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  1. Kjiverx

    Official Wow Thread

    WHat are people who play WoW doing anywhere near a runescape forum? that's just sad
  2. Kjiverx

    The Suggestions Forum Is Sick

    see what i mean? Cxkslei just pointed out flaws in my argument for him being a semi-mod!
  3. Im sure many people have noticed that the suggestions forum is filled with relatively confusing and badly explained topics that get explained in the later posts. that and all the other problems could be fixed by making Cxkslei a limited power moderator for for the suggestions forum-he's practically the god of pointing out faults and confusing screwups. sticking his suggestion guide would also help. Mods plz dont kill me... its just an idea...
  4. 10/10 for both naruto is awesome.(but eyeshield21 is better)
  5. not to insult steve but thats really idealistic, common sense is not something everyone has equally (i myself do stupid things all the time). but even so the point makes sense. I Support
  6. Kjiverx

    Help Me!

    thank you very much, the tutorial didn't help me,but i'll go talk about something and get 30 posts and try it, thx! "per ardua ad scientiam"...knowledge through labor/trial/suffering? EDIT:i think the pic is too big. im gonna make it smaller and try again EDIT:it worked!
  7. Kjiverx

    Help Me!

    i have a picture i cropped and modified and all, and i wanna make it link to somewhere. How do I do it? for that matter, how do i put a picture in my sig?
  8. Kjiverx

    6th Fake - Redone

    Rofl I had to put something there because it's a bank :P I don't know some random thing that popped into my mind :o Tooltip? Huh the thing in the upper left corner, it doesent look right
  9. 7 aragorn is unforgettable
  10. Kjiverx

    6th Fake - Redone

    its a lot better than the first one, but isnt beret's line pushing it? and th trimmed wizard is sw33t last time u got 6/10s, but this is at lest 8/10 in my worthless opinion the tooltip thing is messed up
  11. Kjiverx

    You Know You're Addicted To Rs If...

    you know you're addicted to rs if you start hearing music from it in your sleep (ive had that with warcraft 2)

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