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  1. Reander

    Are Soldiers Heroes?

    Anyone with enough courage to put their life on the front lines of battle for the greater good of our country is indeed a hero. Is a firefighter who saves another person from a burning building a hero? Is a law enforcement officer who puts himself in danger to prevent further danger to the public a hero? Is a soldier a hero? Yes.
  2. Reander

    My Characters Throughout Runescape And Wow

    yeah.... WoW is better. sorry guys -.-
  3. Reander

    Official Wow Thread

    I have decided that even a little bit of playing time interferes with my grades in school, and after (not very long) 2.5 years of playing its time to say goodbye
  4. Reander

    Delete Post

    Imageshack getting hacked is very true, they affected images that I had posted from forums of various games. If you want an article about it; http://mashable.com/2009/07/10/imageshack-hacked/ The actual image that was uploaded to replace everyone's upload as seen on the site above is a bunch of bull IMO I do not know if this was mentioned on these forums or not, sorry if this is a double post! EDIT: Delete post please ;)
  5. Reander


  6. Reander

    Official Wow Thread

    I love paladins
  7. Reander

    Official Wow Thread

    Starting to love playing my paladin, they're really OP. Fast leveling, and much more fun than my mage.
  8. Reander

    Official Wow Thread

    Im finally epicced out on my mage, mostly PvE gear but i have Hateful bracers and a hateful ring. Burning Legion, my name is Reander.
  9. Reander

    The Wonderful Life Of Runescape

    My favorite memory is building my first house . Exciting stuff
  10. Reander

    The Final Religious Debate

    "My position concerning God is that of an agnostic. I am convinced that a vivid consciousness of the primary importance of moral principles for the betterment and ennoblement of life does not need the idea of a law-giver, especially of a law-giver who works on the basis of reward and punishment" -Albert Einstein Religion is a way of thinking, a way of believing, and a way of redemption. In one perspective, there is a God that is real, he is everywhere, and he does everything with a flick of his finger. He is an actual person, he can bring the dead back if he wanted to, and he created the world. In another perspective, God is merely a figure that symbolizes what we as humans should be. He does not truly exist, but we use his example to show us the perfect person. Most religions have the same basic principals and foundations; that we should not murder, we should do kind to one another, we should respect those with power over us, etc. Each religion has their own way of practicing those basic principles, but whichever you are born into is what you will most likely follow throughout your life. For everything in this world, there is an opposite. Light, dark; up, down; freedom, slavery; on, off; faith, detachment; Hate, Love. You are not required to have absolute faith in God, but each religion emphasizes the practice of faith in order to keep ourselves from being detached from society and keep our minds focused on Love, and not Hatred. Most people know the typical lifestyle that makes up what is "good," and "bad," but religion is just a way to reinforce that within our lives with a symbolic person, like God.
  11. Reander

    Schools Searching Phones Without A Warrant

    Dirty pictures, such as pornographic material sent by a minor and and to a minor, is illegal. Why are you asking for the law to defend you when you do not respect and abide by it?
  12. Alright guys, the point of this thread is to refresh the memories of all that played Runescape before 2006 . Does anyone remember the old interface for your backpack, your friends list, and your spellbook, etc.
  13. Reander

    Long Time No See...

    I had a crush on you
  14. Reander

    Official Wow Thread

    GAHHHHH! First wintergrasp is ours, but everyone in Northrend is logged out for about 5 minutes. I log back in and wintergrasp started, and the horde are in control. We end up winning it, and there are a ton of achievements given xD. But I put together a PUG Heroic Vault raid, and The server crashes RIGHT THEN! So now I'm here hoping my group is stoll together when I log back in >.<
  15. Reander

    Official Wow Thread

    I have all of the classes 50+ >.<

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