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  1. HurriQuake

    From Scratch?

    I'd be curious to see how this plays out, its certainly doable but it'll be a long way to go, would the videos fizzle out somewhere along the way? Sorry if I sound cynical, but I know from personal experience that bold, ambitious projects don't always work out :P
  2. HurriQuake

    Just Friends?

    My best friend is female, it is possible to have a platonic friendship across sexes. We actually found a physical relationship awkward, after a couple of years as close friends.
  3. HurriQuake

    Five Random Facts About Yourself

    1) I'm 18 2) My hair ranges from dark brown to ginger based on the time of year 3) I'm a till monkey 4) I own a hoodie with the moniker "Bad Man" on the back 5) I'm broke
  4. My last death was a couple of days ago, caused by browsing other tabs. With the wildy changes, I became far too complacent about chaos druid training and forgot about the potential for a rev to come visiting
  5. HurriQuake

    Are you community focused?

    I've thrown my lot in, as so many others have, as it really can't hurt to try. I'm not hugely fussed about becoming a mod, but if its offered I certainly wouldnt turn it down, so I figured I'll have a go.
  6. HurriQuake

    Best Thing About Playing Runescape?

    I have to agree that the quests are the most interesting aspect of the game, I like the fact that they're slightly more involved than the wholesale slaughter than most quests on other MMOs such as WoW are.
  7. HurriQuake

    Selling Willows In Grand Exchange

    I'd hazard a guess at it being due to a huge number being sold by people powerlevelling woodcutting, and not many buyers, as only levelling fletchers and people training firemaking cheaply have much reason to buy them. Lots of supply and little demand would result in them not selling too well.
  8. HurriQuake

    Initiate Pure - Rfd Gloves? [answered]

    Ah, thanks for clarifying that. Shows how much attention I've paid to updates that happened during my inactive period
  9. HurriQuake

    Initiate Pure - Rfd Gloves? [answered]

    The monkey quest? I was under the impression that I needed to take the exp reward to return to Ape Atoll after completing Monkey Madness, and wouldn't even the smaller sum of defence exp be too much when coupled with the reward from Nature Spirit?
  10. OK, I have a two part question: 1) What is the highest level of gloves possible to be attained from RFD, assuming that I am starting from 1 defence and no prequests done, without going over 20 defence? 2) Which sections of RFD should be done to unlock these gloves? Thanks in advance for any help
  11. HurriQuake

    What Are Your Thoughts On Smoking?

    I'm an infrequent smoker, I try not to inflict it on others if they object to smoking, but as the majority of my friends are smokers this isn't really a problem. It should not be made illegal, if people are aware of the risks and make the informed decision to smoke anyway for whatever reason, then it all boils down to a personal choice in the end.
  12. HurriQuake

    Value Of English 20p Piece Rises 25,000%

    I'm keeping an eye peeled for these beauties at work. As a till monkey, I see a lot of 20p pieces in a day. My manager has said that if one comes through the till, I can swap it for a 20p of my own and claim the £50
  13. HurriQuake

    The Most Painfull/annoying 'small Accident'

    My worst two both revolve around contact lenses: 1) Poking yourself in the eye while trying to put them in 2) Getting an eyelash stuck between the lens and the eyeball (God only knows how this happens, but it hurts ;))
  14. HurriQuake

    Is Runescape Acctualy For Kids

    I'd say the game itself is more child friendly than other MMOs, but judging by the responses here it's unfair to label RS as a "kids" game. The graphic style and some aspects of gameplay may appeal to a young audience but not necessarily to the exclusion of an older audience.
  15. HurriQuake

    Official Wow Thread

    I'm looking forward to Naxx Out of idle curiosity, is anyone else here on Chamber of Aspects (EU)?

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