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    hmmmm il get back to you on that =D

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  1. danny1001


    is this a real life story?? if not thats a preety creative story you got nice 1 if so i feel really bad bout what happened to poor turtle =(
  2. danny1001

    What Do You Think Of The Last Poster?

    thx you a nice person to =) i also see you on this alot
  3. danny1001

    What Do You Think Of The Last Poster?

    has a funny avatar lol
  4. danny1001

    What Do You Think Of The Last Poster?

    dono you lol but you seem nice =D
  5. wow nice log =D so lucky on that guth guy hey i wana be you friend =D cause you cool well gtg school -_-
  6. danny1001

    What Do You Think Of The Last Poster?

    lol lke him even though i dont know him but i like him love the venasaur pic daniel XD roflmfao
  7. danny1001

    Should The Above User Change His Avatar?

    lol keep =D dancing stick i know mines gana say to be changed but i like it =D
  8. danny1001

    What Do You Think Of The Last Poster?

    likes acdc i guess lol
  9. danny1001

    Gherkin's Log!

    good luck gherkin =D hope you get the whip and other stuff i was so happy when i got my whip
  10. danny1001


    eh i dont like rap cause i cant undestand it and they sing way to fast on some of it same with meatle lol my bro listens to meatle and i say wtf are they saying???
  11. danny1001

    Simpsons Movie!

    eh it was ok but it personally dissapointed me it thought it would of been much better and funnyer
  12. danny1001

    Does Naruto Suck?

    eh well i personally like naruto but its not my fave and it does have some gore but not that much if you wana see lots of gore violence and nudity stuff like that watch gantz rly good anime lol
  13. ace guitar i got my avatar from a person who drew them and he said we can use them
  14. 1/10 never see you on posts lol im gettin a 1/10 to
  15. danny1001

    Your Evil Level Is....

    10/10 >^_^ lol

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