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    playing video games,listening to music,hanging out with my friends, skateboarding rarely tho.

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    I dont know.. fletchin is 1 definitly
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    My friends that no1 knows about
  1. Tosword

    Arson Is Fun!

    i wasnt envited oh noes ;) gratz on the 99 firmakin tho and good luck on 99 theiving (you'll need it)
  2. Tosword


    w00000t go j!!!! This has been my first post since like 1 year ago :P :) but i might become active on sals again ^_^ my message didnt show when you took the screenies on the 1 where every1 said gratz but you did get my sayin its ya bday >.<
  3. Tosword

    New Forum Skins

    AhAaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAA!!! The shiny colors :/ I'm blind :o just kidding :o nice new skins but I think I'll stay with Runescape light for now.
  4. Tosword

    Congratulations To...

    Congratz Dani !! Now you are a dm and you deserve it. :P
  5. Tosword

    Rag And Bone Man + Vampyres

    Nice job on the guides guys. But like Dissentor and Steve said some images need "repair" other than that they're pretty good .
  6. Nice guides guys :) and also nice update too. Now I can finally change my name.
  7. A ... 4 For Ace, I don't see you a lot.
  8. Hmmmm you're a bear (I've learned that since I joined sals :) )... 8 I've seen you a lot
  9. hmmm I would say ... 7 I remember your very long posts and our conversaton about your spelling :). Anonymous490 got there before me. I don't really know you but I've seen you... 2
  10. 5 I see you sometimes. Btw dude, did you resize the underbanner in shadow's underbanner shop?
  11. 3, I've seen you in your buddie comics.
  12. 2 I've seen you somewhere...
  13. 8 I see you a lot in the fakes section. mexikid posted before me mexikid = 1 I don't know :mad: !!!!!
  14. I see you on these forums sometimes.. 5 Shadow got there before me.. 1, I don't really see you a lot

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