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  1. Roseilient

    #16 Woodcutting

    Grats on cutting 99 trees :P
  2. Roseilient

    Return of Rose (Formerly Rosy)

    Ok, I'll PM lilshu about it to see if anything can be done. I'll visit Sals Realm clan chat when I can. Thanks! Cool, another possible Computer Science major. Good luck on your first year! :) Hehe, nice! Glad, I'm not alone. :P
  3. Roseilient

    Return of Rose (Formerly Rosy)

    Hello again everyone! It has been years since I visited Sal's. I just started to play Runescape again after forgetting about it for 5 years. It has been really fun actually. Having both versions of Runescape makes it fun and nostalgic as well. Of course, coming back to Runescape would make me remember that I had a Sal's forum account. Luckily, I was able to recover it by posting my re-introduction post at The 'Scape Lounge section. However, the new account I made to post my re-introduction had the name 'Roseilient.' I wanted to have that name on this account. Even after getting 30 posts on the new account and changing its display name twice, I couldn't switch the name 'Roseilient' onto this account. I guess it was partly my fault as well, I should've came up with a different name instead to avoid this whole thing. Oh well, stuff happens. I'll settle with the name 'Roses.' (Rose wasn't open and well Roseilient the reasons are stated above) I want to be known as 'Rose' instead of 'Rosy.' I'm a lot older from when I joined Sal's. Also, I've been playing on my Hardcore Ironwoman a lot. The username is well you could guess is... Roseilient. I won't get annoyed if I get called Rosy so no worries. I'm on social media, especially twitter and they know me as Rose aka Roseilient. In terms of real life, I'm a sophomore/junior in college. I decided to major in Computer Science. I'm very interested in programming games as a career or involved in multimedia aspects of computing. It is tough to know exactly one wants to do with their life. Good thing that my degree is flexible. Whatever I end up doing, I dream it being something I'm truly passionated about. Until next time, take care everyone! :) Rose
  4. GG couldn't switch my preferred name oh well this will have to do. Close enough :3

  5. Roseilient


    Bye Rizzo You are a great friend and I'll truly miss you. I'll respect your choice to leave Sals. I hope you have a wonderful life
  6. Roseilient

    3 Happy Years Of Loving Sals!

    Sals is the Best, I like it here better than other forums I joined Happy 3 years here at Sals! I'll be here for 3 years in November Wow, time went by fast o.o
  7. Roseilient

    Prayer & Training

    Its really your choice, do you want some extra combat levels to be able to increase your strength and attack to 15%, keep 1 item or have a higher strength and attack level wise to pk? If you don't mind dying a bit, you can bury bones in the Bone Yard in the Wilderness. But if you choose to get your prayer level higher, I would bury every bone you see because in f2p prayer is expensive and the experience adds up. Also, I would train in the Stronghold of Security and kill minotaurs or whatever monster you feel good killing. You get the bones to bury and some decent drops The good thing about the spot is that the bank is at Edgeville to bank your drops and you can bring along an axe, tinderbox, feathers, and a fly fishing rod to fish and cook some trout and salmon if you want save money on food.
  8. Roseilient


    Since, you like to fight monsters you should kill cows in Lumbridge, pick up the cowhides, and bank them for future use for crafting. I would use the cowhides and tan them into hard leather in Al-Kharid when your 28 crafting because that's the best xp to gain leather wise. You don't have to use it for crafting, it makes good money as well. I'm suggesting this because your crafting is a bit low. I know you said that you hate range but it's a great skill to raise your hitpoints as well. Ranging doesn't have to be expensive. If you go to the Stronghold Of Security - level 1 there are minotaurs that drop things like iron arrows and rune essence. So, you can use those drops to train your range and runecrafting while earning combat experience!
  9. There's lots of topic about your favorite bands, guitar/bass players, artist, and more. So I wanted to do something different using the bands or artists you like already :P So, post below on what artist or band you like but you wouldn't tell your friends or family right away Maybe its because you don't want them to think you listen to mainstream radio or a certain genre for example :D Name some artist or bands you like but you don't want to admit. This is optional but you can tell why you wouldn't want to admit to liking the artist or band. For me, I love the bands Toto and Steely Dan. I don't tell my friends this right away because they wouldn't know what and who I'm talking about, music wise ^_^ These bands are from the late 1970's
  10. Roseilient

    Favourite Album Covers

    There's more album covers I like, but I won't post all
  11. Roseilient

    Should The Above Poster Change His Avatar?

    Keep! That bear is so hip ^_^
  12. Very nice, Spirit Hc Gratz on 99 mining and smithing ^_^ You have come a long way from were you started!
  13. Roseilient


    Hi Rizzo, I haven't been on Sals in a while but I'm glad your still here :D Good luck on your practices :)
  14. Roseilient

    Sorcerer's Skill Log

    Best of Luck on your many goals ^_^ I'm sure your log will improve over time

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