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  1. Lukie

    My Latest Wip

    Wow, this is very very hard to shade, but i'm almost done.
  2. Lukie

    K1ll3r P41n's Slayer Log

    101 N008 U 5U([email protected]! Jk, very nice, you've sure leveled up alot of skills! and btw, i can give you some black vambs if you want, but you should really get barrows gloves =P
  3. Lukie

    My Latest Wip

    thanks fenda, i already updated it, but those things were fixed
  4. Lukie

    My Picture

    nice, not the best pic i've seen (at all) but i bet you had lots of fun creating it :) n don't worry, my first attempt at making something that looks good looked way worse than that, and i made it into a kit
  5. Lukie

    My Latest Wip

    here it is, in the end it'll be ahrim (as a person not a ghost) holding up his good o'l spear. keep in mind this is just a wip, but if you see something you don't like, tell me and i might change it! UPDATE: hood, better arm, staff, there will be no feet. rate hate n all that jazz
  6. THE CHARACHTER COMPOTITION! Everybody will take a screeny of their person on runescape, and try to draw it as best as they can, i will choose the winner, because im cool like taht :) but ill do it honestly, since i really don't have any friends in this forum yet. So start pixelling and post ur [email protected][email protected]
  7. Lukie


    A few things. first of all, shes holding that board very oddly, where as if she actually held it like that the wheels would be pushing into her, well you kno :) but thats not a big problem at all, something that REALLY bugs me is that the board she is holding is shorter even then a skateboard should be, its like a mix of a skateboard and a miniboard, if thats a longboard, it should be WAY longer. Either her thumb is curled behind her hand, which is fine, or she got it cut off and now its a stub. anyway in the end its a wonderful pic, but the board should be longer, also give it wheels please
  8. Lukie


    ooh transparent tyvm for that idea! and i didn't draw it i made it on paint . im goin to make it transparent rite now!
  9. Lukie


    here ya are, hope ya like it. :]
  10. Lukie

    The Game Creation Kit

    I could have sworn i posted this yesterday... but i guess not! so heres dragon hide armor! hope you like it :]
  11. Lukie

    Making Underbanners

    London, im comfused with your order, do you want the same thing as the one with the three gods? or do you want a modified version in dark green, also do you want just one of those texts or both, cuz if you want both that is an awful lot of text on a small bar .
  12. Lukie

    A Secret Project

    ok here you go, some dragonhide armor, if you want that is :) i also made a coif
  13. Lukie

    1m Pic

    i think so
  14. Lukie

    Making Underbanners

    want an underbanner? ILL MAKE YOU ONE! for the small cost of 10m jk just tell me how you want it to look and ill make it for you! so common keep em commin Form: color: cd4:if you have one, otherwise just tell me to put one in, this means the strange lines behind the color, check sig(lok at praise all gods banner in sig)): Scanlines: pic: text: link?:
  15. Lukie

    The Shining Sword... Or Something.

    wow legend, you've really gotten better over the years. I also like your style of dithering, kinda technically, thats the way i do it too but not all the time o.O. anyways wonderful job 9/10!

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