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  1. Evil_Sam225

    If You Could Bring Back A Clan.

    DDB - Dark Dragon Breath HoF - Heroes of The Future Reason:
  2. Evil_Sam225

    Looking For A New Clan (103 Comby)

    Hi Dmon Slaya, Allow me to introduce Clan Tenacity 1 Month Old 28 Members Experienced Leadership Good Friendships Active IRC Chat Forums 93+ Rec's 8 Wars - 6 Wins Here are some pictures of us in action... A DK trip King Black Dragon Trip Tenacity VS Ashes of Zamorak (9 v 9 War) I think Tenacity meets all your needs and hopefully you will join Some Contact Details: http://z9.invisionfree.com/Clan_Tenacity/index.php SwiftSwitch Chat: #ct
  3. Evil_Sam225

    Elite Order Returns

    Good luck
  4. Evil_Sam225

    Round 1 Tkom Melee Predictions

    WoW DDB really seem to be underdogs, guess we will have to try prove you wrong 10 v 10 100-110 Wretched Revolution -v- Latin Pride- LP Eclipse -v- The Crimson Guard- TCG Veni Vidi Vici -v- Master of Dragons- MoD Devastation -v- Gods of Demise- GoD 110-120 Gods of Demise vs Latin Pride- LP Elite Order vs Insomnia- EO Tension vs The Seduction- TS Triforce vs Forgotten Templars- FT Wretched Revolution vs Eclipse- WR Veni Vidi Vici vs Dark Dragon Breath- Not Sure 115+ Forgotten Templars v Exer- FT Tension -v- Insomnia- T Triforce -v- Veni Vidi Vici- VVV The Seduction -v- Dark Dragon Breath- DDB Elite Order -v- Latin Pride- LP 15 v 15 115+ Master of Dragons -v- Tension- MoD Forgotten Templars -v- Exer- FT Triforce -v- Insomnia- Tri 20 v 20 115+ Corruption -v- Forgotten Templars- FT Tension -v- Triforce- Tri Goodluck to all clans :)
  5. Evil_Sam225

    99 Range F2p!

    WoW nice that must of took alot of time and effort. Congrats
  6. Evil_Sam225

    P2p Warring A Joke Now

    Wilderness = Clan with best gear wins (usually) Clan Wars = Clan with best gear wins (usually) If both clans are capable of bringing the best gear on the game to the fight then I don't see the problem with that. However if one clan isn't so lucky to have all these pixels in there bank, then you set gear restrictions, which has been said alot
  7. Evil_Sam225

    Tension Vs. Rebellion

    Congrats on the win Tension. Didn't lose anybody :) Nice
  8. Evil_Sam225

    Your Clan History

    I have been in ......: Dark DragonBreath - My first ever clan. Stayed here for ages untill it closed =( Angels Of Mercy - A clan formed by ex-ddb, good success on sals. Closed because DDB re-opened. Dark DragonBreath - Re-opened, was going well then closed...again =/ The British Elites - Didnt like being an FA for ages - DDB re-opened so i went back. Dark DragonBreath - Was doing well on sals, leaders stopped playing RS so it got closed AGAIN =/ Hells Legion - Recruited by Lfc2004, he then scammed somebody and left. Met some nice people, didn't get to many events (due to some RL commitments at the time) and was told I would be kicked if I didn't become more active. So I left. At this time I started to lose interest in Runescape, the wilderness had gone, my mates didn't play and I was clanless. I used to randomly log in, but I would lose interest very fast. Dark DragonBreath - Re-opened by me and Lordswift. This is where I am now and hopefully i'll be here for a long time to come.
  9. Evil_Sam225

    Ddb Vs Ronin 10 Vs 10 Mini

    Good fight ronin, would be nice to have another sometime =) Nice tanking by Emo and Anihalator.
  10. Evil_Sam225

    Sals 1st Annual Spring King Of Mini Tournament

    Looks like a good tournament. DDB will take part and have some fun. Sign Up Form Clan Name : DarkDragonBreath Memberlist : http://www.runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=dragonbreath Forums : http://ddb.runeboards.com/index.php?act=idx Contact Person and Information : Evil_Sam225 / Lordswift at #ddb_clan OR [email protected] (my email) Categories You Wish To Enter : Melee = 10 v 10 - 110-120 & 115+ Range = 10 v 10 - 110-120 & 115+ Good luck to all clans involved.

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