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  1. michaelmenace

    What Would Happen If

    could you still make money from the shops and stuff like that? if yes i would start making some money like that or start breaking some rules! but i don't much money to lose.
  2. michaelmenace

    Wilderness Survival Guide Re-write

    Changes that could be made This guide will help you to maximize your chance at staying alive and not die when venturing into the wilderness. Changing at to of Shield: Anti-Dragonfire shield and maybe add food to the equipment
  3. michaelmenace

    Edgeville Dungeon Rewrite - 17% Done

    I'm doing a spell check for you The Edgeville Dungeon is a facinating place located just below the city of Edgeville Change facinating to fascinating In the map you should mention that the green line is members, because of the shortcut and you should include in the map how to walk to the dungeon with a brass key from the Grand Exchange. you should add things to do in the dungeon.
  4. michaelmenace

    Woodcutting Help Guide Re-write

    Don't use the phrase f2p and p2p in the guide use members and non-members. EDIT: added the things you should change From 40 woodcutting you need to cut 59 Willow logs to get to 41 woodcutting. At 41 woodcutting you can use a Rune Axe. The Rune Axe has super fast woodcutting speed and it is the best axe in F2P! Change F2P to non-members. While you're woodcutting you might hear about hardwoods. They are P2P. These are teak and mahogany logs. To cut Teak logs you need 35 woodcutting. Change P2P to members. From tutorial island the survival expert has given you a bronze axe. Go to Bob’s axe store south from Lumbridge Castle. Capitalise tutorial island to Tutorial Island. You can wield an axe depending on your attack level or you can use an axe depending on your woodcutting level. Change or to and. saradomin brew Change saradomin brew to Saradomin Brew auto Change auto to automatically They are summoned because you have disturbed it and it will auto attack you. I sure they are summoned because you have harmed their forest and this is why they attack you. Quoted from http://www.runescape.com/kbase/viewarticle...article_id=1907 The best thing to do is run because some of them can hit repeated 20’s. You should also mention that they use magic attacks and say to use prayer if they do attempt to fight it. You can cut them where you exactly are … This makes no sense You could also try cutting logs north of the crafting guild. Sadly you cant make money out of this but you can drop or use them for Firemaking. It is situated here: Change cant to can’t or maybe cannot The last option is Lumbridge. It has some Willows but not many. The good part is that it has the woodcutting tutor nearby. How is having the woodcutting tutor nearby the good part? How is it good? Seers Villiage,home to the maple trees, also has a couple of yews. Add a space in between village and home after the comma. - Greegree -An axe in your inventory -Teleportaion runes for Ape Atoll (You need 64 magic) -Banana -Ring of duelling Take the space away from the hyphen and Greegree
  5. michaelmenace


    The 126 revenant my even need 8 or 9 70+ players to kill it. The 126 revenant may even need 8 or 9 70+ players to kill it. if you intend to kill a revenant solo (this sentence isn't grammatically correct) if you intend to kill a revenant by yourself you should one of the highest levels in whichever crater your in our you will get slaughtered (this doesn't make sense, i think your missing a verb) Most people think it is though. Although many people think it is. I myself being on of those people. I myself being one of those people. don't include your personal opinion.
  6. michaelmenace

    How To Fish With Your Hand?

    first you need to complete barbarian training with otto in otto's groto then you have to have the right fishing level and strength levels. and a hand (as bait)
  7. michaelmenace

    Gertrude's Cat Quest - Where Is The Kitten ? - *solved*

    you have to keep searching wait at one box and keep searching it, don't try to run around it's useless. it took me 2 days to get the kitten, then i shooed my kitten away! keep trying
  8. michaelmenace


    thx for the information! :/ it doesn't last for 5 seconds, i was trying for longer than that.
  9. michaelmenace


    How long does teleblock last? been teleblocked, by a monster question answered
  10. michaelmenace

    Trade And Drop Changes

    i personally will still play runescape, the ranters will still play runescape, but be complaining and annoying. but i tried to buy a dragon b axe it was 114k according to the new trade system the person who was selling it to me was like omg lol! you cheap noob i was saying to him/ her have you read the update, i can't trade you 140k instead of the 114k for a d b axe then he just called me a noob. that was over 5 min's of my life wasted trying to buy a d b axe, from an idiot.
  11. michaelmenace

    Sal's Realm Christmas Party 2007

    i'll try to come, but the members i have 21 days left from 1st of december, that means i just miss it! hope it isn't as packed full as last time, but more!... (bad joke) gonna get another month of mems then! woot!
  12. michaelmenace

    Ichlathin Little Helper (close Please)

    thanks for the help, i'll test these suggestions. quest finished! ~menace
  13. i started the quest, and i got teleported into Sopahren, but since i didn't have a ghost-speak amulet, i couldn't talk to the ghosts. i teleported to lumbridge and then went agin, only to find that the "stranger" wasn't there, therefore i coldn't be teleported again to Sophanem. i need to be inside to do the quest, but they won't let me inside, and there isn't any other way in is there? any suggestions? please post, maybe i need to post to jagex i don't know. any ideas, heres the place to post.
  14. michaelmenace

    Shortcut To Mortaynia, Anyone?

    65 magic? lol i'll still beat you in a race- sabotage hehe ~menace
  15. being rude will make people less likely to come and where is this proof of you belonging to a clan giving money for this

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