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    Where did you guys end up?

    rouge agent working under secret employer sworn to secrecy by the decree of the state
  2. Gh0stf00t and Troyg2005’s [uPDATED] F2P Pure Guide ATTENTION: Due to the wild being back, and the game being changed from years ago, I’ve updated this guide. I haven’t pked in about 3 years, and I’m just getting back into it. If anyone spots any wrong information in this guide (or outdated) ~ Please make a reply with a correction and it will be corrected and your name will be noted . The Stats are pretty much spot on still. The Numbers are higher. (Meaning the hits from a weapon ~ It’s not 12 anymore it’s some other number…if anyone has a correction for the correct numbers please post. Training spots may be out of date (except security stronghold) ~ So if there’s any corrections help us! And if there are any new training spots not mentioned…please feel free to post those as well! Thanks. Special SPECIAL thanks to PaladinPker Special Thanks to: Pureosaur, xxx 0hp xxx, Jmaster BCM, Dec3dus, Oh Bum. <3. This guide was made to help everyone who has a PKing account or would like to get into the fun world of Player Killing. Now there are generally 2 types of PKers. There are the ones who get the kills and can make money from it, and the ones that help those people make a living. We are hoping that this guide will help you become one of those money makers. We will also list the stats you should have before PKing. This Guide will also tell you the perfect places to train your Pure's stats. Helpful tips before we start: -Teleport runes are your friend. ESPECIALLY in the deeper ends of the Wild. Bring them, unless you want to run back eating constantly while being attacked by a mob. -Str pots are extremely helpful. [TAKE THEM] They boost your str to make you hit higher significantly. It can go either way if you want to bring one or not. You can bring one and have that extra boost ~ or you can bring an extra lob/swordfish. -Fire Blast and the Rune 2h are used for KO’s. -This is a F2P pking guide. This is NOT a p2p pking guide. -This guide gives the stats of popular pures, training places, how to spot them, and how to defeat them. -Safing is okay in deep wild with or without a group. You will get called a safer, and people might safe back and/or run. If you pk right next to the ditch as you enter the wild you really shouldn't safe. -If you pk right next to the ditch as you enter the wild ~ 90%+ will run once they realize they're losing bad or run out of food. Go out deeper and bring a tele. Or find a team of a few and venture deeper. -If you pk right next to the ditch, you're going to have to KO because a majority will run. -BSing (Back stabbing) a teammate in your group with the rest of the group is okay too. It’s not against the rules. I actually love doing it. -Trash talking is ok in the wild ~ Obviously using strong insults is not ~ Noob is fine. First things first, we will start with the most common type of PKer in the wild. The Strength Pure. A Strength Pure's stats Most Strength Pures should have at least these stats: Attack: 40 [DO NOT GO HIGHER UNLESS YOU’RE GOING MEMBER] Strength: 60+ Defence: 1 [A MUST] Range: 1 or 40 for Green D'hide Chaps and Vamps. Magic: 1 or 25 for Varrock Teleport or 59 for the Fire Blast (I highly suggest staying lvl 1 Magic~ Most stay at level 1) Prayer: 1 or 31 For Ultimate Strength [Most stay at level 1) How to spot them and what they have. Most Strength Pures are easy to spot; they generally they wear monk robes or full iron/D’hide. They will be wielding a scimitar of some sort, and may be wielding a Anti Dragon Fire shield because of the high defence against Magic Attacks. From around level 40 onwards they will be using a Rune Scimmy. In their inventory they will have a Strength Potion, Rune 2- hander, and the remainder of the inventory full of lobsters. [bring a Str Pot ~ it raises your strength significantly and helps you hit higher.] ~ If you choose not to and bring an extra food, you won't have that extra damage while drinking the potion. ~ It helps, bring it. Tactics A Strength Pure's PKing tactic is pretty simple. They will drink their strength potion and start attacking. They will be hitting pretty hard with their Rune Scimitar, but watch out when you're low on hit points, they will pull out a Rune 2-hander and generally hit more or near 20 for a KO. Where to train Strength Pures At first, a very common and easy place to train your strength and attack would be at the Monestary. You would train on monks, they are great to train on because they are fairly decent XP and they have the ability to heal you, so you don't require food for this part of the training. When you feel that you are stronger and want to kill better monsters for better XP, then head off to the Edgeville Dungeon. There you will find a lot of Hill Giants to train on. This will require food because Hill Giants do hit well against people with 1 defense. An alternative to the Hill Giants would be killing Zombies in the Stronghold of Security. This also would require food because they hit fairly well against 1 Defense Pures. Also in the stronghold, you could train on Flesh Crawlers, they have a max hit of 1 and they are very good XP. [Flesh Crawlers are in the top 3 leveling spots for PvP ~ Amazing for Pures] What to use to beat them Fighting a Strength Pure is a lot of hard work, they hit hard and fast. But it is possible to beat them. The best attacking styles to fight them with are Melee or Range. Melee because you are fighting someone just like you so it gives you a 50 - 50 chance of winning and Range because they don't have any defense so your arrows will hit them easier. Make sure that your HP doesn't get below their max hit otherwise your pretty much dead unless you get lucky and they miss. Pure Mages at higher level will get destroyed by Str Pures ~ Mages are only viable at lower levels in f2p~ Now we move onto a Pure Very Similar to the Strength Pure. The Rune Pure. A Rune Pure's stats Most Rune Pures Should have these stats: Attack: 40 [Advised to stay at 40 ~ If you’re combat level gets extremely high, you may want to think about raising this. Strength: 60 or more...again, the more the better Defence: 40 [KEEP IT AT 40] Range: 40 for Hp and for the Green D'hide chaps. (Not a must, but pretty helpful) Magic: 1 [You may raise to 25 for a teleport, but do not rely on magic attacks at all.] Prayer: 1 or 43 (Up to you really, Prayer will not last too long, gives extra Cmb lvls too) [i personally don’t like prayer in f2p, so it’s up to you.] How to spot them and what they have. Rune Pures will be wearing full Rune Armour. [Can also be wearing D’Hide Chaps] If a Rune Pure has done all of the quests, then he/she would be wearing a Rune Platebody, but if they didn't bother to do any quests, then they would be wearing a Rune Chainbody. They would be wielding a Rune Scimmy and have a strength potion and the rest of the spaces filled with lobsters or swordfish in their inventory, they may also carry a Rune 2-hander for a quick KO. A Rune Pure's tactics Since they don’t normally have the Rune 2-hander for a KO they must out last their opponent. Rarely, you may encounter a Rune Pure with a 2-hander, so it would be wise not to take them lightly. [Higher up levels may bring it ~ but in clan wars or some kind of group PvP ~ The 2h is not brought. Where to train a Rune Pure Well, first with your Rune Pure, you should get 40 attack and 40 strength first. You should train those stats at the Monestary on monks, The Hill Giants or in the Stronghold against Zombies and Fleshcrawlers. After you get those stats, get 40 defense. Now that you have 40 attack, 40 strength, and 40 defense Go score yourself some Rune Armour and train at the Hill Giants, sell the bones to make some cash. [Moss Giants are also good xp as Rune Pures have armor] What to use to beat them Rune Pures will not hit as hard as their cousins (Strength Pures). But their Defence and Armour makes it hard for other Pures to hit them. The best attacking styles to use what fighting a Rune Pure are Melee and Magic. While using Melee is an ok way to fight these Pures (use a Rune Mace or War Hammer since armour crumbles under crush type attacks), by far the best way is to attack them with magic. Their armour is very weak against magic and using it will kill them very fast indeed. Mostly, you won’t see pure mage in higher up levels, so I advise to go pking in a group ~ and not take on a Rune Pure 1v1. The Reason? Because 1) He’ll run away. 2) You won’t hit him much (Unless you’re mage) 3) They’ll outlast you every time if you’re a Str or Range Pure. The Pure Ranger Their Stats Most Pure Rangers will have these stats: Attack: 1 Strength: 1 Defence: 1 Range: 60 or more Magic: 1 or ... Magic isnt really useful since you are wearing items that have a negative bonus on Magic Attacks Prayer: 1 or 44 for Eagle Eye Range Bonus (Up to you really, Prayer wont last too long, gives extra Cmb lvls too) How to spot them and what they have. Pure Rangers will be wearing dragon hide vamps and chaps, they wear a coif and a leather body. They equip the best arrows and best Bow available to them. Tactics Pure Rangers, will stand at maximum distance from there prey and begin attacking. This gives them the upper hand from the first arrow they let loose. If their Range level is high enough, they can hit consistent 12's on their opponent. [Need updated max hit number] Where to train your Pure Ranger First, train on cows until you are able to equip a Willow bow. You can use either accurate or rapid. Accurate is slower, but has a better chance of hitting, and Rapid hits faster, but has less of a chance of hitting. Then when you get the willow bow, head over to Hill Giants. Train there until you have at least 50 Range. Then you can either pk, or you can keep training there until 60 Range. An alternative would be to buy a lot of bronze arrows, and go to Varrok sewers. Look around for a while and you will see a place where you are on one side, and the zombies are on the other and they cannot hit you. Now train range there, but you will not be able to pick up your arrows, but it is very quick XP. This also works with skeletons in the sewers. Also ~ Flesh Crawlers are amazing xp as well. One could head over ther at around 40 range (Maybe higher, like 45) ~ And train on them. There is one safe spot that I know of in level 2 of Security Stronghold: Right when you enter from the west entrance of the room full of flesh crawlers…Go to the very tip corner on the left side right as you walk in. Also go to the corner. Also~ The bones, and other fleshcrawlers will provide body blocking as well. What to use to beat them Since Pure Rangers will be wearing D 'hide the worst possible way to attack them is by using Magic, Their armour makes magic almost useless for fighting them. There armour also gives a very nice Range defence as well. The best way to attack them is by using Melee. By using a stabbing weapon and stabbing their armour you will do more damage. But honestly, all Str Pures use slashing ~ No one uses stabbing. And that’s fine. Str Pure and Range Pure in my opinion ~ Are pretty equal when they go up against each other. In a DM it’s always a tossup on who will win when I see them. Str Pures (by theory) have an advantage, but Range Pures could easy kill a Str Pure as well. The Tank Ranger Their Stats Most Tank Rangers will have these stats: Attack: 1 Strength: 1 Defence: 40 or more (More is better Defence...but more Comb lvls ~ Most stay at 40) Range: 60 or more Magic: 1 Prayer: 1 or 44 for Eagle Eye Range Bonus(Up to you really, Prayer wont last too long, gives extra Cmb lvls too) How to spot them and what they have. Tank Rangers will be wearing full green dragon hide or will be wearing a Rune Chain body instead of the green dragon hide body and also will wear a Rune full helmet. Tactics Tank Rangers, will stand at maximum distance from there prey and begin attacking. This gives them the upper hand from the first arrow they let loose. They will not use magic to KO you because of their armor making it so hard to hit with magic, instead they will just out last you. Where to train your Tank Ranger You are going to have to train defense without training attack or strength. This may be a little tedious, but it is worth it. You can either train defense with an Iron Scimmy or you can train it using the long Range option on your bow. If you choose the scimmy, then train on chickens and cows, then train on monks the rest of the way. If you use long range, then train on cows until 40 range. You are also training Range when you use Long Range, so once you get 40 defense, switch to Rapid or Accurate. The difference is accurate is slower, but hits more, and rapid is faster, but hits less. So train Range until you can equip a willow bow, then head over to hill giants and train Range to your desired level there. What to use to beat them Tank Rangers are often hard to beat since they have a good Defense level and their range attack hits fast and hard. Magic is alright at handling these pures ~ but as stated before, you don’t see many pure mages in f2p at higher levels. But they’re a viable option at beating them due to they wear a rune chain body mostly. (If they’re wearing full D’hide, then magic is useless against them) The best way to kill them is by using Melee ~ Using a Scimmy like pures. Also, range is alright at a decent right against them as well. The Range/2h ~In my opinion…the most powerful pure at the moment~ Their Stats Most Range/2hders will have these stats: Attack: 40 (do NOT get higher) Strength: 50+ Defence: 1 Range: 60+ Magic: 1 Prayer: 1 or 44 (Up to you really, Prayer wont last too long, gives extra Cmb lvls too) Attack + Strength should equal range * 1.5 How to spot them and what they have. They will be wearing Green D'hide items and any top and hat they want Tactics Range/2h people will begin ranging until you are low on health then pull out their 2-hander for a deadly combo. Where to train your Range/2h pure You can train Attack and Strength to 40 each starting at chickens and cows until 20 each, then head to monks and train until 40 there. Now train Range until 65 using the methods used in the "Pure Ranger" section. Now train your strength to 60 at hill giants or zombies in stronghold of security. What to use to beat them While fighting Range/2hd Pures they best tactics to use when fighting them are the same as Pure Rangers and Tank Rangers. Magic is not good against these pures. Again as before, Str or Pure Range are viable options at defeating them. The Pure Mage ~In my opinion…most powerful at low low lower levels of pking~ Their Stats Pure Mages will have these stats: Attack: 1 Strength: 1 Defence: 1 Range: 1 Magic: Up to 59 Prayer: 1 or 45 for Mystic Might Magic Bonus (No one uses prayer with pure mages) How to spot them and what they have These Pures will be wearing full Mage clothes and they will have certain Runes and lobsters in their inventory. They mostly carry Teleport Runes also. Tactics Pure Mages, will stand at maximum distance from their prey and begin attacking. This gives them an advantage from the first spell the cast on you. Also, they may occasionally bind their opponent to stop them from moving for 5 seconds. Where to train your Pure Mage There are a number of ways to train magic, but we will tell you the most used ways. The most used way is to first use air strike on any monster until you can cast fire strike. Then you should go to hill giants and train magic using fire strike until your desired level. You can also train magic using fire strike at the wizard's tower on the top floor. There is a lesser demon in a cage, and you can train magic very quickly here. A much faster way would be using Varrock teleport to train Mage. Now you would train magic until 25 mage, then get the runes for Varrock teleport, and then just teleport until your desired level. This is a very expensive way, this will cost you a lot of money. This doesn’t train hit points, it just trains magic. There are 2 more fast ways also. You can cast curse spells on any monster until your desired level. Also you can low alch a high quantity of items to get some extra money, and some magic experience. These 2 ways are pretty fast but they do not train hit points. Using curse is pretty cheap and average to fast speed, Alching items is expensive in the long run but extremely fast. OR~ You can just train to air strike and start pvping. My opinion is different than others, but Pure Mages are BEAST in low level pking. They will demolish Str pures with a steel scimmy or a Mith scimmy. Mage pking is best in groups, they’re good at 1v1 also, but most useful in groups for their huge spikes. What to use to beat them While fighting a Mage do not wear any form of plate armour. The best Defense against these Pures is D 'Hide or nothing at all. All Attacking styles will work fine against Mages but the best ones are Melee and Range. These will do the most damage since they wear no armour. The Hybrid ~Honestly…Hybrids are barely used in PvP. They’re one of a kind. Their Stats Attack: 40 Strength: 60 or more Defence: 1 or 40 Range: 65 or more Magic: Up to 59 Prayer: 1 or 45 for all Protection Prayers and Attack bonuses How to spot them and what they have. These type of Un-Pures are very hard to spot in the wild. They generally wear whatever gives them the best defense against all other pures, while still have attacking bonuses in all the combat styles. They will carry weapons, Bows and Arrows and also Runes for Magic, But will also carry the different armours they need to fight all the different Pures. Tactics There tactics will change for who they are fighting, These Un-Pures are meant to be flexible against all other Pures, So when against Strength Pures with no Armour they will use Melee or Range, Against Rune Pures they will use Magic, And against Rangers they will use Melee. Where to train your Hybrid Training a Hybrid is a mixture of how to train all the other Pures, Please read the other Pure training sections to find out how. What to use to beat them Fighting a true Hybrid Pker will be very hard, they will change their armour with your attacking style, Making you hit less and making them hit harder. There is no real way to explain how to beat one of these Un-Pures other than when they change their armour change your attacking style. If they put on D 'Hide don't use Magic, If they put on armour use Magic and if they take everything off use Melee. The trick to beating 40 defense hybrids is that you can outlast them because they have less food, carrying rune top + legs, dhide top+legs, and magic top+legs, and runes, and slap on rune while praying magic. Range/Mage Pure A Range/Mage's stats A Range/Mage pure will have these stats: **Range level should be equal to magic; ie 59 magic and 59 range** **The only 2 viable options are really 35 range-35 mage or 59 range-59 mage** But if you want to be creative, you can experiment around as well. Attack: 1 Strength: 1 Defense: 1 Mage: up to 59 Range: 59+ Prayer: 1 How to spot them and what they have. These Pures usually wear a Wizard hat, Wizard top, Green d'hide chaps, and they Weild a bow. They have runes for certain spells in their inventory. Tactics They will stand far away from you and they will range you at first. Once that your health seems low to them, they will attack you with a magic spell, preferably fire blast. The magic spell is used to try to KO their opponent. Where to train your Range/Mage pure Well since you are not training attack and strength, you will not need any combat equipment. You will only be training magic and range. First off, train range at chicken until you can equip a willow bow. Now, head over to the Hill Giants in the Edgeville dungeon, and train Range to 50. Now, it is time to train magic to 50. Follow the magic training methods used in the "Pure Mage" guide mentioned earlier. Now that your magic is 50, Train Range to 65. Now since your Range is 65, time to get the powerful fire blast. It hits a max of 16 in f2p. Now, train your magic to 59 and don't train is any higher. Now, you can go into the wilderness and start PKing. Now, you can pk in the wild before getting these stats. But I would suggest at least having 40 Range, and 41 Mage before starting to pk. What to use to beat them While fighting a Range/Mage PKer use Melee as much as you can. Fighting these Pures is just like fighting any other Range Pure. Try not to get caught with your Armour on when they Start using Magic to bring down your health. When they are Ranging you leave all your Armour on, When they use magic against you take off all of your plate Armour (i.e Iron through to Rune items). If you have D 'Hide on do not take it off at any point. Str and Range Pures are both viable options to defeating R/M. Mages are alright, not so effective though. Prayer Beast Normally a strength pure with the following stats: Stats: 40 attack 80+ strength (prayer is not worth the combats below 80 strength) 1 defense 1/40/80- range 1/25/59/80- mage 31 prayer How to spot them and what they have: Coif Amulet of Strength Monk Top Monk Bottom Team Cape Green d'hide vambraces/any gloves Rune scimitar Inventory: Rune 2h Strength potion Tactics Basically, a prayer beast is an account that uses prayer to improve their hits, as well as to protect item, and so a resurgence in the number of prayer beasts is expected with the return of the wilderness. Where to train: Read guide. What to use to beat them: Rune pures do well against this build due to their low attack and defense. Also, if a ranger can get in the first couple hits by attacking from a distance, they stand a chance to force the prayer beast, which has almost no form of defense, to eat almost continuously and thus come out on top. Thanks for reading. If you have any questions, drop a PM to me or TroyG2005 or post in the topic. Also, you can message anybody who has a log of pking in the forums. They obviously know what they’re talking about as well.
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    am i fat

    no cuz u make sals comics 4 lyfe :beret:
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    Explosions Hit Boston Marathon

    Where's ghostfoot when you need him. I am right here. Have you seen this picture going around? http://25.media.tumblr.com/bf5af7dd24392a63c6241ac0479abf8c/tumblr_mlbgzzQDpc1rfy1jko1_500.jpg Photoshop? Real? Also: Authorities announced a drill before the explosions along with bomb sniffing dogs and more security than usual. Haven't really read into it at all, but it all does seem a little strange. I bet if they find a suspect (if they haven't already) he'll be a white Tea Party member. And yeah, again. That's all from 5 minutes of looking around on the internet hours ago. Something to think about.
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    Guild Wars 2

    Definitely level elementalist. I'm having a blast with it. Explorable dungeons and WvW (AND! PvP) are so enjoyable when you can pump out fantastic damage and heal your allies for a good amount. Oh, AND survive yourself pretty easily even though you're a squishy scholar. Most fun I've had in an MMO in a while playing elementalist.
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    Explosions Hit Boston Marathon

    Man, that's pretty disturbing.
  7. the old man in the night the sheep in the fright sacrifise mus be made i kille the 79 shade my black hear t with glass my brass filed with gas i die die ied
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    School Shooting in Connecticut - At Least 27 Dead

    Yes, I would say that is an issue and could possibly be addressed. I'd be in favor. And you're right in that regard. I'm commenting on your because a majority of citizens (Are you even a US citizen?) are unaware on that issues. With that being said, i'd agree with you in that area. But the fact is, no one has proven my scenarios wrong so far except for a silly argument of: "WE CAN'T BE A COUNTRY OF VIGILANTES." These shooting usually happen in gun free zones. Does that say anything to anybody? Get rid of this gun free nonsense. More privatized security for these schools (not government) and more people armed. Everywhere. No one in this forum, or in general can fight that argument. We would be 10x safer with more people armed.
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    School Shooting in Connecticut - At Least 27 Dead

    Isn't this Breaking News? Maybe you should join the debate team with that wonderful argument. 10/10
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    School Shooting in Connecticut - At Least 27 Dead

    Then why is the likelihood of gun violence more likely in a household that owns a gun rather than one that does not? Seems that such a simple concept wouldn't have such conflicting data! :) It is NOT the civilian's responsibility to shoot criminals. We are NOT a country of vigilantes, and I cannot fathom how anyone could reasonably argue that adding more civilians shooting guns would make a situation less violent. Increase security, look more into mental health issues, but jesus christ almighty, why isn't there yet a consensus that we need tighter restrictions on guns!? They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither safety nor liberty. -Benjamin Franklin Refer to my post above your reply. "Increasing security"? Why don't we just live in a society where everyone is treated like they're apart of a prison. Why don't we have these guards strip search everyone constantly. Or administrate harmful rays through everyone's body to check them for any metal or weapons. Yeah, let's "increase security" everywhere instead of implementing my scenario so we can live in a martial law environment. I think it's my responsibility to ensure my safety of my family and myself. Fact: If that teacher, or any kind of staff in that school had a firearm on them, there would have been less deaths. Same applies for that Arizona movie theater shooting, and every other shooting. I suppose you just disagree completely whereas I disagree with you completely. But you cannot deny that fact.
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    Did Hannah Poison Deb?

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    Man stabs 22 children in China

    They should propose a knife ban law.
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    School Shooting in Connecticut - At Least 27 Dead

    Exactly. What the media isn't releasing is what mental illness he had. And what prescription drugs he was on. (if any) But that will never be known because we have to protect the drug companies at all costs right America? Is it impossible to address both issues? I don't get the "arm the teachers" argument. Are we supposed to become this self-policed state where the citizens are expected to defend themselves with firearms because the freedom to own guns in America is more important than the safety of its citizens? You contradicted yourself. Having more guns in people possession to protect themselves will prevent more lives from being lost than to wait 10-15 minutes for any kind of law enforcement to arrive. It's the most simple concept. - And I'm for private security in schools, just not government run security. Because it would have been illegal to bring one on school property. Honestly, I can't tell if you're trolling at this point. That your entire argument is questionable, if guns are meant to defend from shootings; why is there not one at school? Did you not read his response...? Or... It would be perfect it if it worked that way, but unfortunately, it doesn't. Prohibition didn't work, and you can buy marijuana at any high school, so what makes you think banning guns will prevent people from acquiring them? It may not completely wipe out their existence, but it will certainly reduce their numbers. That's one step closer to solving the problem. But it didn't reduce marijuana's numbers. Or alcohol when prohibition was in effect for that. Fun fact: Black market. Lol nope. Giving everyone a gun is a fudgeing horrible solution and I wouldn't be surprised if that led to total anarchy in the US. Because everyone who owns a gun is going to go out into the street and go on a rampage while other people are in possession of guns and would be willing to stop them. See? It makes sense, and will protect more lives. Scenario: Man who owns gun, goes in the streets of Manhattan and goes on a shooting rampage. There will be two outcomes: 1) He'll kill and injury a ton of people, and we will be waiting 5-10 minutes for a type of law enforcement to arrive. 2) Another citizen with a possession of a gun will man up, and shoot the killer down. Saving a bunch of lives who would have gotten killed if guns have been banned, or no one was in possession. It's the most simple concept, and it's a wonder to me how anyone with a brain can be for a "Ban on guns." Prohibition did not work. This failure of a drug war currently, is not working. edit: And your "Lol nope" response, is wrong. I could make a molotov right now, go into a classroom full of students....throw it, and barricade the door. That is actually worse, than outright killing them because of the severe burns they may suffer for life if they happen to survive. There ARE actually worse weapons than guns you know. It is just the society we live in. Guns aren't the problem. They are the solution. Mental illness is the problem and it is caused most likely from prescription drugs and other sources and it's not going to stop.
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    School Shooting in Connecticut - At Least 27 Dead

    *Waits for the hoard of people to scream "BAN ALL GUNS"* Oh wait....they're here already. To kill that argument real quick: Anyone could come in with a Bow n Arrow (Reference the move "We need to talk about Kevin"), a huge metal bat, crossbows, swords, knifes, molotov cocktails...etc. Point is, anything can be used as a weapon and used to cause the same destruction a gun can do. That's unfortunately how life is currently, and if anything we need more guns to protect ourselves more. IE, having virtually anyone with a brain armed with a gun. That is how you save lives. The police do not help in this situation. We need to equip ourselves with more guns. Not reduce the amount of guns. Hurray for living in America. Implementing a "Ban on guns" would turn out kind of like how drugs are illegal. People will still acquire them. There's a way to acquire anything in today's world. And the same results will happen, ONLY....more people will be defenseless due to a "ban on guns." UK =/= US. It's a bit difference in this crazy country we call the US. Please reference this quote from this nice gentleman:
  15. PCPartPicker part list: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/piOZ Price breakdown by merchant: http://pcpartpicker....OZ/by_merchant/ Benchmarks: http://pcpartpicker....iOZ/benchmarks/ CPU: Intel Core i5-3570K 3.4GHz Quad-Core Processor ($169.99 @ Microcenter) CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO 82.9 CFM Sleeve Bearing CPU Cooler ($24.99 @ Newegg) Motherboard: ASRock Z77 Extreme4 ATX LGA1155 Motherboard ($104.99 @ Newegg) Memory: Samsung 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 Memory ($34.99 @ Newegg) Storage: Corsair Force Series GT 180GB 2.5" Solid State Disk ($164.99 @ Amazon) Video Card: EVGA GeForce GTX 670 2GB Video Card ($359.99 @ Newegg) Case: Cooler Master Storm Enforcer ATX Mid Tower Case ($64.99 @ Newegg) Power Supply: XFX 650W 80 PLUS Bronze Certified ATX12V / EPS12V Power Supply ($65.48 @ NCIX US) Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 (64-bit) ($99.99 @ Newegg) Total: $1075.40 (Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available.) (Generated by PCPartPicker 2012-11-25 19:38 EST-0500) -- First time doing this. I'm horrible with the physical components of a computer, so any input is much appreciated. I want a computer that can run junk like GW2, any mmo, any fps, stuff like dishonored and skyrim...on high settings, and for it to run smooth. And I want this to last for years and years. My budget is 1.2k. Although I would love to get this computer down around the 1k range with producing the same results. Again I've never built a computer, just bought pre-built ones. I'd really like to get this to 1k. Few questions: In regards to storage...What is SSD? And 7200RPM? What's the difference? Is this storage card good because I like to keep everything. A sound card isn't necessary since the motherboard has onboard audio right? I don't care too much about great sound. Windows 8 sucks right? Dumb question, but what exactly is the use for the Memory card? Makes things load/run faster? And Storage is just the amount for storage space...so 180 gb i'll have in total? Is the CPU cooler necessary? What is an optical drive for? And is it necessary and/or worth getting for a hardcore gamer who programs stuff. My friend suggested upgrading my power supply to 750 or 700. Worth it? I thought this was enough power as it is.. I'm clueless on this part. Will this overheat? Does the cpu cooler help with that? A while ago my friend built his own computer, and had a load of troubles with overheating. I'd like to prevent that in every way possible. So I want to build a gaming computer that runs everything fantastically and stay around the 1k range. I have a keyboard/monitor/mouse/headset. My country is USA. Thank you.
  16. Ghostfoot

    Building a gaming computer.

    Great calls on the power supply and the SSD. Didn't even see that. Appreciate it. I'll be picking this up today at some point. ++++
  17. Ghostfoot

    Blue Screen of Love. Help.

    Yup. This is what i eventually ended up doing. Works...for now. Thanks for the responses
  18. Hi. I'm forced to use an HP Vista for the time being and I've encountered a blue screen on start up. This is a very old computer, maybe 5-6 years? For the past few weeks it has been running perfectly, and running games and whatnot well. Last night I stupidly decided to update the numerous Windows Updates that have been available for months. I'm completely against doing this on any computer, and this seems to be why. Anyway, I updated them all and now I have a blue screen on start up. Specs: HP m8100e AMD Anthlon 64x2Dual Core Processor 5200+ 2.61 GHZ 4gb ram 32 bit This is the error code: 0x0000007E (0xC0000005, 0x00000000, 0x8c767374, 0x8c767070) I CAN run in safe mode. I DO NOT have a system recovery disk to utilize the start up repair. I CANNOT boot in the last known configuration because when I try to select that in the boot up menu, it still gives a blue screen. How do I go about solving this? I'm not sure exactly what to do when I'm in safe mode.
  19. Ghostfoot

    Blue Screen of Love. Help.

    0x0000007E (0xC0000005, 0x00000000, 0x8c767374, 0x8c767070) Same thing every time. I can run in safe mode, but I cannot access system restore points. The system restore tab itself is missing. I've tried a lot of routes to restore it, but all have failed. That includes editing the registry I'm currently trying to uninstall the recently installed windows updates to try to pinpoint which update (if any) are causing this problem. I don't really know what else to do since I cannot access system restore points...
  20. Ghostfoot

    my computer sux

    Someone who is a fan send me their computer so I can play Planetside 2 without crying.
  21. Ghostfoot

    my computer sux

    now that's $ad bruda thanks mang i don't like your sarc bru.
  22. Ghostfoot

    Metal Thread

    Saw Megadeth live a few days ago. Kyng was the opening act. They played the entire Countdown to Extinction album in its entirety, I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who likes metal. Also I'm planning on seeing Veil of Maya and Killswitch Engage in December. Not a huge fan of Killswitch at all though, but Periphery is a supporting act. So s'all gewd.
  23. Ghostfoot

    Learning coding

    Youtube is where the ma$ter pr0grammah, Ghostfoot, began his journey many years ago. Seriously, there are some good tutorials on there. But some are horrendous.

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