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  1. The Leet World

    Mom Took Away My Ipod

    I lol'd at this. Anyways, tell her to stop forcing her beliefs on you, just because a band is named something like "Megadeth" or doesn't mean it's satanic or evil or anything, and that it's your music. Also, she might want to look up all the usernames with the word "death" in them, and see how many of them are Christian guys.
  2. The Leet World

    PC Gaming Club

    I'm getting a new gaming PC for about 600 bucks, and it's supposed to arrive today. Check it out. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16883229193 Good deal, or not? Either way, I'm getting it today. The anticipation is killing me.
  3. The Leet World

    How Do I Convince My Parents To Get Me An Xbox 360?

    I pretty much feel like the companies are slowly sucking the life out of their current consoles, Microsoft with 360 Slim, Sony with PS3 Slim, Nintendo with the WiiMotionPlus and freaking 5 DSes... They're going to die soon, anyways. Just tell your parents its a gift for you, not for them.
  4. So I was looking for PC's on newegg with Quad Cores when I found this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16883147198 It's got the quad core, 6GB Memory, but the graphics slot says "ATI UMA" which I have no idea what it means. I know more about computers then the average man, but still not much. I googled it and couldn't really find any answers, so I decided to come to Sals. Also, it doesn't list whether if it has a PCI or PCI Express slot on it, and I already have a ATI Radeon 4650HD graphics card from my previous computer.
  5. The Leet World

    I Need Help With This Hot Girl

    I prolly should have payed attention to the first few pages. Skipped most of them. Why does everyone feed the troll :|
  6. The Leet World

    I Need Help With This Hot Girl

    Think of how much trouble shes gonna be worth. Think of Kingdom Hearts 1. Jokes aside, go for her if you want a partner, don't if you only want to tap that.
  7. The Leet World

    How Well Do You Know Your World?

    Got all the way to level 6, final score being 166,123. IQ: 91
  8. The Leet World

    Adoption + Facebook = Sex With Son

    what is this i dont even Weirdest story of incest I've ever heard, and I've heard some weird stories.
  9. The Leet World

    Drums Or Guitar

    I play a little bit of both, but not much. Guitar is fun to mess around with, but when playin drums it's real fun to just play.
  10. I'm using Camtasia Studio 7 to record an emulator I'm playing on, and the segments are usually 9-10 minutes long. I use Audacity to record my voice, and the recorder on Camtasia records the game sound. But when I finish recording and it goes into Camtasia, the audio is steadily desyncing from the video as the video continues. So I start watching over it, and I see that the video "lags" in some parts, like a sudden drop in frame rate, and I have no idea to fix this. I googled it, I found threads that I had no idea what they were talking about. So I decided to ask here, hope someone knows how to fix it.
  11. The Leet World

    Games You Want Sequels To

    Freaking Half Life. Jeez, how long has it been since Ep 2 anyways?
  12. The Leet World

    Lindsay Lohan Jailed For 90 Days

    Good example about the press covering EVERYTHING.
  13. The Leet World

    Porn Star Promises Sex For Dutch World Cup Win

    I can just imagine some /b/tard posting this up and then they all make fake twitter accounts and completely destroy that page.
  14. The Leet World

    75 Woodcutting

    Finally. though I'm not members so I can't cut magics.
  15. The Leet World

    China Jails Us Geologist For Stealing State Secrets

    Keep it up, China's gonna be the next North Korea. They haven't even really provided a good reason for blocking some websites.

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