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  1. Frosty Pain


    is the board dead now? (not been on for around 3-4 years)
  2. Frosty Pain


    SOTW still running, not been around gfx for a while and i remember the days of cookthechef! used to love SOTW, any ideas whats happening
  3. Frosty Pain

    First sig after 3 years out

    Been doing gfx for around 10 years, not made a sig for a long time however, cc+feedback aappreciated
  4. Frosty Pain

    Grenwalls Without 69 Summ?

    If i bought pawya meat from ge or papayas from ge and did bank runs to lllyeta, would i still make around 1m per hour hunting grenwalls?
  5. Frosty Pain

    Bandos Ranged Setup?

    Not been on rs for a while and going bandos with some mates im 80 att/def/str/hp and 60 pray, 60 sumon and 82 range im gonna be ranging so what should a wear and whats inventory? thanks in advance
  6. Frosty Pain

    Hacked, Lost All My 100m, Got 0gp..wtf Do I Do Now!?

    no i got hacked by a friend who gave me a link and said to vote for her on some rs gallery for runefest it looked EXACTLY like rs, it was rs....ffs im so pissed
  7. My main of 8 years just got hakced, i lost all my 100m which took forever to make, wtf do i do now? i have ltieraslly 0gp!?!?! im so angry my rsn is frosty pain if anyone wants to see stats -snip- argh!!
  8. Frosty Pain

    {frosty Pain} W3 Dicing Kings!

    bump! at w1 atm, w3 will be open in around 2-3 hrs :D join my friends chat frosty pain
  9. Frosty Pain

    {frosty Pain} W3 Dicing Kings!

    We average at least 5 ranked members in chat at all time we host under {Frosty Pain} at w3 south of ge!!
  10. Frosty Pain

    Turning 15m Into 50m?

    How do you reckon i could go about this? My rsn is frosty pain if you wanna look up stats
  11. Frosty Pain

    Impling Hunting Any Good?

    Im close to 99 hunt, so at 99 hunt can you still make 700k+ per hour impling hunting?
  12. Frosty Pain

    What To Do?

    Idk what to do, preferably something that'll make money and train skills, idkk I have 11M cash, 14M cash+ items STATS: http://img849.imageshack.us/i/statzez.jpg/
  13. Frosty Pain

    Worth Buying A Cannon For This?

    Im killing blue dragons in the taverly resource dungeon, i use the agility shortcut + terrorbird and falador teleports would it be worth buying a cannon tospped it up even more, or is the cost of the cannon not worth it for this?
  14. Frosty Pain

    Dungeonerring Binding Question

    If you bind an item, then quit the group and log out for a bit, then start a new sessiom of dungeonering soloing, will you still have the binded item?
  15. Frosty Pain

    How Much Money Would This Make Per Hr?

    So what should my setup be?

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