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  1. Beastage101

    Girl Alliance

    This is why i hide my femininity on here...... :( you guys make me laugh ^^ so i blend in..... :D
  2. Beastage101

    First Slayer Task Ever?

  3. Beastage101

    Can I Do Lunar Diplomacy?

    Venge? whats venge? I just like the armour ^.^ atm, im getting craft level by killing yaks for there hide to make armour, going for 99 str, so ill be lvl 100 with 99 str
  4. Beastage101

    Can I Do Lunar Diplomacy?

    My stats are attached, i know my fm, crafting and mining arnt high enough but do you all think im high and good enough to do it? I will work on my fm, mining and crafting, My combat is 97
  5. Beastage101

    Hackers In Runescape?

    Total fail.
  6. Beastage101

    Hackers In Runescape?

    Yea, like, give him a fake pass, then when they try it and it doesn't work they'd come back on going oh it doesn't work, then say, oh i forgot the 1 or something. and repeat that processes until the scammers light bulb turns on on top of there head going, oh... they are lying....
  7. Beastage101

    Fremmink Isle

    Thanks, i did it Please close
  8. Beastage101

    Fremmink Isle

    this is really starting to annoy be, both runescape wiki and sals are going, oh when you get 10 troll kills you can cross the bridge, I have done and it wont let me :@ what do i do?
  9. Beastage101


    " so she's full alright " lol, i really am so happy about getting this fishing level! i love the fishing skill calpe ^.^
  10. Beastage101

    Hackers In Runescape?

    Ha, thats pretty good
  11. Beastage101

    Using Other Peoples Guilded Alters For Prayer?

    Whos house can i use? Anyone's. Go to World 31 Yanille house portal, you'll probably find one. Have done now, thankyou
  12. Beastage101

    Using Other Peoples Guilded Alters For Prayer?

    Whos house can i use?
  13. Hi, my prayer level is 6, and I want it higher, Is it possible to use other peoples guilded alter? If so, how? Can i use any bones on it? Please help
  14. Beastage101


    I can now fish sharks First time ever!
  15. Beastage101

    Hackers In Runescape?

    HAHA, Yea you could also say 'ya, ma pass is yomomsucksmahardthing" HA, i wonder how many people would fall for that if your smart and play along with them ^.^ I think when they are online next (as they are on my friends list) i will say oh i changed my mind, i need help with my str and give them my pass, will difinatly post the screeny :/ LOL

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