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  1. Ghostfoot

    Where did you guys end up?

    rouge agent working under secret employer sworn to secrecy by the decree of the state
  2. Ghostfoot

    am i fat

    no cuz u make sals comics 4 lyfe :beret:
  3. Ghostfoot

    Explosions Hit Boston Marathon

    Where's ghostfoot when you need him. I am right here. Have you seen this picture going around? http://25.media.tumblr.com/bf5af7dd24392a63c6241ac0479abf8c/tumblr_mlbgzzQDpc1rfy1jko1_500.jpg Photoshop? Real? Also: Authorities announced a drill before the explosions along with bomb sniffing dogs and more security than usual. Haven't really read into it at all, but it all does seem a little strange. I bet if they find a suspect (if they haven't already) he'll be a white Tea Party member. And yeah, again. That's all from 5 minutes of looking around on the internet hours ago. Something to think about.
  4. Ghostfoot

    Guild Wars 2

    Definitely level elementalist. I'm having a blast with it. Explorable dungeons and WvW (AND! PvP) are so enjoyable when you can pump out fantastic damage and heal your allies for a good amount. Oh, AND survive yourself pretty easily even though you're a squishy scholar. Most fun I've had in an MMO in a while playing elementalist.
  5. Ghostfoot

    Explosions Hit Boston Marathon

    Man, that's pretty disturbing.
  6. the old man in the night the sheep in the fright sacrifise mus be made i kille the 79 shade my black hear t with glass my brass filed with gas i die die ied
  7. Ghostfoot

    School Shooting in Connecticut - At Least 27 Dead

    Yes, I would say that is an issue and could possibly be addressed. I'd be in favor. And you're right in that regard. I'm commenting on your because a majority of citizens (Are you even a US citizen?) are unaware on that issues. With that being said, i'd agree with you in that area. But the fact is, no one has proven my scenarios wrong so far except for a silly argument of: "WE CAN'T BE A COUNTRY OF VIGILANTES." These shooting usually happen in gun free zones. Does that say anything to anybody? Get rid of this gun free nonsense. More privatized security for these schools (not government) and more people armed. Everywhere. No one in this forum, or in general can fight that argument. We would be 10x safer with more people armed.
  8. Ghostfoot

    School Shooting in Connecticut - At Least 27 Dead

    Isn't this Breaking News? Maybe you should join the debate team with that wonderful argument. 10/10
  9. Ghostfoot

    School Shooting in Connecticut - At Least 27 Dead

    Then why is the likelihood of gun violence more likely in a household that owns a gun rather than one that does not? Seems that such a simple concept wouldn't have such conflicting data! :) It is NOT the civilian's responsibility to shoot criminals. We are NOT a country of vigilantes, and I cannot fathom how anyone could reasonably argue that adding more civilians shooting guns would make a situation less violent. Increase security, look more into mental health issues, but jesus christ almighty, why isn't there yet a consensus that we need tighter restrictions on guns!? They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither safety nor liberty. -Benjamin Franklin Refer to my post above your reply. "Increasing security"? Why don't we just live in a society where everyone is treated like they're apart of a prison. Why don't we have these guards strip search everyone constantly. Or administrate harmful rays through everyone's body to check them for any metal or weapons. Yeah, let's "increase security" everywhere instead of implementing my scenario so we can live in a martial law environment. I think it's my responsibility to ensure my safety of my family and myself. Fact: If that teacher, or any kind of staff in that school had a firearm on them, there would have been less deaths. Same applies for that Arizona movie theater shooting, and every other shooting. I suppose you just disagree completely whereas I disagree with you completely. But you cannot deny that fact.
  10. Ghostfoot

    Did Hannah Poison Deb?

  11. Ghostfoot

    Man stabs 22 children in China

    They should propose a knife ban law.
  12. Ghostfoot

    School Shooting in Connecticut - At Least 27 Dead

    Exactly. What the media isn't releasing is what mental illness he had. And what prescription drugs he was on. (if any) But that will never be known because we have to protect the drug companies at all costs right America? Is it impossible to address both issues? I don't get the "arm the teachers" argument. Are we supposed to become this self-policed state where the citizens are expected to defend themselves with firearms because the freedom to own guns in America is more important than the safety of its citizens? You contradicted yourself. Having more guns in people possession to protect themselves will prevent more lives from being lost than to wait 10-15 minutes for any kind of law enforcement to arrive. It's the most simple concept. - And I'm for private security in schools, just not government run security. Because it would have been illegal to bring one on school property. Honestly, I can't tell if you're trolling at this point. That your entire argument is questionable, if guns are meant to defend from shootings; why is there not one at school? Did you not read his response...? Or... It would be perfect it if it worked that way, but unfortunately, it doesn't. Prohibition didn't work, and you can buy marijuana at any high school, so what makes you think banning guns will prevent people from acquiring them? It may not completely wipe out their existence, but it will certainly reduce their numbers. That's one step closer to solving the problem. But it didn't reduce marijuana's numbers. Or alcohol when prohibition was in effect for that. Fun fact: Black market. Lol nope. Giving everyone a gun is a fudgeing horrible solution and I wouldn't be surprised if that led to total anarchy in the US. Because everyone who owns a gun is going to go out into the street and go on a rampage while other people are in possession of guns and would be willing to stop them. See? It makes sense, and will protect more lives. Scenario: Man who owns gun, goes in the streets of Manhattan and goes on a shooting rampage. There will be two outcomes: 1) He'll kill and injury a ton of people, and we will be waiting 5-10 minutes for a type of law enforcement to arrive. 2) Another citizen with a possession of a gun will man up, and shoot the killer down. Saving a bunch of lives who would have gotten killed if guns have been banned, or no one was in possession. It's the most simple concept, and it's a wonder to me how anyone with a brain can be for a "Ban on guns." Prohibition did not work. This failure of a drug war currently, is not working. edit: And your "Lol nope" response, is wrong. I could make a molotov right now, go into a classroom full of students....throw it, and barricade the door. That is actually worse, than outright killing them because of the severe burns they may suffer for life if they happen to survive. There ARE actually worse weapons than guns you know. It is just the society we live in. Guns aren't the problem. They are the solution. Mental illness is the problem and it is caused most likely from prescription drugs and other sources and it's not going to stop.
  13. Ghostfoot

    School Shooting in Connecticut - At Least 27 Dead

    *Waits for the hoard of people to scream "BAN ALL GUNS"* Oh wait....they're here already. To kill that argument real quick: Anyone could come in with a Bow n Arrow (Reference the move "We need to talk about Kevin"), a huge metal bat, crossbows, swords, knifes, molotov cocktails...etc. Point is, anything can be used as a weapon and used to cause the same destruction a gun can do. That's unfortunately how life is currently, and if anything we need more guns to protect ourselves more. IE, having virtually anyone with a brain armed with a gun. That is how you save lives. The police do not help in this situation. We need to equip ourselves with more guns. Not reduce the amount of guns. Hurray for living in America. Implementing a "Ban on guns" would turn out kind of like how drugs are illegal. People will still acquire them. There's a way to acquire anything in today's world. And the same results will happen, ONLY....more people will be defenseless due to a "ban on guns." UK =/= US. It's a bit difference in this crazy country we call the US. Please reference this quote from this nice gentleman:
  14. Ghostfoot

    Building a gaming computer.

    Great calls on the power supply and the SSD. Didn't even see that. Appreciate it. I'll be picking this up today at some point. ++++

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