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  1. blondeguy32

    My Miserable Month Of May - Redux

    good luck yuan... i'm sorry for your loss.
  2. blondeguy32

    And Finally 4 Years After I Quit...

    thanks :) it does feel good to finally get it out of the way. not sure what my next 99 will be. and you might recognize me. used to be pretty active on sals a long time ago, did a lot of stuff with lakerkobe back in the day.
  3. blondeguy32

    And Finally 4 Years After I Quit...

    thanks :) i decided to play again recently and this goal has been looming over the account :P
  4. blondeguy32

    And Finally 4 Years After I Quit...

    99 defence. :P
  5. blondeguy32

    Massive Attention-grabbing Title

    considering i quit being active about four years ago i take no offence.
  6. blondeguy32

    Massive Attention-grabbing Title

    i tried to quit sals once... then i find myself lurking every now and again.
  7. blondeguy32

    Your Best Memories Of The Dm Group.

    i'll miss the "oh hey, that guy is better than me" feeling. kidding.
  8. blondeguy32

    Jagex A Christian Company?

    just saying "God bless" doesnt mean they are christian; kinda like what slei said, they could just believe in a god
  9. blondeguy32

    How Hard Can It Be?

    sounds like srs biz to me
  10. blondeguy32

    Anybody Remember This?

    idk if anyone who still uses this forum would remember this old skillcape video that was made back in '04... from left to right i believe it was monra, yuanrang, me, patou, kuiittaa
  11. blondeguy32

    You Say You Were Hacked?

    So if you post a huge topic it's fine, but if a new member does it, it's considered an act of impressing someone to gain respect or status? I have a feeling that if cxk posted a big topic it would either make more sense or be clearly a joke, which when i read OP's 1st post, i didnt get a feeling of either of those. And there is a difference between people whom are known speaking to you, and people you have no idea who they are-speaking to you. anywhere I'm not meaning to flamebait or anything.... but seriously...?
  12. blondeguy32

    I'm Back

    yar yar, i know i am awsome! good luck to you
  13. blondeguy32

    I'm Back

    have been there a bit already actually ;) thanks i have a feeling few people do.
  14. blondeguy32

    I'm Back

    I'm back to playing runescape. ;) it's been forever and i don't really know many people who play anymore, or many people who use this forum anymore. So Hi edit: also, it would be amazing if there is someone who knows there way around upper level dungeons that could show me the ropes again
  15. blondeguy32

    98 Fming

    grats cxk and have fun with the last one

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