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    Malice, Rs.

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  1. Kipper

    Hybrid's Blog Thing™

    Legit post.
  2. Kipper

    Selling Antifires

    still selling?
  3. Kipper

    Took Me A While

    Nice Nice Gl with 99 get membs soon. Epic win.
  4. Kipper

    .:: Hybrid's F2p Log ::. - Closed

    Nice Drop, 74 fishing , 71 att, 57pray And bank no more mooby bank
  5. Kipper

    .:: Hybrid's F2p Log ::. - Closed

    yo gratz on 80 ranged
  6. Kipper

    .:: Hybrid's F2p Log ::. - Closed

    Congratz on 79 Ranged dood! Get done with that b00k of yours so you could play more pl0x? Hope 80 ranged is soon.
  7. Kipper

    Website Maintenance

    They've just finished Mobilising Armies. Cut them some slack. ;) No, I won't... I am a customer of them and I want an update. They should listen to me. Updates are there because I want them. You remember that. I am the most important part of RS, not Jagex and their stupid developers who don't listen to me. /rant take a chill pill, th=hey just did a HUGE update and are still updateing so again Chill pills i think she was being sarcastic
  8. Kipper

    .:: Hybrid's F2p Log ::. - Closed

    awd you take forever to get 80 Range
  9. Kipper

    .:: Hybrid's F2p Log ::. - Closed

    Storm, Tig, Hybrid, And I Zero Shoould all go build up some Ep again;)
  10. Kipper

    .:: Hybrid's F2p Log ::. - Closed

    Yeah you and me should 26k Again I <3 the drops! ;)
  11. Kipper

    Deathwish- Dead

    Join Malice! http://www.clanmalice.com/forums/
  12. Kipper

    .:: Hybrid's F2p Log ::. - Closed

    Meh, STOP reading that stupid book you have to read and Play for 80 RANGED!!!!
  13. Kipper

    Happy Birthday Sal!

    Happy B-DAY!
  14. Kipper

    .:: Hybrid's F2p Log ::. - Closed

    Gratz on 78 Ranged! Gl to 80.
  15. Kipper

    .:: Hybrid's F2p Log ::. - Closed

    Nice baner u got there and 20m :0

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