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  1. Hawk


    Does anyone around here use Bitcoins? I need some testers for a site I developed before I launch it. Incentives (in Bitcoin haha) will be available
  2. Hawk


    I'm adding some finishing touches and moving the servers out of the US and then I should be ready. Sorry for the delay but I want a good lookin' site for testers.
  3. Hawk

    Misfortune Again!

    This time it's completely my fault :P Fell asleep while training range with Chins and woke up this morning, logged on, and found myself in Edgeville. Whoops >.<
  4. Hawk

    Misfortune Again!

  5. Hawk

    Misfortune Again!

    There's about 20m left, my life-savings. And I fell asleep because I got to my room at around 3 AM and decided to log on. Bad idea lol (here I go again)
  6. Hawk

    Misfortune Again!

    Probably around 2k chins, 5 prayer pots, and various armour which wasn't worth much. Haha I'll keep that in mind :P
  7. Hawk


    So I renewed my membership for a month a day or two ago, just to play around. I go to good ol' World 2 to sell my Santa Hat, I'm in a trade with some other guy, he denies it, and then my chrome browser crashed. I log back in, and my Santa Hat is gone! Anyone know what happened?
  8. Hawk


    Nothing in the scan, not in my bank either. Looks like I'm out all that $$$
  9. Hawk


    Its gone :(
  10. Hawk

    Who Wants An Lsd Trip?

    Nice try
  11. Hawk


    Name: Spang Picture: City/Major Location: Tree Gnome Stronghold Specific Location: Far west of the first floor of the Grand Tree. Quest?: No Members-Only?: Yes Specific Info: Dissatisfied with his job, he complains about his dream of being a Gnomeball player. Examine Info: A lazy gnome. Contributors: Hawk, heb0
  12. Hawk


    Name: Timble Picture: City/Major Location: Tree Gnome Stronghold Specific Location: Far west of the first floor of the Grand Tree. Quest?: None Members-Only?: Yes Specific Info: Happy and peppy, this gnome will ask you to speak with his boss to help out with the Gnome Restaurant minigame. Examine Info: An underpaid gnome! Contributors: Hawk, heb0
  13. Hawk


    Name: Jeffery Picture: City/Major Location: Edgeville Specific Location: Furnace Building Quest?: None Members-Only?: Yes Specific Info: He tells you what is so special about the furnace in Edgeville. He also guards the furnace and will not let anyone who hasn't acheived Varrock Armour use it. Examine Info: The man with the armour. Contributors: Hawk, As, Whiskas, heb0, Ambo100
  14. Hawk


    I'll throw you some cash if you want
  15. Hawk

    Christmas Cards

    Hit me up
  16. Hawk

    Private Club

    Hook me up. ;D
  17. Hawk


    Just fix it, google a trick and at least try some weird one that requires opening.
  18. Hawk


    Might as well
  19. Hawk

    The Void Stares Back

    I might actually log on and do this quest, the guide makes it look exciting... I like the rewards too. Aw... I need one strength level.
  20. Hawk

    Ohai I'm Back

    So it's been a long summer/early fall since I've retired. Starting out in June, two of my good friends and I led the NYLT (national youth leadership training) for about two weeks for my council. I had a two week break after that, but lacked internet for the most part, being out of town and constantly staying at friend's houses. Later in the summer, I went to the National Jamboree for Boy Scouts. The BSA celebrated 100 years. It was a fun experience, especially because I knew how to get through the week based on the last jamboree. School started shortly after that and I still had a half-week camp where I, along with about 40 other counselors led a group of 5-6 seventh graders around Camp Tecumseh. Basically, it was school still, but in nature. As a senior in high school, it was my last year being able to be a counselor. And now I have quite a bit of free time. My soccer team's last game is tomorrow, but we are about to start indoor soccer again. I started merchanting in RS a few weeks ago, logging on every few days to update my GE offers. I checked the forums every once in a while this summer, but now I'm back to my old routine here, checking multiple times per day haha. Oh, and I've been accepted to Indiana University so far, but haven't applied to anywhere else yet. I'll probably apply to University of Southern California, Miami University (in Ohio), and maybe Loyola University in Chicago. Not completely sure what I want to major in, but most likely something with computers.
  21. Hawk

    Ohai I'm Back

    Yeah, just down the road from my camp. I was in Subcamp 12. (I was actually in the same exact campsite that I was in 2005 :P)
  22. Hawk

    Ohai I'm Back

    Hell, last time the port-o-pot outside our area had poop coming up over the seat. Last time, the one outside my camp, just across the road, started overflowing and spewing out of it.
  23. Hawk

    Ohai I'm Back

    I personally didn't enjoy it as much as last time, but that's probably because I had already done everything at camp (I earned all of the rounders for the patch last time). I certainly enjoyed the temperature much better. It wasn't blazing hot except for one or two days. I was also disappointed with Obama just sending a video message instead of actually coming to see us. He obviously had better things to do (like go on a TV show).
  24. Hawk

    Ohai I'm Back

    Lucky! What troop were you in?
  25. Hawk

    I Need To Learn How To Cook

    I definitely made a pizza tonight, definitely worth making it fresh rather than just cooking a frozen one.

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