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    New York
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    legos, runescape, videogames, not dieing on video games, and reading. Favorite color is orange, and some of my favorite games are (not top favorite but favorite) sonic (mostly old ones) runescape, all robin hood games i've played, kingdom hearts I, and star ocean 2 (these where in no order and these are just the ones most people would know) P.S. favorite sonic character is tails.

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    Dark Zestal
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    defence or range / non combat- firemaking / agility
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    109 preesently
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    1821 presently
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    Winged Birds
  1. Dark Zestal

    Physics Problem

    Glycerin is poured into an open U-shaped tube until the height in both sides is 20cm. Ethyl alcohol is then poured into one arm until the height of the alcohol column is 20cm. The two liquids do not mix. What is the difference in height between the top surface of the glycerin and the top surface of the alcohol? Density of: alcohol, ethyl (grain) - 789.2 glycerine - 1260 No matter what I try, I can't figure out how to do this, any explanations would be great! Another annoying one, as It seems to me I don't have enough data is: A 9.0-cm-tall cylinder floats in water with its axis perpendicular to the surface. The length of the cylinder above water is 1.9 cm. What is the cylinder's mass density?
  2. Dark Zestal

    Physics Problem

    Thanks! :D I didn't get the net torque part.
  3. Dark Zestal

    Physics Problem

    "A frictionless pulley, which can be modeled as a 0.86 kg solid cylinder with a 0.33 m radius, has a rope going over it, as shown in the figure." The tensions in the rope are 12 N and 10 N. What is the angular acceleration of the pulley? I know the Angular Acceleration = Torque / Moment of Inertia., but I'm not sure how to find the Torque. Rather, I have no clue what to do with those 2 forces
  4. Dark Zestal

    Games With Actual Good Story Lines

    I do like DK games, and I'm not a "horror" kinda person, but I play almost anything if it seems interesting (other than sport games).
  5. Dark Zestal

    Games With Actual Good Story Lines

    played brawl, and I have to agree with sleepy... Edit: was fun though
  6. Dark Zestal

    Games With Actual Good Story Lines

    In my defense, I love the ps2.
  7. Dark Zestal

    Games With Actual Good Story Lines

    I've played most Zelda games. most of the 'newer' "classics" don't seem to be as good as they should be, part of the reason I'm curious about titles people suggest. And old games are perfectly fine. I just asked for "newer" so that people wouldn't tell me about every game under the sun.
  8. Dark Zestal

    Games With Actual Good Story Lines

    Thanks for more tips
  9. Dark Zestal

    Games With Actual Good Story Lines

    Wow lots of posts. And I just don't like 90% of shooters is all. And yes, sadly I have the wii. I've played the fire emblem series. and thanks for the help, I'll have to look at some of those. Edit: Most Mario games are ok-good. Waiting for DK to fall in price. Other titles I'll give a chance and look at.
  10. Dark Zestal

    Games With Actual Good Story Lines

    I was just curious if anyone knew of "new" games with an actual, intriguing storyline, for the Wii. I mostly like RPG games, and not shooting / sports games. Or games based off of a movie, which almost always stink.
  11. Dark Zestal


    Which choice makes the following true? If there are no prime factors / divisors of n less than or equal to the square root of n, then n must be a prime. Or if you could explain how to get it, that would probably be better.
  12. Dark Zestal


    many people I know use different Anti-viruses, ranging from old ones to the latest thing. So I was wondering what does everyone here use? Do you use it until it doesn't seem to work anymore?
  13. Dark Zestal

    Combat Level

    I personally feel 40 attack is a MUST, even though rune skimmys / longs are expensive, which kinda balances it out.
  14. As far as monsters, not counting using dragon hide armor for mage defense, melle is almost laways better except for safespots / some monsters that are naturally weak to range.
  15. Dark Zestal


    alright, thanks.. at least I'll have something done, I'll just ask my teacher for the rest of it i need to do -.-

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