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  1. With the new video they revealed dual wielding weapons and sheathing weapons/ shields. I believe I remember a certain topic about sheathing in rs suggestions some time ago. I guess what I'm trying to do here is be immature and say "first". :P
  2. areBot apparently has come up with an injection client. Still sounds like it's pretty high risk and unstable, but it is injection; you can tell because of the advanced object recognition that the scripts are using. No links here just to show that this isn't an advert. I'm sure you are all smart enough to use google.
  3. If you grabbed a player from 2003 and put them in 2k12 RS, they'd shizzle bricks. In a good way. The only thing that has gone down hill is the community. Pking is terrible, thanks to CI, #lemon, DDOSing, ect, and skilling is still recovering from having the :( botted out of it. The updates have been fantastic, though. Jagex has shown real innovation with Cluster flutter, and I have to say, while a Java based game will never have impeccable graphics, Runescape's have improved dramatically over the past two years. In addition to this, bosses are getting much better, no longer do you have the "just pray melee and mass it" strategy that was so common with gwd and corp. Quests are also improving, with reasonable puzzles, actual story line, and fewer nominal tasks and running around. However, to get everyone back into Runescape, I'd say we need a new skill.
  4. The Who?

    Explaining The Bots...

    Woah, you're pretty far off there. Injection and reflection are actually pretty similar, as they both involve modifications to the source. RSBuddy's client, which was by far the most stable and efficient, was primarily injection based. By implementing cluster flutter Jagex thwarts both methods. As for Jacmob, you're right about the bot that they made (although I doubt they would bother to change from their old injection platform, so it would be mostly injection based), although the maintenance makes it completely impractical. There is no mystery surrounding Jacmob though, he is employed by Jagex. That much has been known since about a week after the nuke. Honestly, nothing you've said here is news. As for Jacmob's purpose, it would be less about stopping the 2% of bots, as they are pretty easy to identify, and Jagex's algorithms can already detect them, but more about keeping the 98% away, as the system will require maintenance to keep it from getting cracked. As for RSBuddy's client, no one knows what's happening with that, because they have to implement services in it exclusive to their VIPs, and, quite frankly, I can't imagine what on earth those will be for a Jagex sponsored client. They've hinted that it will be volumes better than SwiftKit, which is believable considering their bot client was more stable then the RS client, but I am excited to see what else they're keeping hidden.
  5. The Who?

    Sals View On Bridding

    Honestly, I like hybriding, and I'm not bad; I can pull back to back 6 ways on a good day with a good mouse and setup, but I really don't have an account with appropriate stats or bank to do it. Because of that I brid on Legacy mostly, as you can get basic in about 3 seconds on that server. Hybriding is starting to die, but that is expected, because so many brids were really cheating the game by botting, hosting dicing and phishing their money, and with the shutdown of allot of those issues, people have run out of money to hybrid with. I think you'll always be able to find people bridding in basic in the right worlds, and theres always some people in ahrims. If I had to complain about one aspect that ruined hybriding, it would be spirit shields. Arcane SS is very overpowered, because with that and ahrims you can tank the vast majority of attacks; it really makes those people next to impossible to kill. Your only hope is a lucky claw or ags spec, and because of the way people eat these days, that spec has to be 700+ usually; not fun to try and do.
  6. The Who?

    What If..

    Looks like you miss your divine by the looks of this video.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0CKlwOk8-k&feature=g-all-u&context=G27b677eFAAAAAAAABAA
  7. The Who?

    Runescape Toolkit?

    Jacmob is a legit programmer, regardless of his questionable past. I'd wait for his client.
  8. The Who?

    Just Got Hacked!

    Yea, through 256 bit encryption and 5 login attempts every 5 minutes... dictionary attacks are woefully outdated; no one would even think of using one. My one question is this: have you watched any livestreams, played any private servers, downloaded any runescape related 3rd party software, or clicked allow on any applet having to do with runescape within the past month? Given how bad your account is, you didn't get recovered; too much effort for 5m. That only leaves RATs and keyloggers.
  9. The Who?

    Is Its Safe?

    what's your point? W/e come back economy fudged but hey "Fudged"?... not really. More like slowly returning to pre bot prices.
  10. There you have it, from the horse's mouth. Botting is dead. Jacmob is a very adept coder, seeing as he is responsible for the best, most stable bot client of all time. I'd take this post very seriously.
  11. The Who?

    Bot-busting And Bonuses For All

    I can confirm the above picture is legit. See this if you don't believe me: http://services.runescape.com/m=forum/foru...15,831,63310676
  12. The Who?

    Bot-busting And Bonuses For All

    No ban, no reset, no items taken from me. Guess botting paid off.
  13. The Who?


    I need help with Kamil, I have the ice trolls killed, but there is no way I can get to Kamil on my own. I have 15 prayer and 3 defense, I was planning on using fire wave and a cannon to kill him, but I need someone to tank the wolves. Thanks.
  14. The Who?

    Bot-busting And Bonuses For All

    RSbuddy uses injection, same thing really. The nuke will hit them, too.

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