. The trick is to treat him/her like a yew and just let 'er rip with that terribly hypertrophied arm of yours from that 99 chopping. Lumberjacks fo lyfe. If you need further clarification, please do not hesitate to pm me. I am more than happy to help. EDIT: killing is bad. make wood not war.
  8. Because i have grenades and no one else does. Duhhhhhh.
  9. Ouranos

    Werewolves Of London

    Hi guys, I'm trying to figure out where people saw the werewolves. Things are looking pretty hairy up here, so if you could send lawyers, guns and money to Havana, Warren and I would really appreciate it. With warm regards, O. P.s. Please don't tell Cameron
  10. Ouranos

    Sal's Weekly 10,000,000gp Giveaway

    lord_ouranos Buy a set of rune armor!!! and maybe a scimitar. The rest will go to my rrsp's and to diversify my portfolio into the Asian markets. And a kebab.
  11. Ouranos

    Workout At The Gym

    Row young man row. Make the concept 2 rower your friend. Then visit crossfit.com. Best of luck to you.
  12. Ouranos


    I can't find the like button?
  13. Ouranos


    HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't forget to check underneath the bed!!!!, With warm regards, Ouranos
  14. Ouranos

    Firemaking Skill Guide

    don't guess, just do. make it the best fire making guide EVER. I have faith in you yoyoma313.
  15. I was wondering if anyone has first hand experience with a T61, and what they thought of it.
  16. Ouranos

    Obama Or Clinton?

    The republicons eh, are they related to the decepticons? I know i'm looking forward to the October surprise.
  17. Ouranos

    Congrats On 20,000 Members Sals Realm!

    Two days, still nothing That is funny.
  18. Ouranos

    Quitting Topics

    We have blogs? Cool. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Oh, and I Quit. Bye Guys. I'm leaving now. RL issues to work out you know. Drama. Important Stuff. Lil'Wayne wants to make an album with me. Tha Carter IV. I might be back. But i doubt it. I'm going to have a party to give away all my stuff. Or not. Because i might come back. But i'm going to make a topic about it anyways. Bye. But wait, if enough people post in my thread, i'll stay. Maybe a facebook group too. Does Sal have Facebook? I have Facebook. But wait, if i'm leaving this, does it count if i talk to you on facebook? Do i have to move to a cave in the Himalayas? But how will i make my album then? Tha Carter Middle of Nowhere Edition? Ok, so you convinced me, i'm going to stay. But i can't be as active. Who am i kidding, I'm going to be just as active. Maybe more. Oh and *******, i still hate you. You and ******** can go flame yourselves. And i love ******, and ***********. You guys are the best. Thanks guys. I'd go into the wildy with my party hat on with you. Thats how much i love you. Yes the blue one. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I'm not stressed about them...they're pretty funny really, to see people pour themselves out over the internet. And you are going to have to make a whole new rule...because really there's nothing 'wrong' with those kinds of threads....at what point do you start cracking down anyways? It's pretty harmless, let people have their leaving threads...those kinds of people have nothing else anyways. They don't get attention anywhere else. Worry about World Peace, poverty, global food shortages and funding my college tuition. (Maybe even search control )
  19. Ouranos

    Pics Of Your Mom

    My mom.
  20. Tell me what you think, and what you would have named it. You can rate the person's name above you if you want.
  21. Ouranos

    Madd Attacks 'grand Theft Auto Iv'

    An Update and article from San Francisco Bay Guardian Obligatory video game outrage Grand Theft Auto 4 -- intriguing, elaborate, disturbing, and disturbed BY ANNALEE NEWITZ, Wednesday May 7, 2008 TECHSPLOITATION At this point, the outraged response to the latest installment in the Grand Theft Auto series of video games, GTA4, is pretty much obligatory. Mothers Against Drunk Driving is lobbying to get the video game rated "adults only" (effectively killing it in the US market, where major console manufacturers won't support AO games) because there's one scene in the game where you have the option to drive drunk. Apparently none of the good ladies of MADD have ever played GTA, since if they had they might have discovered that when you try to drive drunk, the video game informs you that you should take a cab. If you do drive, the cops immediately chase you down. Which is exactly the sort of move you'd expect from this sly, fun game, which hit stores last week. GTA, made by edgy Rockstar Games, is basically a driving game franchise packed inside an intriguing, disturbing, elaborate urban world where you become a character whose life options are all connected to the ability to drive around in various cities. Usually you're some kind of bad guy or shady character. Think of it as the video game equivalent of a TV show like The Wire or an urban gangster flick. What has made GTA so popular among gamers is the way it combines the fun of a driving game with the sprawling possibilities of gamer choice. And I think that's what nongamers find so confusing — and therefore threatening — about it. When you jump into a car in GTA, you aren't rated on your driving skill. You don't have to stay on a predetermined track. Sure, you have to complete a mission, but you can choose to just drive around insanely, exploring the big worlds of the GTA games, beating up cops and murdering people at random if you want. You can take drugs and get superspeedy or ram a truck into a building. GTA4 is set inside an alternate version of New York City and takes the player even further into a world of narrative choices. You play a character named Niko, a Serbian war vet who comes to Liberty City to get revenge — or to make peace with his past. Along with several other characters, he's just trying to get by in a huge city, but gets sucked into a world of crime and murder along the way. As you get deeper into the game, you realize that your interactions with characters are just as important as running your car missions. You can't get anywhere without making friends, connections, and plunging deeper into Niko's troubled past. If GTA4 were a movie, it would have been directed by Martin Scorsese or David O. Russell, and we'd all be ooohing and aaahhing over its dark, ironic vision of immigrant life in a world at war with itself. But because GTA4 is a video game, where players are in the driver's seat, so to speak, it freaks people out. Earlier installments of GTA-inspired feminist and cultural-conservative outrage (you have the option to kill prostitutes!), and concern over moral turpitude from Hillary Clinton (you can beat cops to death! Or anybody!). And yet there are other video games out there, like the family-friendly role-playing game The Sims, where players can torture people to death in ways far more disturbing than those in GTA. I was just talking to a friend who told me gleefully how he'd taken one of his Sims characters, stuck him in a VR headset, and walled ... him into a room that only contained an espresso machine. The character kept drinking coffee and playing the headset, pissing in the corners of the room and crying until he died. Other players have reported that you can stick a bunch of characters in the swimming pool, remove the ladder, and drown them. Then you can decorate your yard with their tombstones. That's not the point of the game, but people can do it. The reason these horrible things can happen in The Sims is exactly the same reason they happen in GTA: these are cutting-edge video games defined by player freedom rather than locking the player into a prescribed narrative loop where veering off the racetrack means "lose" rather than "find a new adventure." When you give players the option to explore their fantasies, you're going to get some dark stuff. Yes, it's disturbing. But it's also the foundation of great art. </p>

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