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  1. Make sure you watch it in full screen, 1080p You don't wanna miss this massive bad judgement on my part. o well though, i started with 10m http://youtu.be/vH3QxTSC_Ow?hd=1
  2. I'm not really to bright when it comes to "processors" wich laptop to buy. This laptop is purely for runescape and other gaming activities, multi tasking is not important.(IM TALKING FPS BABYYYY!) I'll list the processor, the hard drive size and the amount of RAM and the price. (the less i spend is also better) (no brands, i dont want favoritism) Number one: $598.98 AMD Quad-Core A6-3400M Accelerated processor 6GB memory; 640GB hard drive (this is also the one i'm leaning towards) Number two: $578.98 Intel Core i3-2310M processor 4GB memory; 500GB hard drive (Tbh i dont like the brand, and i again i know nothing about processors) I'll have to pick between thoose two, i'll just say ones a HP and ones a DELL Opinions are welcome!
  3. Ghost Walking

    What Do You Want To Do To The Next Poster?

    i only play runescape :( I'd get drunk and forget what happened the night before with the next poster.
  4. Ghost Walking

    The everlasting runescape adventure!

    Here's the rules, Post a picture with a caption, it MUST be relative in some way to the last picture posted... It's basically like writing a story, with infinitely many people, one sentence at a time. Right, so here's the first picture!
  5. Ghost Walking

    Welcome To Facebook.

    i think there is a line though, i dont mind sarcasm but thats just disgusting in terms of mental imaging.
  6. Ghost Walking

    Favorite Subway Sammich :D

    They dont have wraps here anymore :( Only flatbread.
  7. Ghost Walking

    What Is The Above User Most Famous For?

    Having a wolf in his avatar.
  8. Ghost Walking

    Welcome To Facebook.

    This is one of the reasons why im seriously considering deleting my shizzle.
  9. Ghost Walking

    Favorite Subway Sammich :D

    that does sound yummy! Maybe I'll have to try it :3
  10. Ghost Walking

    Favorite Subway Sammich :D

    I'm just sitting here enjoying this delicious sammich.. At one point i highly despised vegetables of any kind, but when i was 16 i had a job at out local Subway! Seeing people eating, and getting to eat a free sandwich every time i worked let me experiment and try new sammiches! So Here is my favorite sandwich as of today! Foot long Honey Oat : Big Philly Pepperjack cheese Lettuce Tomatoes Onions green peppers black olives cucumbers EXTRA tomatoes Jalapenos Banana peppers Spinach And for the sauce! Chipotle southwest & mayo! what is yours?!?
  11. Ghost Walking

    This is sad. :(

    Obviously America sucks.
  12. Ghost Walking


    I'm not really sure on lyrics, for someone to know what song im referring to they are gonna ave had to heard the song. but ill come up with some... "I'm happy where im headed" "Only i know where im going" "I'm happy where i'm at" i cant remember... this is hopeless. I already checked there website, unfortunately they don't have that, i considered calling them and yelling at them xD
  13. Ghost Walking


    So i was re arranging my room earlier and i was listening to the radio and i heard this badd ass song, but i totally cant find it now... It falls under the genre of rock, its a little upbeat..and it talks about how only you know where you are going, and that you are happy where you are at..or some shizzle...anyone know what im talking about?
  14. Ghost Walking

    Megaupload shut down, creators arrested

    I've seen multiple embedded mega-upload videos that have been disabled to due copyright infringement... In no way was them being arrested justifiable.
  15. Ghost Walking

    Megaupload shut down, creators arrested

    "We are Anonymous, We are legion, We never forgive, We never forget, Expect us."

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