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  1. DAE "no reply from login server"??

  2. I found god today, not in a book but in this song

    1. Mohorak


      take me to church

  3. King of Limbs

    Fantasy Bra 2014 Victoria's Secret

    They'd look better on the floor
  4. King of Limbs

    2014 Sal's End of Summer Clan Chat Awards

    Congrats everyone / stop slacking, fools!
  5. Best Bosser Hayley Best Chat Mod Jna Best PvPer Leo Best Quester Renegaderp Best Skiller Kaysie Biggest Ego Dei Wei Biggest Noob Joshinator Biggest Power Abuse Lilshu Biggest Troll Cynical Barb Coolest Member Smiley Most Down to Earth Elkorpse Most Helpful Sobend Most Improved Army of One Most Likely To Get Promoted Iamyouronly Most Respected Bwauder Most Unnoticed byz Nicest Member Supersal Overachiever Of The Year Decade Gocart Richest Member Wilson Sexiest Member Micael Fatia Worst Bosser Warlock Worst PvPer M a s s a Worst Quester Leo Worst Skiller Elliott m8/W7k
  6. King of Limbs

    #11 Summoning

    I'm not planning a party until I get 99 dungeoneering, then I can finally say I'm really maxed in the skills that use combat, not just what Jamflex puts into the combat level calculation. Onto boring skilling, most likely 99 firemaking next but not for a few weeks Thanks for the support Sals! Also my 800th post on Sal's forums
  7. King of Limbs

    Robin Williams dead at 63

    Here's the official Coroner's statement on the 9-1-1 call and discovery http://www.marinsher...ploads/855.pdf The official press conference is tomorrow http://www.marinsher...uploads/854.pdf This is the biggest loss of the year for everyone. Everyone had a connection to at least one of Robin's roles. Mainstream media gives me a headache and will milk the living out of this, I'm avoiding at all costs.
  8. King of Limbs

    Peanut Butter

    Creamy for bagels or waffles, crunchy for PB&J
  9. King of Limbs

    Skill Competition 54 - Slayer

    Please sign me up! Thanks in advance
  10. King of Limbs

    UK's New Tactic on Piracy

    I feel this could spark more of a debate than the other threads in the Breaking News subforum, and also this is not a single event but an aggregation of decisions and legislation. From BBC: http://www.bbc.com/n...nology-28374457 I'm very skeptical of online news sources so here's a collection on the topic: A few of these sources say that the Vcap will actually go into effect in summer of 2015, so it's not an immediate change. Do you think this "educational" approach of anti-piracy will be more effective than heavily criminalizing piracy? Or will this seemingly moral approach end up as an advertising ploy for legitimate media companies and provide a massive database of pirates for future exploitation? Will other countries follow suit with the same open arms?
  11. King of Limbs

    #10 Prayer

    Ended up getting 6.15 gp/xp for 2798k xp between the outfit (pictured) and bonus xp I had built up. Those are prayer brawlers and the charges are use based, so I had to use frosts to get the most xp out of them. Next should be 99 strength, I'm running out of 90's to bump up to 99! Thanks for everyone who came and supported in the cc!
  12. I think masses should be added as an alternative to a skill comp. Maybe start alternating Weekend 1 and 3 as skill comps and 2 and 4 as massing weekends (several per day so we can get all time zones involved). We'll definitely need strong support to get it off and running but I think we'd have a shot since it is summer and more people are coming back for legacy. Eventually we can have a poll for both every week if participation is high enough. If everyone is skeptical about it not working in the past, that was months ago. RS3 has changed a lot since then and the clan is more active with PVM'ers or people that need money. I personally wouldn't camp at corp or kk all weekend but I'd like to get in on a mass for a bit. I like the idea of using the adventure log as a tracker of participation. We'd just need timestamped screenshots (not hard to do) and this clan is very trustworthy so nobody would fake it, that should be the least of our worries. Perhaps there isn't a best option, and it might not agree with the popular opinion but we should get the ball rolling with something. At least, we should bring back massing to a better time than sunday afternoon, lot of people have family activities or work. Adding back masses will improve our sense of community that our skill comps do (Jagex even recognized us for it). I do like the reorganization idea for the clan subforum, we can make it easier for people to post caps and rank up and sign up for the events. It appears this has been scrapped though.
  13. King of Limbs

    #8 Attack and #9 Ranged

    Horrible cropping job done on my laptop, I ended up misplacing the file and found it on a flash drive. #8 Attack on July 6th #9 Ranged on July 14th Next up is 99 Strength then 99 Prayer! Stay tuned
  14. King of Limbs

    Skill Competition 52 - Overall

    SIgn me up, will update with bxp when I decide what i'm doing Updated July 11th Skills I'm doing: Ranged- Zero bxp Mining- Zero bxp Strength- Zero bxp Firemaking- Zero bxp (it's like I planned this) Woodcutting- 12,897 (I blew it) Zero bxp, I cleared it! I'm going for participation with those skills above but I did two dailies that I couldn't pass up, so if you need to determine placement, please deduct: 34690 prayer 46800 crafting
  15. King of Limbs

    #13 Prayer (poor image quality)

    Congrats! I'm hoping to complete the same goal myself in the near future. Good luck on getting max cape!
  16. King of Limbs

    #7 Slayer

    I'd like to thank Sals Realm, Netflix, and Lil B Slayer Tab from 97-99: 3,711,938gp in alchables (mostly the armor and weapons) which gave about 161k extra gp than estimated GE market price, not including nature rune price. My goal was 20m so I was a little shy, and this does not include magic notepaper costs (roughly 1.6m). Also I excluded the rocktails from the final total, put them in the wrong tab. Treasure hunter key stuff: Thanks again! Coming soon is max combat
  17. 99 slayer take two

  18. 99 slayer and name change today!

    1. Guitarguy


      What's your new name?

    2. King of Limbs

      King of Limbs

      Most likely Bloodwarmer (the Bloodchiller)

  19. King of Limbs

    Skill Competition 50 - Gathering

    Only count my: Woodcutting Fishing Divination Mining (8752 bxp) Just going for participation this time around, far behind on slayer.
  20. King of Limbs

    Secret Ambitions?

    Illusions, Michael. I was very into magic tricks and card games before I got into music but there's unlimited resources out there. Youtube tutorials will be your best way to learn. The most impressive and easiest tricks to learn are David Blaine's (mostly double lifts and minor misdirection). Beyond cards, coin tricks are very good. They might not always get as large of a reaction as a card trick but they're harder to give away while performing and the slight of hand is impressive alone. Youtube videos again will be your best friend but if you're in the market for a book, Modern Coin Magic by JB Bobo (http://www.amazon.com/Modern-Coin-Magic-Sleights-Tricks/dp/0486242587) is very thorough and professional. I've had the book for almost 8 years and I can still pick it up and learn something new every time. My primary ambition (not secret) is to learn to speak French. My grandfather is the last in my family to be able to speak it and it'd be unfortunate for it to die out. I'm going to take French as my foreign language in college starting this fall, I'm excited. My secret ambitions are to be a singer in an alt rock band (most likely need vocal coach), be a DJ at a small club or university/internet radio (at least once) and paint like Bob Ross.
  21. King of Limbs

    Anyone have insomnia?

    I'm not a doctor but I play one on tv but I think these will help at least de-stress you when you're unable to sleep
  22. King of Limbs

    Skill Competition 50 - Gathering

    Good plan, sign me up!
  23. Thank you very much! I'll try my best to not hog the w71 avatar Good thinking Iam, I'll ask in the cc for a preferred world if w71 already has an ava. My secondary world is 39 because the ping is low and I used the runespan world for 99 runecrafting and kept it as a favorite.

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