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  1. Setting: Everyone will start in Emerald Hill, but can go to any of the zones in the games, except Angel Island, and Final stages. Story: Eggman is at it again, with a new evil device, and will use the power of the Angel Island Emerald to fuel it. More will be revealed as the RP goes on. Character choices: Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles along with real characters are avalible as secondary characters, if you shwo em you roleplay well. Early on, I will cntrol eggman. You may make a character with this form. Name: Age: Species of animal(or even human): Ability(Fast speed, Great Strength, Fligh(or one of your own, if its fair!)): Appearance: What side are you on(Sonic or Eggman): History: RULES: No Godmodding. No killing off major characters, or othe rplayer,s unless i deem it ok. My ruling is final, so if theres a dispute, ill settle it(as fair as i can). You have to have some sort of explanation of how you go from one zone to another. Try to use proper grammar, and spelling. I wont get mad at typos, but chat speak i will not take. The role play will start when we get 3 people(including me) CHARACTERS:
  2. Gackt

    What Is The Point?

    IT was fun.
  3. He is remembering 9/11, dont be a muppet. Anyway, change.
  4. I dont cook at all. So I voted Other, Have someone else make it.
  5. Gackt

    Do You Flush?

    Where the hell are you from if the public toilets dont flush, EVERYWHERE ive been has flushing toilets. I do flush
  6. Gackt

    My Text Tag

    I was bored
  7. Gackt

    Metalcore May Be Dieing! W00t!

    Those who make a terrible remake of Holy Diver deserve death.
  8. Gackt

    Battle Per Favore?

    IT does and I like the choice, but I can tell you'll win Ill have it tommorow, too lazy to do it tonight.
  9. The Pro skater games were decent. THAW, now thats a perfect skating game. 7/10 Super smash bros(original N64 one)
  10. Gackt

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    Yeah, theres the best co-op system ever. I invite you, you choose your merc, and you are in my game, and its seamless, infact, it takes a few seconds.
  11. Gackt

    Sal's Xbox 360 Club

    ME you and Co-op, then?
  12. Gackt

    I Got 2 Choices...

    William, id get GTA4 over Assassins creed, sure the wallrunnign is fun, but it gets boring really fast, where as GTA will last you much longer.
  13. Ive played number 2 Warcraft 3
  14. Change. I have to change mine, I only used that one when adam asked me to stop using his.
  15. Your mario hotel rating was spot on actually. 6/10 Ocarina of Time
  16. Change, its a stupid avatar
  17. The secret forum was awesome, and everyone center aligns. Change yours.
  18. w1z, i have to say your gaming tase is horrific if you think Goldeneye only gets a 4. 1/10 New super mario bros

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